Kathy Wakile Explains How The RHONJ Cast Grew While Filming Season 5!


Kathy Wakile is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss how cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy was similar to how the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey had to clean up some of their relationships. Kathy explains everyone in the cast goes on an intense journey throughout the Season and they each learn a lot.

Kathy writes, “Often times it is the innocence and simplicity of our children’s desires that help balance our emotions and put everything into perspective. How sweet to see the joy in Antonia and Milania as they are reunited for a play date. I’m sure it was awkward and uncomfortable for Melissa and Teresa, but despite their own feelings they made their children happy. When cousins in our family have been this close in age, they’ve been inseparable.

Rebuilding things after a natural disaster is not easy. Rebuilding severed relationships can be even more difficult. However, in both cases if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and get dirty, you will be amazed at what can happen with hard work and help from others.

This past year New Jersey has worked tirelessly to “Restore the Shore”. We too have rolled up our sleeves and gotten dirty at times as well as shed a few tears too on our road to recovery. Be patient with us as you follow our journey to restore our family, as we deal with our personal battles and struggles, and as our children are growing and facing their own obstacles (this has to be the most difficult of all, such as Jacqueline and Chris with Nick).

Regardless, we all worked really hard and learned so much about each other as well as ourselves. You will share some tears with us and I guarantee that there will be plenty of time to laugh at our ridiculous behavior.”

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  1. What Kathy and Caroline are missing are the disgusting things Joe Giudice says to his kids about Melissa. I don’t blame her a bit for being concerned to have her kids around theirs. How hurtful will it be to hear, even secondhand, the names he calls their mother? And these kids aren’t taught by their mother how wrong it is – at best she tells them to ‘zip it.’ But more often she just says nothing as her husband opens his mouth and lets his brain fall on the table.

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