Kathy Wakile Reacts To RHONJ Season Finale…

Kathy Wakile

Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Kathy Wakile is reacting to the aftermath of The Posche Fashion Show drama, and the season finale of the show. She reveals in her blog that she believes Teresa was in on the set-up, and explains her reasoning behind it. Kathy writes:

“So here we are at the end. Believe me viewers, there is no pun intended. As I watched the scenes of the final episode I realized that while I was sitting at the table enjoying my salad, there seemed to be a whole other show going on. Apparently a lot of things were happening. I often wonder to myself, why is it that I do not pick up on these things as they are happening? Or is it that I just choose to block out ugly situations and try to believe that there is a logical explanation for everything? Unfortunately watching this it is obvious that the events of that evening were definitely orchestrated, and not a coincidence.

Human nature has proven that you can take any group of people and allow them to view the same scenario and each person will take away something different based on their emotions, personal identification with the players, or just plain willingness to side with one party or another.

So as I sit to write this blog, I think it would be best to remove my emotions from the mix and just present you all with the facts we’ve all seen involving the events of that evening. It occurred to me that the old saying that truth is stranger than fiction was in play here for sure. You can’t make this stuff up folks.

The Set-Up: To paint a negative picture of Melissa at a public event by exposing her alleged past employment as a stripper.

The Players: Teresa; Kim D; The Bald Guy aka Angelo, former strip club manager conveniently turned PR agent for a day; Melissa; Jacqueline; Caroline; Lauren; and me.

The Motive: To destroy Melissa’s reputation, embarrass her, and ultimately try to destroy a happy family of five.

The Clues: Body Language, Facial Expressions, Accusations

The Evidence:

1. There isn’t any evidence to support the statements or claims made by the creepy “Bald Guy” that Melissa was a dancer for him, so everyone will just have to take his word for the truth.

2. The texts Jacqueline was receiving all evening from a mutual friend of both she and Teresa. The texts were being sent to inform Jacqueline there was going to be some serious drama that evening. Drama that Teresa, Kim D, and “The Bald Guy” had carefully planned out at the expense of one of the lady’s reputation.

3. The Candid Taped Confession: Ah, finally some real visual evidence. The conversation the creepy “Bald Guy” was having with some woman in the distance while forgetting he was still wearing a mic. (This is reality TV, if you think because the camera is not directly in your vision you’re not being filmed, you’re wrong. Let’s not forget, in reality TV the walls have ears! Or in other words when you are mic’d or near a mic, you’re being recorded and someone is always listening.) During this conversation “The Bald Guy” gives us a confession and admission to the big drama for the evening and the players involved in the setup.

The Plot: The events get weirder by the minute as we reach crescendo and the key players start to play the blame game, while handing out accusations and lies.

The Finale: Cast members are angry, hurt, disillusioned, tired, and wondering how on earth we will be able to make some sense of this and get up at 5:00am to be ready to film a reunion with some civility. And then, the unintended finale… It is obvious from facial expression and body language that Jacqueline is in a complete state of shock and is having a meltdown. A sense of sadness and futility pervades the conclusion of this melodrama.

The next morning we find ourselves at the Count Bassie Theater in Red Bank, New Jersey sitting beside one another without Jacqueline.

Where do we go from here? Well it’s been a year since we’ve all been together in one room. Tune in next week to see how that goes.”

We’ve shown you the previews for the explosive RHONJ Reunion that is three parts, and starts next Sunday!

Tell Us- What do you think about Kathy’s reaction?

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4 Replies to “Kathy Wakile Reacts To RHONJ Season Finale…”

  1. It’s sad that Kathy would side w/Jacqueline & Caroline. They are
    not family to her. Why this person text Jacqueline regarding this and..
    why Jacqueline in the mix?? If you we’re friends or family.. just
    listen. Before , you make fool of yourselves …
    Theresa is keeping her family a float. What u see about Theresa… she
    has a lot to say, and she controls her anger and hurt. It took me time
    to understand her…she is a strong woman & people or fans see her mean,
    but not. Kathy & Joe should stop … we all change and is good thing!

  2. Now u want us to believe this character Angelo is a credable confirmation after u all said he was a liar saying mellisa danced …. (he nor did Tre say strip club/stripper). that word was used by every one else but them(why?it is used for the attencion).Every one denies why would we want to hurt Mellisa, the real question is who would want to hurt Tre, and has motive.the only ones to benefit from this whole (the BIG FAMOUS STRIPPERGATE)plan melissa attention all the magazine covers that where her only complaints of her sisterinlaw and castmembers also revenge to once again make Tre the horrable villian after her loving sisterinlaw was so forgiving, always giving Tre afree pass because of her love for her husband,inlaws,children(all acting for the camerasand viewers are blinded).What would her acomplase gain by selling her out(EXTRA MONEY) him forgetting he had a mic on, doubt that.he knew he had a mic on when he intentionally said to Tre at the table after approaching melissa hi how are you suggesting he already met her,further more even without a mic telling coincidentlya friend he knew would leak it out,these actions only further point out that his involvment was with coconspiraters out to sabotage Tre. Kathy claims she had no involvment innocently eating her salad,true but not before he acme to the table.She suggests we could read body language, facial expressions,well if every one rewinds and pauses to slow motion the sceen second before he steps up to the table, notice the hand gestures, possably signals of Kathy(yes miss innocent) jac. and the lady behind the bald guy, saying omg., even notice his shadow infront of them kathy seeing him and giving jac the eye ,lauren getting her moms attention and quickly mellissa goes back to eating and Caroline in deap conversation pretending to not even notice the guy talking yet when Tres brother comes over she is all interested. Yes maybe aftyer that sceen you all pretended to look innocent,even Kathy incinuating Tre and melissa having an issue with each other when Tre did not imply that to her,mistake.It seems Kim D orchestrated this with others (acknowledging it would be obvious only to benefit her need for recognition always negative),also possably the texts that Jac. and Melissa mentioned at the reunion from a very good friend may had been from K im D.Also a sarcastic remark at the table at the fashion show about no trouble tonight and miss Kathy responding back sacastically. notice when Kim D. was intrduced how nervouse the cast members on the couch opposite Tre. are very nervouse thier body , facial expressions and Joe gorga trying to interupt Carolines arm over the couch stopping him also (rewind pause to slow),also J. Gorga stopping Mellissa from mentionig the guy who they reffer to as a liar as confiming Tres invovment at that moment Kathy ready to signal her as she sees Joe stopping her.Why is Kim D. laughing with Kathy and Rich as Joe kisses Tre,so called friend and loves Joe Guidice. the phone call to Melissa apoligizing to her when Kim said it was about what Melissa did to her on reunion show.You would think they would be happy Kim was at reunion if they had nothing to hide and why so urgent for J oe to interupt with his apology.Discusting how they all are so pleased to proove Tre was involved(first to blame her of the mastermind then only her involvment of knowing maybe even less than they knew) Jac. knew two wks.prior something and Melissa didnt please. Bottom line it was a set up to bring Tre down which has been the intention from the ferst episode the Gorgas came on (joe promising to bring more drama than even his sister),the rest of the cast was already starting to imply that she should call her brother after he called her garbage and caused the children to be in a dangerouse position while Kathy implying it was Tres fault and stirred up drama at the fashion show after the christning to make Tre look out of control and Melissa saying stop all the yelling and dont bring your brother up there and kathy telling Tre not to do that on publick display denied she was intentionally starting an argument then saying only an idiot would argue with an idiot. then Melissa tried to be the one who persuade her husband to forgive his sisterand started that approach to redeem her and Kathy from the trouble they started and Kahthy continued to be passive agressive always trying since then to make Tre react poorly to make all of them look above Tre,when infact they are no different(all an act)transparent to those intuitive to these kind of people.Melissa said her husband would sell anything for money so why not his soul to get on the show. he says they had issues before the show and we should believe him possably came on to get closer please,the first episode they where on prooves what a lie. Tre had no choice of them coming on they claim they discssed with thier other family members when Tre should have been thier priority to disscs it and who is selfish? She had no choice for her deepest personal issues to be brought out in front of her parents, children,they did,Melissa claims when Thre was asked to the show she discussed it with all her family and that Tre was unsure (even without family members joining also)Melissa told her she should but I guess she was upset that Tre didnt include them in episodes probably for obviouse reasons.Thry made it bad for her and the entire family.It was her endevoir, any one of us would feel the same waynow she wants her to leave the show, let her bow out they caused thier family all this discust.(phonies) why do you think thier parents are upset with Joe put yourself in that position with your own children and seeing her brother manipulate his sister raining on her parade her fortune,yes if they both could have had it together if things with them where all love, love but that wasnt the case and would Bravo had them then no all the conspireing with Daniele they sold themselfs for what they knew Bravo would like and expect of them no other reason did they get that oppertunity.Its only prooved the way the first episode started and they addmitted how they where left out at Tres Christning, well they werent on the show then and Tre had to be filmed at thiers ,did they think Bravo wouldnt( vain then)Melissa came to Posh fashion show first season like she was a celeberty her and her family making a spectacle her trying to out do Tre then(show off),telling the waiter bring me a salad not please,going on the runway twice because of her family screaming like idiots.Cathy running over to Carolines table to kiss up to her. they were so jelouse of Tres relationship with her.from then they out to sabotage it.(cant believe one bit that Caroline didnt see through thier antics),she bought into it although she said it bwould never happen until the family issues solved she must of had revenge for Tre going back then before the cookbook,may be because Tre remained friends with Dina after Dina left the show(15 yrs friends)the situation with Caroline backstabbing Tre and siding with her familyand then saying she helped her every one laughing critisizing together with her own brother and her brother going along with it .Not for nothing but yes we all gossip about family members in confidence to friends and family but we dont turn around and tell otherswhat he or she said we know the fight will pass(most of us, but we could talk about our loved ones all we want but dont ever allow others to put them down. that is so discusting for her brother especially and you think the parents didnt see this almost every conversation with all times with a whole gang dicussing her issues and ridicule. when did Tre do this and if she is like this why dosnt she talk about her husbands family and thier issues.Caroline always needs ateam to fight her own battles even at the hot tub crying she was alone (so was Tre). She will never give up until dina is also against Tre like she wouldnt let up with Jac.(the instigater at Jacs. house. when the hell do any of them own any thing ,Melissa admitted she was abitch and her and Tre are the same regarding Daniele then on the reunion denies she is like that and says she is so wonderful to Tre please.(miss innocent)cathy always justify her actions except when she trashed Tres parents and was screaming her apology always how dare Tre they are so focused being in hate Tre. club it is incinificant when thier out of line even Melissa with her fixing her hair continuaslyoooh that was not nice all of them .Tre wasnt prepared with accusations to the others they all had thier allegations that are significant and when she comes up with a come back like Melissas eyeshadow after Melissa child like exposed her hair weave,Tre was the only insane one or the only one who had ofensive comebacks after they all are so perfect they didnt even recognize they too went above on the scream meter laughing at Tre when Andy said his ears hurt, Joe Gorga is an Angel from God dosnt need to own up.The acusation may have semmed silly and they all ran with it ignoring the significance of a persns charachter who probably has no respect for others property example when he drove over the lawn with the RV or sat on the statue at the whinery, just saying. Joes are both the same and Rich they try so hard to portray above too hard and Tre and Melissa the same also only Melissa is a sharp manipulative actress I never saw a genuine college degree.Tre never called any one out on the show about thier dirty laundry even her brother or this one said or a friend said ,only at the reunionafter being trashed and attacked I cant believe she actually tolerated as much as she did I like to see Caroline do it alone.Also why was Caroline so calm with Kim D. AT THE REUNION SHE KEPT HER FINGER ACTION LOW KEY, and others didnt seem to be upset with Kim.Thre still has no clue Kim set her upshe believes Kim is on her side.Just saying I wonder why the first Posh fashion show Melissa was in and after when all the drama went down it seemed like Carolines husband was siding with Melissa and Cathy a little too friendly making comments to them that we couldnt hear he didnt have a mic just saying..

  3. Teresa was set-up!
    Melissa found out from bias producer and being #1 cat rodiguez and Caroline self,which are friends with the Gorgas,Manzo,Lauritas,and wakiles,already told the housewives besides Teresea!

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