Kathy Wakile Discusses Comments Regarding Her Late Father…

Kathy Wakile is the latest Real Housewife of New Jersey to lash out at Teresa Giudice, for comments made about her late father at the reunion. Kathy’s sister, Rosie Pierri, is especially known now for her comments to Teresa at the reunion. Rosie was screaming from backstage, “I’ll cut her tongue out,” and more explicits.

Kathy expreses in her latest Bravo Blog that Teresa, “has attacked the most important relationships in my life—my sister Rosie, made comments about … my deceased father.” Teresa previously claimed that her own father was more of a father figure than Kathy & Rosie’s. This angered Kathy! She describes she had, “a respectful relationship” with Teresa’s father, it was “nothing like that of a father and daughter.” Kathy and Rosie’s father died of leukemia. He suffered seven years and to this day it’s still difficult for them.

“How dare Teresa speculate on the relationship I had with my father, and the type of father he was to me and my siblings,” Kathy writes. “That statement really sent me over the edge, as it did for Rosie.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo