Kathy Wakile Did Not Bring John And Penny Karagiorgis On RHONJ


The Real Housewives of New Jersey rumor mill keeps spinning as Penny and Johnny Karagiorgis have brought the majority of the drama throughout season 5. The latest? The Wakile family is connected to John and Penny Karagiorgis. Reality Row reports Margio Mihalos, who is related to John is Victoria Wakile’s best friend. “Marigo happens to be a close family friend of the Wakiles. She’s Victoria Wakiles best friend, the niece of “Johnny the Greek and best of all… Victoria Wakile is dating Marigos brother George Marigo! (Johnny the Greeks nephew).”

RumorFix reports Kathy Wakile brought John and Penny on the show because she was afraid of John’s niece, Margio. But John tells RumorFix’s Real Mr. Housewife this is false. “This is not true. It’s sad that people fabricate what they assume is the truth. PR is my niece’s job and I respect her for not taking sides. In her business, she needs to be neutral and I understand that, but I’m not friends with all of her friends, as she’s not friends with all of mine,” he explains.

John continues, “We might know of each others friends, but that doesn’t mean we’re also friends. I admire my niece and all of the things she has accomplished. She is far beyond her years in the amount she has managed to accomplish so far, but these rumors need to stop. We are not friends with the Wakiles and never were, and they did not bring us on the show.”

Teresa Giudice even tweeted the story, writing, “Where did these people these strangers come from?” along with the link to Reality Row’s story.

Photo Credit: Bravo