Kathy Wakile Praying For Positive Outcome For Teresa


Kathy Wakile is catching up with Bravo in a new interview where she talks about how Rich and her children are doing, the

Bravotv.com: What’s the latest with Rich and the kids?
Kathy Wakile:
Rich has his hands full these days between traveling with me to promote my newly released dessert cookbook, Indulge, and overseeing every detail for our new home construction — not to mention the other projects that he’s always working on. I think he’s going to need a vacation soon. Victoria and Joseph are back to school. Victoria is feeling great and piled on a bunch of classes to her schedule. This year is her third year at college, and she’s determined to finish this part of her degree in her four year term. Joseph is busy juggling his new status as a bio major during his freshman year at college. Over the summer Rich kept Victoria and Joseph busy by enrolling them in real estate school, and thankfully they both are managing to adjust well to getting back to school full time and working part time (while maintaining a very active social calendar). I wonder where they got that from…

Bravotv.com: What inspired you to build the new house? What’s your favorite feature? Have you moved in yet?
Rich has been after me for over fifteen years to move to a bigger house, but honestly I couldn’t even think about it until my kids finished high school. They had such a great experience growing up with the same friends from grade school, and I didn’t want to disturb that for them. However, since they have decided to stay local for college and to continue living at home, they each need their own space. They grew up surrounded by family and friends in our home, and they followed through with the love to entertain. Whether it’s with our family or their now adult friends, our home has always been the hub. And I love it! It’s what I live for. My dinner table can go from four to fourteen at any given seating, so I designed my home to revolve around the kitchen with a very open floor plan. Every room leads back to the heart of my home, the kitchen. We haven’t moved in yet, there’s still so much to do, but we are happy enjoying each step of the process.

Bravotv.com: How has your relationship with Teresa been?
My relationship with Teresa is pretty much where we left things off. She is going through a lot right now, and her time is focused on her husband and children as it should be. I am respecting her wishes and praying for a positive outcome for them all.

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5 Replies to “Kathy Wakile Praying For Positive Outcome For Teresa”

  1. She tries way too hard to be friendly with Teresa. She needs to let that go. Why would someone want to be associated with a criminal like Teresa? Just my opinion.

  2. Kathy has always been one of my favorites. Quit watching when Caroline left and Kathy became part time. Bravo got rid of the good ones and left us with a group of insane criminals.

    1. I agree! Plus Tre *tried* to act -suddenly- this season like SHE was a big time dessert maker and came out with her own dessert book in direct competition with Kathy’s -which everyone knows is a big lie. Tre is no friend of Kathy’s or anybody’s who won’t fo her bidding (Dina) or isn’t any good for her in some monetary way. Maybe she wasn’t always that way but RHONJ and her “celebrity” went to her head- along with all the riches she had. Well maybe losing most of their ill hot ton gains (hopefully as she and Joe deserve to be punished and rightfully pay what they owe) and the very public humiliation of pleading GUILTY to being felons will get Teresa to come to reflect upon what kind of person she has become. But I doubt it. She is incapable of that. It’s always everyone else’s fault. Kathy and Rosie and Caroline are better off without her kind.

  3. Liar and snake in the grass- Kathie (the viewer’s) are not as stupid as you believe, we know you could care less about Tre and bashed her repeatedly in previous seasons and you’re horrible husband on twitter was disgusting—-you are only playing nicey nice to sell you’re book and get back on RHONJ for $$$ after riding the coat-tails of Tre…..Note to kathie, you are boring and named comakathy for a reason-zzzzzzzzzzzzz….
    BTW—the whole house thing (lame) and ridiculous (are you trying to compete w/ Tre or dwarf gorga)? Did richie settled those lawsuits with Exxon / Mobil yet???

    1. Disagree with you London–Kathy tried really hard the first few seasons. Teresa G. Treated her like crap. That’s why icky Rich behaved so badly on social media. Don’t think Kathy has much to say because I doubt Trresa G gives her the time of day.

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