Kathy Wakile Reveals Everyone Does Get To A Better Place After Lake George Retreat!


Kathy Wakile is taking to her Bravo Blog to talk about the family retreat to Lake George. Kathy says the anger and frustration between everyone blows up, big time, but reveals that everyone does get to a better place… eventually.

Kathy writes, “The only way for us to resolve our family issues is to stick with the people present: sister and brother; Teresa, her husband Joe, Joe, and Melissa Gorga; and the cousins (that would be Me, Richie, and Ro). I think that’s enough personalities to deal with at one time without dragging others that aren’t even on this retreat into the conversation, especially if they can’t be there to speak for themselves. I don’t want to speak for anyone else and I don’t want anyone speaking for me either.

On arrival at this castle it was sort of funny — when we all went to our rooms we starting feeling the heat! Was it because we were in Hell…no, its just the fireplaces, silly!

Then we went to break bread together for this first time in a year (and without the team builders present). Talk about AWKWARD! Right after lunch we got into it with the professionals with exercises to help us get in the mindset of being part of something larger than ourselves. We all had this expectation on how this was going to play out with re-dedicating ourselves to having consistent partnerships and improving the commitments of each relationship. Instead, the anger and frustration bubbles over and OMG it blows up, big time!

But we eventually do get to a good place. You’re probably wondering how…you’ll just have to keep watching. Even now, it is good to have experienced it all and be watching all over again — breakthroughs for anyone are monumental moments.”

Photo Credit: Bravo