Kathy Wakile Dishes On Her Latest Cookbook


Kathy Wakile is excited about the release of her new cookbook, Indulge: Delicious Little Desserts That Keep Life Real Sweet, a collection of 75 of her favorite treats. The recipes will feature everything from Almond Joyous Cheeseckae Cuties to White Chocolate Blondie Bits.

Kathy tells the Dish, she spent a year testing and retesting the recipes.

“I had so much fun during this process, cooking and sharing my creations is both a joy and therapy for me,” she says.

And she dishes that her family and friends love to give their input as Kathy perfects her recipes.

“I can always count on them to be completely honest,” Kathy says. “Victoria and Joseph’s friends were also great too… and I can’t forget Jacqueline Laurita. She was always a willing tester.”

You can pick up Kathy’s newest cookbook on Amazon, and Wakile reveals she is already working on her next project!

“It will be a savory book, appetizers and small plates,” she says. “I love appetizers and serving small plates. It’s the best way to entertain!”

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20 Replies to “Kathy Wakile Dishes On Her Latest Cookbook”

  1. Bloody Hell so sick of Kathy and her flipping cannolis and just saying you and old Jac’s might want to pull up a bit on the old deserts I have noticed when you do your pop in’s on the real housewives you are starting to wear your cannolis on your bodies…I know I am going to get fried for this but I don’t care…I am over you weird ass kathy and your creepy husband go away already!!!!

    1. Me too Lia. I am sick of Kathy, Richie, Rosie.richie tried to be a housewife too. He is a pervert . Gagging. But at least Kathy is trying to make some money. Ole Jac can eat all she wants. She is a kiss up. Don’t like her either. Rem when Kathy got plastic surgery? I think they start that as soon as they get on the housewives. Richie looks different , guess he got something done. Have to either be dog hair it kathies hair in that food. All these cooker women never move the hair out of the way. Lol. Hair in good gags me. All of em have long hair and cooking or mixing . How did Katie get on anyway? Maybe Caroline will let them on her show now. I just don’t know why but she rubs me the wrong way.

      1. Haha that’s ok I stand by what I have said…Interesting I found Kathy to be one of the worst kind of mean girl she will throw a dagger with a smile and twist it so it can be taken 2 way’s, I find that calculating and very snake like attitude…see different perceptions..I also say put down those dam deserts you are looking like a big cannoli not to mention clogging up your arteries!!

        1. I would love to see a recent picture of you and Teresa. I am 70 and I look like someone who has enjoyed all kinds of desserts for a long time.

          1. Lol. I don’t like sweets at all. But I ant no heather. That’s why I think vicki is pretty. Lol. Only she has a pretty figure. I read on here today that vicki is size 6. It tells all of them. Bet heather is -000.

          2. Yeh that’s all good Aunt Bee but I do try and look after myself I work out everyday and eat nothing but watermelon, apples and almonds until dinner then I eat a good meal of meat and salad just to stay healthy!!!

      2. Ya’ll are definitely not the only ones sick and tired of Kathy and Jac. I felt badly for Jac going through what she is with her son…but seriously…Kathy will back stab with the best of ’em…ESPECIALLY if it’s family. Her husband is what we down south call a Creepy Creeperton! I could totally see him cutting holes in walls to watch his daughter’s friends in the bathroom.

  2. Kathy is one of the nicest housewives ever. She’s a nice mother, a nice wife and a nice friend. The problem is that, on reality TV, “too nice” sometimes equals “boring”, so I’m not surprised she’s no longer a full-time housewife.

  3. I like Kathy. I don’t think I ever heard her say anything mean girl. She has been through a lot with her daughters recurring brain tumors. Her children are respectful but I do find her hubby a little unbearable.

    1. I agree with you. Plus from the get-go Kathy was a phenomenal baker and dessert maker and all the other housewives- including Tre loved her food. I remember she had beautiful dessert displays that would make me drool I REALLY hope Kathy’s book out sells Teresa’s book. Because Teresa never was a dessert maker until rececently and personally I think most of what Teresa does is a sham and for profit, whereas Kathy’s love affair with dessert is well documented.

      1. That is great for you. I hope you get to watch her. You should buy her books. I’m just not interested in her . I do not wish to watch, see, or hear her. Not interested in any of her food.

    2. I agree with you Aunt Bee. I like Kathy, not so much her husband, and think she was treated unfairly by her cousin. I remember when Kathy said she was doing a dessert line and Teresa said she would never do a dessert book because it wouldn’t sell…so who copied who? Teresa is a criminal and would sell her soul to pay her legal bills, oops I think she already did…lol. I definitely will be buying this book.

  4. Just me I guess. But sometimes I see ppl on the housewives I just don’t like . I am happy her daughter is ok. But to me I rather not watch Kathy. Just me.

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