Kathy Wakile On Dina Manzo Returning To RHONJ


Kathy Wakile is talking about Dina Manzo’s return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey in a recent interview with Wetpiant Entertainment and she shares she’s glad the focus is off the Giudice/Gorga/Wakile feud, which has run its course. “It’s tiresome and I’m over it,” Kathy says. “I’m over all the drama with our family.” Kathy also reveals she’s known Dina for along time and things are amicable between the two of them. “Oh, I’ve known Dina for a long time now,” Kathy explains. I’ve been to most of her Ladybug events and she’s always been very pleasant to me. We’re fine.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Aunt Bee

    Kathy you are a real lady.

  • Over It

    Yawn. Kathy kisses everyone’s ass except people who have a fiery personality (ex: Teresa, Penny, Jan). She was even up Kim D’s ass at Jen D’s event on last nights episode because she knows by now Kim D is all bark bark but no has no balls. I like Rosie minus the aggressive attitude. Kathy? BOOT.

    • Lisa Lisa

      First – how likely is it that she knew Dina for years but not Caroline? Second, of course she is gonna kiss her butt. She’s Caro’s sister. Third, the let’s take the focus off the family feud is BS too. It’s her only connection to the show. Personally, I wish she were gone. I used to like that she brought Rosie on, but I officially lost all respect for Rosie after this recent rant after Tre retweeted a blog that pointed out that Kathy had reason to know John and Penny K. So, I’m done, done done with the Wakiles.

      • Chainey

        Kathy is a nice lady. Just because her daughter is acquainted with Penny’ husband’s niece is her only connection to Penny and her husband. I don’t know any of the uncles of my daughters close friends, so it’s ridiculous you say Kathy knew them. Of course, you drink the koolaide so anything Teresa throws out there must be true. Teresa knows Penny, Penny did not just show up because her husband’s niece happens to be friends with the Wahkile’s daughter. Teresa has ruined this show.

  • Ann

    I don’t recall the episode. However, I’m sure that I heard a comment to the fact that Kathy and Rosie
    have a brother. Is that true?