Kathy Wakile Says She & Teresa Giudice Are Better Friends Now!


Things for cousins Teresa Giudice and Kathy Wakile took an ugly turn at the Season 4 Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion, but Kathy is opening up about her relationship with Teresa in a new interview with RadarOnline. “I’m glad to say that we’re better friends now,” Kathy reveals. “We did a lot of talking, communicating, [shared] a lot of feelings to one another and understanding each other’s feelings because when we’re not listening to each other, it’s very easy to misunderstand what you are saying,” Kathy explained to Radar. “We really listened to each other.”

Kathy reveals it was Caroline Manzo who helped the Gorga/Giudice/Wakile’s reunite. “Caroline has been a good friend to all of us,” Kathy admits. “And you need someone who isn’t maybe so emotionally involved to try and bridge that gap.”

“It must not have been easy for Caroline either,” Kathy insists. “It’s like that first step and saying, ‘Okay, you know what? I want to help, so I’m going to put whatever differences, whatever my reservations are, put them aside. I’m going to take one and I’m going to try and go out there and help.’”

“I’m looking forward to seeing the stages that our relationships go through because we have come to a better place,” Kathy says. “To see it happen all over again will just kind of reinforce our feelings and hopefully we will be able to maintain that by watching our discussions all over again.”

“Whenever you get five ladies together, whether you are friends or you’re adversaries, you’re always going to have drama,” Kathy says. “There’s always drama on a daily basis. Five women with five different personalities, their own families and their own spouses, there’s always going to be some sort of drama.”

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2 Replies to “Kathy Wakile Says She & Teresa Giudice Are Better Friends Now!”

  1. Im telling you all that if only you would really listen to Teresa and stop fighting I think you will understand that she really hasnt done that much to hurt poor ol victim MELISSA, who cares what that shady girl has been or furthermore who cares what she is now, watch the show yourself and watch Melissa , shes phony, like at Chriss house how she really doesnt belong, she likes the drama with Teresa and shes lost without fighting with Teresa and the bandwagon all you guys provide for her!!!! I say forgive and be made whole and skip the drama and oncee again really try to understand that melissa is using you guys for herself to go against Teresa , trying to sell her home haha Joe didnt want to move so she lied, its all her , Joe spoiled her bad!!!! Shes shady girls and Kathy thats your blood!!!!!!!!!!! Oh it really bothers me so much that you all cant see Melissa for what she really is!!!!! She puts on like Teresa is so bad and all along its her!!! She said she goes to church and prays shell sell her home, I believe that God has his head turned on Melissa because she lied and stirring trouble all the time!!!! I hope all eyes will open!!! I dont think Jaq owes Teresa a sorry but she did believe Teresa was invovled with kim d to set Melissa up and Teresa wasnt, Kim did tell that and thats all I could think that Jaq would owe Teresa a sorry!!!! Teresa is all alone and now her father is in the hospital and none of you care so its really showing that you just dont care just jump on the bandwagon and keep it going, if any of you were a friend couldnt you be there for Teresa ???? just remember Teresa tried to tell Melissa bout that bald guy and Melissa threw it on Teresa instantly and loved it!!!! I think Melissa is shady and really loves only herself evenmore than she loves her baby!!!!!! Poor Joe!!! I love the way Chris is he is a gentleman and wise and fair but I dont think he knows the whole story!!! My boy Jackson is a special needs and I dont cry everyday I just believe in loving him all I can and do what I can for him, I often think of the scripture ” the sins of the parents go down on the children!!! Check ourselves to work out our own salvation!!! Please forgive, forget and love eachother and then God will hear you Melissa!!!!!!All of you could be alone as I am to care for my four babies and live on a fixed income so count your blessings !!! I do hope caroline does have her heart in the right place and helps Teresa just as much as she wants to help Joe but watch out Caroline the sting of Melissa will hurt!!!!! She isnt telling the truth and caught in a lie already and I see there will be another lie coming so Caroline please be a friend to Teresa,,, shes hard headed and all but really loves her brother!!!! Ill pray for you guys but Melissa is shady!!!!!!

  2. I just want them all to get along and I am feeling good that Teresa and Kathy are getting a long that’s cool~~

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