Kathy Wakile Blames Teresa, Plus- She Talks Reunion!

Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Kathy Wakile and her husband Rich recently spoke to Wetpaint Entertainment about the Season 4 Reunion taping, and the current state of their family. They say that nothing was resolved after the reunion taping, if anything things have gotten worse, and they also speak about Posche Fashion Show.

Now that the reunion has been taped, has anything been resolved with regard to Teresa???
Kathy: Unfortunately, no. I don’t think anything was resolved.
Richie: Well, you can go two ways with that. It’s either resolved … or the book was closed.

Next week is the Posche fashion show episode. What can you tell us about it?? 
Richie: Disgusting. It’s just disgusting.
Kathy: It was pretty plain to see what was going on. Everything was laid out there for you. It’s at its worst.

Up until the reunion taping, had you and Teresa been in touch?
Kathy: I was texting her all throughout the holidays when all the great things were happening with her. I was sending out good vibes.

And now?
Kathy. Now, it is what it is. But I’m not going to lie, it’s bad.
Richie: We’re in the same spot we’ve always been in. Things around us have just gotten uglier.

What are your takeaway thoughts for this season???
Kathy: Its just sad. It didn’t have to be this way. Teresa chose for it to be this way.
Richie: As a family affair, this could have been so much more fun. But greed destroys a lot of things.

Yikes… it sounds bad. Personally, I wish the family could just get along, but I think it’s way too late for that now. It will certainly be interesting if all the ladies come back for Season 5.

Tell Us- What do you think about what Kathy & Richie had to say?

Photo Credit: Bravo