Kathy Wakile Gives Update On Relationship with Teresa Giudice

Kathy Wakile has always had a tough relationship with her cousin Teresa Giudice. The last time we saw Wakile, Giudice, alongside her brother Joe Gorga, told Kathy and her sister Rosie that she wanted to end their relationships.

In a new interview, Kathy is sharing if there is a possibility of the family reuniting. “At this point, there really isn’t any relationship,” Kathy told The Daily Dish. “And I keep so busy with my family, with my kids. When you have adult kids, it’s not like when they’re younger, and you schedule their day. Their day is scheduled, and then you schedule your day around when you’re gonna see your kids. So with our travel schedule, our pizzeria that we opened up, the restaurant keeps us busy, there really isn’t any time for anything else.”

“I think that I’ve tried as much as I can, and at this point, I’m so fulfilled and so happy with my life that anybody would want to be in my life, and I’m not chasing anything,” she added.

“My kids have been just living and doing really great and traveling. They’re still both in school. Joseph is actually working at Barneys New York, and Victoria’s still in nursing school. We travel together, we spend a lot of time together still, and they’re adults living their lives and they’re having a great time, and we’re happy to grab any time that we can with them still. I know some people would think that’s a little much, overprotective mom, but now it’s like they’re our best friends and they’re adults. We’ve raised these wonderful human beings. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with them?” Kathy shared. “And Rosie’s doing great, my mom [Maria Pierri] is doing great. Rosie just opened up her own business [doing woodworking and store fixtures], and she’s doing really, really wonderful, and she’s happy. Life is good.”


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