Kathy Wakile Opening New Restaurant

Former RHONJ star Kathy Wakile is moving forward with her career by entering the restaurant business.

“It’s something I’ve been wanting for such a long time,” the former Wakile told Page Six of her upcoming venture. “I’ve talked about it in the past but the timing wasn’t right, [and] now I have the time to devote to it.”

Kathy’s eatery named “Pizza Love,” is located in Bergen County, NJ and is supposed to open in June. The place will be run by Kathy, her husband Rich and two friends that have restaurant experience.

“It’ll be a great joint effort,” she said, adding that the menu will consist of pizza, Mediterranean fare and desserts — her specialty.

“Cannolis will be on the menu for sure,” the mom of two said — who released a dessert recipe book, “Indulge,” in 2014, and ensured that her recipes along with artisanal Italian favorites, such as homemade gelato, will be offered.

“I’ll be changing it up depending on the season. That’s how I like to cook; depending on the season and what people are looking for,” she explained. “It’ll be a family restaurant,” she said.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • One Rotten Egg

    Good for her–honest living (I hope). Wonder if she just didn’t think of dessert/treat shop instead.

  • cat62

    Like it

  • NotWellBitch

    Good for you Kathy!

  • Aunt Bee

    I have always like her. Her children were raised nicely and her daughter has gone through a lot. Good for you Kathy.

  • noladiva

    I have never liked her…just an opportunist married to a class a jerk.

  • Daisy

    Hi sissy. I’ve always liked her and her children. Her jerk off hubby not so much

  • Apple

    Totally agree, Aunt Bee and BC…

  • Daisy

    No worries. I’ve done the same with email vs blog but witch hazel…. Yuck

  • barbara

    I thought she looked really good. Especially her hair.

    • BakerChick

      Yes Barbara she has gorgeous thick shiny hair doesn’t she, I wish I had that head of hair.

  • Rusty Bumper

    Kathy looks like Bethany’s sister in this photo. Wishing you lots of luck Kathy. I hope the Manzo boys aren’t her partners.

    • Rusty Bumper

      Kathy is the prettiest .

  • Big Sprinter

    lol no comment

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    I thought for sure it would have been a dessert spot! Best of luck to her and best wishes for her daughter’s continued well being after her tumor issues.