Kathy Wakile Reveals Cover Of Her First Cookbook


Even though she’s not a full-time Real Housewife of New Jersey anymore, Kathy Wakile is moving forward with her dessert business and making her dreams come true.

Next month Kathy’s first cookbook will be released featuring all of her delicious dessert recipes. Kathy took to Instagram to share a photo of the cover of her book.

“So EXCITED! Look what just arrived! My finished hard cover copy of “Indulge” my passion for #Desserts in full color! I’m so happy to share them with Everyone! Less than 1 month until it hits stores, however you can preorder your copy today! Go to www.KathyWakile.com for details & links to order! #Desserts #INDULGE #SharingIsCaring”


Photo Credit: Bravo/Instagram

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Hope she outsells her crazy criminal cousin. Love Kathy. I don’t watch anymore because Bravo let her go.

Good for you Kathy I wish you great success.

at least she ACTUALLY bakes! I hope she sells a lot of copies.

I don’t know what it is about Kathy I just don’t trust her I think she is a sneaky, slimy person was so happy not to see her on the show anymore oh except that scene when she was giving Teresa a dictionary typical bitchiness that I saw from her, and that weird husband YUK!!…I am a big fan of Teresa so I hope Teresa’s new cook book does well and nothing like riding the coat tails of your family poor Kathy nothing real interesting about her!


Hi frefsf…. I think I missed an episode in the last couple of seasons where was it actually that Kathy was sneaky and slimey? I have never seen an episode where she was sneaky, causing trouble, calling people names.. where was it. There are people who are teresa’s fans (great, fine, wonderful) those are the one’s who are going to discredit everyone else. Kathy was the most authentic out of them all and just wanted to see everyone get along. WHy do you think she is not on the show any longer, she was a do gooder all the time.… Read more »

Finally cookbook from a housewife who actually does the work! And yes I would buy Kathy’s book any day over that FELON Teresa’s who probably never made 90% of whater she puts in her books anyway. From the beginning you could tell Kathy put a lot if care and love and family history into her baking so I am looking forward to trying them. Go Kathy!!

get over yourself

Hey guys I’m guessing positive comments about Kathy’s book offend our dear Frefsf …. Too bad.

The only reason I am commenting is I want Lia from down under to know that there is going to be
a super moon tonight and a meteorite shower. I posted it under Adrianne returning and did not
see your name.
I’ll be in my outback looking.

Ann, left you mess under Adreinne

You know what I just got it. The mess did not realize. Going to have an Irish coffee under the
super moon.

Lia, I don’t understand your post. What I meant was I was on the post for Adrianne and wanted you
to know about the super moon and of course all. I noticed that you had not posted so I saw that
you posted here and ergo.

I am really happy for Kathy! RHONJ should have kept her, one of the few honest non-criminals on the show. Much success to Kathy.

Hi the Lia from down under just a little tired. So, will talk tomorrow. And the sun will come up.
Little disappointed in the moon. Not as big as espected. Good day.

Hi Ann the next super moon here is the 9th of Sept, look forward to tomorrow.

Hey Lia I know. I’ll be away at the shore. I’m right on the ocean. So, it should be quite a show.
But, Lia I believe that you are a day ahead of us.

Hi Ann, yes I think I maybe a day ahead a bit over I think the sun will be shinning here when you get your super moon, it is middle of night at moment couldn’t sleep.

Well, Lia it is 2:PM here and a rainy miserable day.

Hi Ann, when you say shore do you mean Jersey Shore? It’s cold here but the sun is still out.

Hey Lia. Your in the winter and here the last month of summer. Actually, it doesn’t end til the
21 of September.
Yes, the Jersey Shore. We go to LBI which stands for Long Beach Island.

I’m curious how do you know the Jersey Shore? Probably from the house wives.

Hi Ann, we are coming to the end of our winter can’t wait!! I have seen Jersey Shore on the TV looks fabulous..I think you would love our beaches…I had girls night out last night so I am bit under the weather oh and my dog decided to take the opportunity to sleep on my head.

You are one crazy lady. What time zone are you in? AWST ACST AEST. Because from what I
can gather right now it is 2:40 PM here and in Melbourne it should be either 4:40 AM or 2:40 PM.
So if the dog lets you and its not AM let me know.

I am in the ACST time zone…lmao the dog decided to sleep on my head after I had a few drinks and been out then got home went to bed and woke up with limited neck movement and a bit of a hangover…speaking of hangover last night watched a movie called The Hangover Games can’t stop laughing Kyle, Brandi and Camille were in it no wonder Kyle didn’t keep acting she was terrible and the worst thing she was playing herself hahaha!!!

Lia, how did you get the movie? Also how do you get to see the Housewives on the day that they
are aired? Big satellite dish?

Ann we have a thing called Foxtel it is cable TV so I get all the housewives 24 hours of movies and the movie was called The Hungover Games it was really funny and the 3 of the girls Kyle, Camille and Brandi were on it and they had a few lines in it…I think I get the housewives the next night after you do…have you been watching The Real Housewives of Melbourne?? just so you know most Australian women do not look like them hahaha we are more casual, flowing hair and not a lot of make up.

Ann but I think we may get New Jersey a week after you because sometimes I am behind in all the action but I see the shorts of it so I kinda know what they are talking about.

Ann, no not satellite dish just a massive Ariel.

Ann, lmao my husband just called me a idiot yes we do have a very small Foxtel satellite dish on the roof and I do have to pay every month to get all these fabulous thing’s

Lia, thanks for all the info. I am going to see if I can find the Hungover Games. I watched the first 5 minutes of Melbourne. Maybe I’ll try again. Do you live near any of the cities? New Jersey is on tonite. We all pay for our TV. And there are all sorts of things to choose from. I have the Optima and I like it. Also had the Dish with the satellite on the roof but every time it snowed I’d have to get a broom and try and knock it off or I would have no reception.… Read more »

OK Lia I am going to the bed. It is 11PM on Sunday. I am so curious about the difference in time,
so let me know. But only if the dog is on your head and facing toward New Zealand and a
Zombie walks pass a mirror. Then you must spin around and do the Irish Jig while singing
Amazing Grace. and have 2 Bombay Martinis.

Ann haha I have seen a zombie in the mirror (me with a hangover)…shit Ann if you could only watch 5 minutes of RHOM you must not have liked it ?? I was pretty embarrassed when it came out, you could break a finger on Gina’s hair and omg the make up what’s with that??…Yes we don’t have many options with TV it is kinda Foxtel or nothing or just unpaid TV…I live in the city of churches yeh I’m not living here for that, just unfortunate circumstances lmao but I have lived in other places like Northern Territory Darwin… Read more »

Ann where are you? my computer has done some funky shit I haven’t received my confirm and follow messages so I have missed a bunch of posts it seems to have worked itself out now…well Sherlock I sent you crypted message of where I lived did you work it out City Of Churches ??? hope you haven’t got lost in your backyard while drinking your whiskey and coffee send out a flare if you need help I will look out for you!!

Lia, let the drum roll begin. The Sherlock in me says Adelaide. I wasn’t on yesterday but on Sunday
I was having a little trouble with this site. I just got on and want to check out the happenings with
the housewives. What a tease Vickie kicks no one out.
Well, is it Adelaide? Tonite it’s the NYC reunion.

Ann haha very good I knew you would get it yes it is Adelaide the forgotten state as they call it, it is small and a bit boring in old Adelaide…Yesterday one of our politicians Clive Palmer called China morons so if you don’t hear from me we have been blown up(Clive is the moron)…I just watched the season finale of OC last night.

Lia, you mentioned that you lost a lot of weight. Was it deliberate. Don’t answer if you don’t want to.
I’m such a jerk, I thought that NYC housewives was on last night. Forgot that it was done.

Ann, I decided to get very healthy and exercise everyday eat properly but I wasn’t overweight just not as healthy as I would like and I think my body went into shock hahaha so I lost a bit when I really just needed to be fit..I was hoping you would look up Clive Palmer and that would show you what a warped and crazy sense of humor Australians have, we would have too to put a man like that in parliament…I want to know what housewives will be on next because the NY has finished?

Ann, if you don’t mind me asking do you live in New Jersey? I would like to know what you thought of RHOM you don’t seem to want to answer me hahaha did you dislike it that much? tell me is RHOM on TV at the moment? and why is there no news of it on this website? you can be honest with me I am not easily offended.

No, I don’t. I live in Peru. Not really. Lia I got to get back to you. About 2 hours.

Lia, why would you be offended? I fast forwarded my TV schedule and yes RHOM is still on. They play 2 episodes on Sunday morning. I stopped watching as you didn’t seem to like it and I wasn’t impressed. However, I guess I didn’t it give it much time. So, Sheila I taped the 2 episodes for this Sunday. I’ll let you know. As for Clive Palmer, I didn’t think you liked him either. That he was some sort of a nut job. I will look him up. Lia, I live about 45 miles north of New York City. I… Read more »
Ann, I woke up early went to bed to early last night!! haha so you hated the RHOM I knew it wouldn’t fly with you guy’s…I thought you were not saying very much about it, does the whole of US hate it?? I thought bloody hell Ann is not telling me much, yes I didn’t like it much either not a very good representation of Australian woman we try not to wear diamante dresses in the daylight hours hahaha…Clive Palmer yes another Australian idiot his a nut job but a funny nut job try look him up if find a… Read more »

Ann, I had a look on the maps I am going to say Mexico hahaha never been good with maps!!!

Lia, I live in Orange County New York. No maps google it.

Ann it looks very green and beautiful it is about 2 hours from New York? I am a bit confused with the miles as I am in kilometers, very pretty place!

I just realised what I said it’s about 2 hours from New York City, Manhattan? I live about 25 mins from Adelaide’s city North I have a little block of land 2.5 acres so I can keep my dogs happy!

Lia, if I were to drive to N.Y.C, it would take me about 45 minutes to a hour. It is about 40 miles
I tried to convert it into kilometers. 40 miles would be 64.37376 km and I live about 20 miles from
New Jersey (not the shore). I believe in kilometers that would be 32.18688. I don’t know if that
is right. As for Clive Palmer he sounds like he had a few.
He called the Chinese mongrels and bastards that shot their own people. Well, I guess no
more fried rice for him.

Ann, how fabulous so you get the best of both worlds live in what looks very beautiful peaceful place but if you want to go shopping or a night out on the town you can go to the city, Clive Palmer is a very wealthy man (billionaire) mine owner and he is such slob he makes me laugh he rolls up to work in his expensive car collection and just say’s what his thinking some of the thing’s he comes up with are correct and then some are just outrageous we have never had a politician that crazy and I… Read more »
Lia, I saw a picture of yesterday. Got on today and saw him leaving his red car and walk to his helicopter. I decided he didn’t eat fried rice. He ate the chef. To go down to the city at night would take a long time. As once you hit the Manhattan area it is stop and go on the weekend night. The parking is non existent you have to find a garage. We have always loved Greenwich Village. Like to go down stay in a hotel and hit the village. When we go to a play prefer a matinee.… Read more »
Ann, haha ate the chef…yes Clive is larger than life and bat shit crazy!!..it sounds perfect where you live I saw on the Orange County website there is a large population there so there would be plenty to do…I have 4 dogs, 2 of them are allowed inside and sleep with me, then there are 2 that have the acres to play on my property is fully fenced so they think they are a bit special with such a large yard,I don’t care for fur in my house because somehow you will find it in your dinner haha so the… Read more »

Hey my Lia, what’s going on. I miss hearing from you.

Ann, look on posts up above I sent you one yesterday…wanted you over for my lamb roast but you are a bit far away…how is your Sunday going?…Ann I am over winter I have been checking your weather and you are in mid to low 20s which is nice!

Lia seems like have been cut off . We will see.

Ann, I can see it up there!! maybe they did they might be upset with our personal gossip lmao I will keep going until I can’t see it…what are you doing today?

Today Lia is tonight. It is 8 PM So now we can figure out the time zone. It is Sunday. This is not
right. I am at ann.cimino@gmail.com. Lia after I hear from you, I will change this immediately
so do it quick.

Ann, I have sent you email with my email on it! so if you change it you will have to get back to me because I can’t get back to you once you have changed but I think you would have worked that out for yourself lmao I sound like a bloody idiot get back to me on my email!!!