Kathy Wakile Says She Had No Tension With Teresa Giudice Before RHONJ


Kathy Wakile appeared on Bethenny this week and she stopped by to dish about The Real Housewives of New Jersey and to show Bethenny her cannoli kit. Surprisingly when Bethenny asked if she had any tension with Teresa before the show, Kathy said, “No.” When Bethenny asked if she believes the show, fame or competition instigated the tension, Kathy answered, “I think what happened was she misunderstood my reasoning for joining the show. I thought it was going to be a fun adventure. I got a point in my life where my children were grown, it was getting to be the empty nester type of thing, they didn’t need me as much so what am I doing? Then this opportunity came to me, what am I going to say no I am not going to do it because I might ruffle some feathers?”

“That I was coming on there to attack her or to bring her down and that is just totally far from the truth,” Kathy says of Teresa’s beliefs for why she joined the show. “I tried to be her friend, be the cousin that I always was but that changed things. She thought I was coming on to hurt her.”

Photo Credit: Bethenny