Kathy Wakile Asked Back To RHONJ Only Because Bravo Wanted Rosie Pierri


As we previously reported, Kathy Wakile will be returning to season 6 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but in a part-time role. After having her contract with Bravo drastically reduced, a show insider is telling RadarOnline Kathy is only returning because the network wanted more of her sister, Rosie Pierri. “They wanted Rosie, not Kathy. Rosie would never sign a contract without Kathy. So what they did was they made them split a contract,” the insider reveals.

“They are ‘friends of the housewives’ with a split contract,” the insider says. “Trust me, you aren’t going to be seeing too much of Kathy next season. They only got her to get to Rosie.” And the source reveals Kathy was not happy about the changes. “Oh my god, I heard she pulled some tantrum,” the insider says. “Pulled a tantrum!”

As far as Rosie’s appearance on the show the insider explains, “They like the combo, her and Joe Giudice. Did you ever go to school and there’s like a [control] kid in school? She reminds me of that and they exploit that. They love this s***.”

The source reveals Rosie’s sexual preference also helped get her the gig. “Bravo is [a] gay [network] and that’s cool,” the insider says. “And she’s like the gay person on housewives. There’s no question about it.”

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5 Replies to “Kathy Wakile Asked Back To RHONJ Only Because Bravo Wanted Rosie Pierri”

  1. Yeah!!!! LOVE ROSIE!! After watching the lost footage episodes, I must say the best part of the season was Rosie and Joe Guidice moments. I laughed my ass off. Yes at their expense but isn’t that what entertainment is. I miss laughing at the show. Instead it’s mean, hurtful and hateful.

  2. I’m sorry to be the one to say this but I can’t keep my mouth shut any longer. I support gay rights and am an advocate, however, I am sick of Bravo and Andy shoving gay down our throats. For an insider to say that that is one of the reasons Rosie was asked back is ridiculous to me. I’m sorry, not a homophobe, just an opinion.

    1. Your totally correct, Andy has his own agenda and it’s sickening. He goes after Teresa because Joe essentially called Joe a gay slur many times and Andy can’t stand that. The problem with Andy is that you can truly take the Gay agenda to a point where you are getting diminishing returns. Remember Gay whatever for the straight guy almost 10 years ago? That was a good show but after awhile it was the same thing over and over (like the housewives). The best housewives was the first season of the franchise in OC when it truly was just following them around without an agenda (and Andy wasn’t even in the mix yet).

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