Kathy Wakile Says It’s To Relive Lake George Family Retreat, Shocked By How Callous Joe & Teresa Are!


Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Kathy Wakile is opening up about the legendary family retreat in Lake George. In a new interview with OK Magazine she explains how hard it is to relive those moments through watching the episodes and how things are now with the family.

“It scratches the surface again and that hurt keeps coming up,” Kathy says of recent episodes that have aired. “It’s hard to watch it because you’re like, ‘Oh my God—that’s what we look like.’ Sometimes it’s about the hurt and not about the actions that make is so bad. And we’ve come so far that you don’t want that to suck you back in.”

Kathy adds, “You have to rise above it and say, ‘Okay, I’m glad I’m not there anymore.’ It’s easy to add negativity because you now see what the other party was saying and you can easily start saying things and falling into that trap. You start reliving those patterns so you’re really not in a better place if you allow yourself to do the same things. Then you really haven’t learned anything.”

She wonders, “You have to think, ‘Okay, this is where we are now, this is what you said to my face, this is what we agreed on. Are we going back there?’”

Kathy says she is was most surprised by how Teresa and Joe reacted at the retreat. “I think how after a heated, difficult situation when we went back to our rooms or would walk away— how could [Teresa and Joe] be so callus about it and not let it affect [them]? Like that’s hard. How could it not affect you? How is everything fine and not internalize everything that happened. Watching that happen is the hardest part. We know what we were going through together and a joke is one thing but then to be joyous—that’s really mind blowing.”

And, of course, Kathy praises Dr. V for her work in helping her family. “She made a lot of progress. We didn’t actually get a one on one with her because Teresa and Joe kind of monopolized the time—rightfully so. I’m glad she was there because she made a difference. She was able to speak our language. You get an intellectual doctor and you’re like, ‘What are you talking about?’ She came in and called bullsh*t. ‘Shut up, you’re bullshit*ng. You’re out of line. Take a look at yourself because what you did was wrong.’”

“[Dr. V] spoke a language we understand,” she continues. “‘Shut the f*ck up and listen to what I’m telling you. That wasn’t nice what you said and it was bullsh*t.’ We needed someone who spoke our language and knew what was going on. Dr. V grew up how we grew up in an Italian household without a silver spoon in her mouth.”

But Kathy doesn’t think the Joe vs. Joe fight should have happened. “No that didn’t have to happen but when men get into a physical altercation, they forget about it. It’s over and go get a beer. Girls will give each other the side eye and never forget about it. Like, ‘Oh she just really threw shade this way!’”

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7 Replies to “Kathy Wakile Says It’s To Relive Lake George Family Retreat, Shocked By How Callous Joe & Teresa Are!”

  1. What did you expect from a Kathy interview? Notice she never addresses her husband’s disgusting behavior, his name calling and disgusting comments. Nor does she ever address the Gorgas behavior. But when the Guidices come up, she is raring to go!

    I didn’t think soaking in a hot tub after the fight that Joe Gorga STARTED was callous at all. What WAS callous was how the rest of you sat around and trashed them. Talk about that, Kathy.

    1. NJ Gal-you are spot on! Kathy never says a word about her obnoxious husband. Teresa was not callous at all, neither was her Joe. It was Gorga who charged him, and there was Melissa saying Teresa just walked out-she was going to call the police, not walk away!

  2. Amen! How many times does Richie demean Teresa each episode? Like her or not, no man should be calling a woman names. He has a daughter and a wife. You would think he would respect women. Instead of obsessing over Teresa as always, Kathy needs to focus on her misogynist husband.

    I’m so over the Wakile family. Why are they even on the show?

  3. I’m so sick of this cast being so one sided when it comes to this families issues.
    Joey called Teresa SCUM (it wasn’t the other way around), Joey attacked Joe (it wasn’t the other way around) & the shift of blame continues for hours..

    Secondly, the reason why Joe & Teresa were callus was because of Joey attacked Joe & got man handled like a bitch. Joe didn’t do anything but ask for an apology from Teresa’s brother & in response Joey decided to get physical., which was a huge mistake because he got man handled.

  4. I totally agree with your comment, NJ Gal. First and foremost Juicy and T have lived the BS you (Kathy) and your extended family have put them through for far too long. Secondly it was TB and skank TSIL who are two of the most disgusting infantile pieces of garbage. Your husband is disgusting and he is a poser. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. As for Dr V, what a load of crap. But if she made TB realize just how much he loves his sister and they also need time for themselves, well maybe it was worth having her there.
    Get it together Kathy, stop with the jealousy and producer induced situations, stand up for what is right. BTW, what if your son did this to you daughter?

  5. While I loathed the bathtub scene (really Bravo? REALLY?) I think Teresa was a dang genius for finding a way to de-stress for both herself and her husband who was just attacked by a steroid filled Miss Clairol (allegedly) and his motley crew of hangers on, including the disgusting Rich Wakile. Maybe if that crew of wannabe’s went back to their rooms for a nice bath and some, um, de-stressing they wouldn’t be such whiny, cowardly, snarky, classless, tacky morons. INSTEAD, they sat around and bitched and moaned about how horrible Teresa is ~ which is SO productive when what you want is healing.

    Kathy Wakile is an idiot.

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