Kathy Wakile On Her Relationship With Teresa Giudice


Kathy Wakile appeared on Bethenny Frankel’s Sirius XM Radio show this week and spoke about why she continues to appear on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, her bad blood with Teresa Giudice and what’s going on with Teresa’s newfound friendship with Melissa Gorga.

When Bethenny asked if Kathy and Rich continue to do the show to help their business, Kathy said, “It’s a little bit of both. A lot of times when we film with our family, our immediate family, it’s fun. It’s being you, there’s no tension. It is a good platform, I’m not going lie. And the money’s not bad either.”

Does filming create tension in their marriage? “Oh please, I’m used to him. He’s just a nut all the time and he says whatever. Sometimes it’s like ‘dude, chill, you don’t have to say EVERYTHING that’s on your mind. He doesn’t have a filter and he doesn’t have any restraint.”

So the main question at hand… where does the tension between Kathy and her cousin Teresa Giudice come from? “It all stems from the very beginning when I came on the show and it was a big miscommunication of my being asked to come on the show. It was just a thought, nothing definite, but she ended up finding out before I had a chance to talk to her about it. It looked like I was doing something behind her back which wasn’t the case. I didn’t even have anything solid.”

But why has Teresa forgiven Melissa and not Kathy? “The jury’s still out on that one,” Kathy says.

Bethenny asks how the kids are doing now that Joe Giudice is away. “I think the kids are solid. Joe stepped up when she was gone and now she’s doing what she has to do. They’re really strong as far as that goes. We’re made of tough sh*t in Jersey. We stay, we work it out. We may be ripping each other’s hair out, but we stay.”

Does Kathy believe Joe and Teresa have a strong marriage? “I think when he comes home they’ll stick it out, I do.”

Does Kathy believe she will ever work things out with her cousin? “I’m hoping, I’m trying. I love her, she’s my cousin.”

Rich shares that he loves Teresa and feels like she’s a sister to him. “So, if I’m busting your chops, it’s not because there are cameras there, it’s because I’ve been busting your chops since I met you. I didn’t change for the camera, it’s been like this since day 1.”

Bethenny notes that Teresa’s new friendship with Melissa is complete crap. “I think maybe deep down they would like it to be, but there are these little things that still irk each other,” Kathy adds.

Thank you to RealityTea for the recap of Bethenny’s show.

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  • Sheriff Andy

    So tell me Kathy, how is your cookbook sales? Are things at Merano’s flying off the shelves these days? How many cannoli kits have you sold lately? What’s it like being the New Jersey Bingo Queen? Oh, I’m sorry – don’t bother answering any of those question because people don’t really care….How’s Teresa doing these days and how can you stand being married to your pervy husband?

    • Suze☕️

      Agree with every point! I can’t stand this woman I’m not saying anymore as I don’t want to waste my time on Kathy or any Wakile! Xo

      • DeeDee

        Yup me neither. Gross ppl. The nasty sister as well. The fact they’re Italian makes their behavior even worse. No loyalty. T will never forgive her but she can continue to act dense forever & keep riding T’s coat tails.

      • DeeDee

        That shipped sailed for good the second nasty Kathy mentioned T’s father disparagingly. Kathy is dead to T.

        • Suze☕️

          Yup! Calling him a coward I wouldn’t forgive either! Xoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

          • DeeDee

            Nope! No way!


        • Rosalie Parker

          Teaming up with Carolyn Manzo and Jacqueline against Teresa wasn’t cool either. Blood is thicker than water – Teresa is her cousin.

          • Suze☕️


    • Geminigirl

      Yes yes yes!

  • This is just my own opinion..I think that the reason that Theresa is supposedly good with Melissa is because she has to be for the family. To be on the outs with her brother and his kids was breaking her parents’ heart. If that weren’t the case, I don’t think Theresa would be making this effort to appear close to Melissa. Therefore, I doubt she has the same family obligation to Kathy and Rosie, so she is ok to not mend fences with them..again, just my own humble opinion 😀

    • Suze☕️

      After Kathys comments about her parents I doubt Tre would ever want to be close to them again. Rich must be the most obnoxious husband on the whole RH franchise! What a creep!

      • Suze, I don’t have those same ill feelings about Kathy, plus I think that Theresa has made horrible comments about them in return, so I respectfully don’t agree to that point. However, I will never get past Rich’s hateful comments about those young college girls that Victoria met and how they definitely were using their meal plans. That was a foul. But Melissa has gone back and forth with Theresa just as much as Kathy so that’s why I think Theresa just feels more obligated to show a strong force with Melissa, then she does with Kathy..hope that made sense because my sentences were seriously run ons . lol.

        • Suze☕️

          It’s good to like different people! I just never have and never will like either of these two but Rich is the worst he said some pretty bad things to or rather about his daughters friends. Which is a bit rough as he is pretty gruesome looking himself. I used to think a demented bugs bunny but I like bugs bunny! I did like Rosie for a while and ought she was hysterical with Jo,

        • Krista

          Didn’t Richie threaten to burn Teresa’s house down with her family in it? There is nothing nice or benign about Kathy & her equally creepy husband. Never could stand them or that vile Rosie. They are disgusting!

          • Suze☕️

            Yup totally agree! Xoxoxox

      • Aunt Bee

        Yes Suse he is obnoxious but I think that jerk Jim who was married to the lady with breast cancer was so much more obnoxious.

        • I’m pretty sure Jim Marchese takes the cake out of all the butt hole husbands…even Peter, and that’s saying A LOT!! lol.

          • Suze☕️

            Thanks both of you I had forgotten him! He was the worst!

      • DeeDee

        Ah yes. I didn’t read the way through before my post. Agree Suze

    • luvmyfrenchie

      ITA with your post. What always bothered me w/Teresa is her attitude towards Kathy & Rosie, she knows that their Dad died when they were young. Since I have cousins who lost their brother & their mother 5 years later, We always included my Uncle & cousins to ALL family functions & they appreciated it very much, ALL still talk about family get togethers as ADULTS. Never heard her 1x ask about their Mother & her well being & my gut tells me that Teresa’s father doesn’t bother much with HIS SISTER/K & R’s mother. Hope I am wrong, but IDK???

    • Deb from fla

      Also her girls love their cousins and they wanted to be together. Teresa is only doing this for her parents and the chlldren. I believe that both Melissa and Teresa want to make Joey Gorga happy and getting along is the only option.

  • patricia

    Love Kathie, her husband, & Rosie. I wish they would show more of them. They are fun to watch. Can’t stand Teresa. Never have, never will.

    • luvmyfrenchie

      I guess the both of us feel the same way only-lol!! Btw, I will never forget how SHE reacted when Kathy brought up a dessert that THE family enjoyed as children made during holidays & how snotty Teresa reacted over WHO made it?? She showed her true colors to me again..

    • Anonymous

      My sentiments as well. Of ALL the Housewives from ALL the shows, (NY, Orange Co, etc.), Kathy is my fave. She tries to bring some sanity to the show, but that ain’t happening as long as Teresa is the main focus. Kathy has no personal agenda. She is level-headed and just wants peace. Teresa, on the other hand, wants publicity. It’s so obvious that Kathy is real and Teresa is a phoney.