Kathy Wakile Reacts to Teresa Giudice Comparing Her to Cancer


Kathy Wakile has been promoting the new season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and last week she stopped by Amy Phillips’ Sirius XM show “Reality Checked,” to chat about her relationship with her cousin Teresa Giudice and more.

Kathy dished that her and her family are all moved into their new house and she had so much fun designing it. She built the home with a California layout – outside coming in, and no cabinets in the kitchen.

Wakile says that Jacqueline and Chris Laurita have been very open about their need to downsize, but she doesn’t need to know the details. “It’s not my concern. I know they’ve buckled down and scaled back and they did what they had to do. They weren’t ashamed in any way.”

When Amy asked if she thinks Chris and Jac were inspired to downsize based on what happened to the Giudices, Kathy said, “I don’t know, I think when something like that happens to anyone you know, you start to evaluate your own life a little bit.” She added, “Anyone with a conscience starts to think about that. You start to wonder if, if it happened to her, it could happen to you.”

Phillips mentioned that when she interviewed Teresa and Melissa the day before they both said they hadn’t spoken to Kathy since the show wrapped. Kathy explained that she had sent both of the ladies text messages, but had only heard back from Melissa.

Amy asked Kathy about the trailer for RHONJ where Teresa says to Kathy and Rosie that she had to cut the cancer out. Amy asks her to explain what that means. “Ah, do you ever know what she means? I don’t know, I found it offensive. And I had to stay focused on my mission for that lunch and it wasn’t to fight and she’d been through so much and I wasn’t going there to fight. So, I had to really… I have a lot of cuts in my tongue. Constantly biting it. So I had to put that out there. How do you even say something like that to me? My father died of cancer, I have a daughter that has suffered two brain tumors. How can you even talk like that to me? It took a lot of focus to keep on the mission of that lunch. We were trying to smooth things out and be supportive, that’s all.”

Did Kathy accomplish her goal this season? “Yeah, I always want to keep things on the positive. I can’t be responsible for what anybody else thinks or what anybody else perceives of what I’m trying to tell them. I know how the message is supposed to come out and I know the intention of my message. I can only be responsible for myself.”

What does Kathy think of Siggy and Dolores? “I think the energy is great. Siggy is just a hot ball of fun and she’ll tell you what she feels. She’s great, she brings a great energy.” She continued about Dolores, “We get each other. I know what she’s all about and her family. She has two amazing, great kids and they’re close in age to my kids. It says a lot about her because she really devoted a lot of her time to her kids and bringing them up and being there for her kids. I think that says a lot.”

Kathy also confirmed that Rosie Pierri has a new girlfriend and the family likes her. She said we’ll get to see that relationship on this season of the show.

Thanks to RealityTea for the transcript of the show!

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10 Replies to “Kathy Wakile Reacts to Teresa Giudice Comparing Her to Cancer”

  1. I didn’t see anything wrong with any of this interview, but the biggest shock to me was the cabinets. lol. She doesn’t have cabinets in her kitchen??? How do you manage without cabinets in your kitchen?

  2. I hope this time Rosie has a genuine girlfriend. I don’t mind her but dislike her sister and husband. I’m not saying that again as it gets boring saying same thing and as I have nothing positive about the Wakiles I will give up!

    1. Suze, they made good kids, right? lol. There is something positive..hehe. I thought the same thing about the girlfriend and hoping this girl is genuine as well after the scandal with that last year.

      1. It was a stupid thing to try and do. I really liked Rosie to that point. Reminded me of Kenya and Walter! Rent a relationship for reality TV! Getting to be a good business maybe someone soon will design an app!

        1. I can almost promise you that an app PROBABLY already exists for such a thing. lol. It’s hard to tell what that woman made up and how much Bravo played up for a storyline. I would imagine that Rosie is quite popular these days because of the show, so maybe she really does have a new woman. Now she’ll have to worry about someone being with her just for the TV show. I had to laugh watching that flashback the other night when Joe Guidice called her “bro”. lol.

  3. I love Kathy! I know she doesn’t bring much drama but I wish she was a full time wife again! I wish we could have seen her build her house and time with her old fashioned Italian family. I have always loved what she brought to the show.

  4. Love Kathy & her family and Rosie! I wish they would show more of them. They make the show so much more interesting.

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