Kathy and Rosie Crash Teresa Giudice’s Book Signing


On this week of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe Giudice continued to prepare to leave for prison. With approximately one month to go, he continued to be on edge about his future. The Giudice’s family lawyer came over to check-in with Teresa and Joe and had a talk with Joe about how can be “too nice” sometimes and let the wrong people around him. He warned Joe how this could be a problem for Giudice in prison.

Teresa took Joe to get a yoga massage in order to help his frustration and they talked about how their four daughters felt about him leaving, but Joe told Teresa that even though she told her children she went away for work while she was in prison, they know the truth. “They know what’s going on. They’re not stupid,” he told his wife, adding, “They know where you were. Even Audriana knew.”

Dolores Catania tried to step-up and make up for the fact that she had been slacking on her gym partner. She went to work and came up with an idea to bring in more women customers to the gym by hosting ladies nights.

Meanwhile, Melissa Gorga was struggling to manage her boutique and please her husband Joe with driving their kids around, making dinner and maintaining her other wifely duties her thought weren’t getting done. When Melissa came home exhausted from work one evening while Joe was making the children’s lunches, he told her that he needed his life back and called her income a crumb, while his was the cake. She labeled him an old school Italian and asked him if his mother dropped him on his head as a baby, because she couldn’t understand how he wasn’t being supportive of her business.

“I think I manned up 10 years ago when I put you in a beautiful home and gave you nice things,” Joe yelled. “You bring in crumbs! I don’t need your money. I need my wife!”

But Melissa listened to some advice from Siggy Flicker. She brought her family over that Sunday and cooked her husband a home cooked meal, which seemed to diffuse the situation.

Dolores had been surprised to learn that Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri weren’t on civil terms with their cousin Teresa and she was even more surprised to learn that they were going to be showing up at Teresa’s book signing. When she shared the news with Jacqueline and Chris Laurita, they pulled up to the signing and Chris joked, “Good news is the cops are here, so if there are any problems, it’ll get broken up.”

When Kathy and Rosie showed up and asked Teresa to sign their books, Rosie asked Teresa if she would join them for lunch… this caught Teresa off guard and she finally managed to say, “My time is very precious right now since my husband is leaving soon.”

“My cousins never reached out to me when I was away,” Teresa said to the camera. “Sorry if I’m not dying to go out to lunch with family members who stab me in the back.”

And when Rosie tried to reconcile with Joe Giudice and admit she had made some harsh comments about being excluded from New Year’s Eve, she got just as an icy of a response, which didn’t sit well with her.

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19 Replies to “Kathy and Rosie Crash Teresa Giudice’s Book Signing”

  1. Why can’t the cousins accept the fact Teresa DOESNT WANT anything to do with them? Are they THAT desperate for screen time and to work their way back on TV? Save your money on buying her book, ladies. Teresa doesn’t want you, she shouldn’t get your money.

    1. When I realizes that they get paid for the amount of time they’re filmed…it all made sense to me! They were so indignant about being around her before, but now they’re begging her for lunch. I wouldn’t let them piggy back ride off me either.

    2. I agree. They should accept the fact that Teresa doesn’t want to be friends and just move on. At least they have each other.
      I like Rosie & Kathy.
      I really hope Victoria is okay. How scary to have fainting spells after two (benign) brain tumors.

  2. If the things Rosie and Kathy had said weren’t on tv then I’d totally be broken hearted for them and believe they were in the right. But, the fact that they’re on the show doing all this doesn’t sit well or come across well, to me. I do think Rosie is indeed hurt and feels exactly how she says she does. I don’t think they want air time, however. What they want is revenge. They want to show the world how nasty Teresa really is. That revenge seeking probably does come from a source of hurt. It’s just not okay to retaliate in this manner. At the same time, Teresa saying her cousins stabbed her in the back is a bit much. I don’t see what they ever said that was so bad. All they discussed were their emotions of her prison sentence. As well as her aunt saying something to the fact of – if you do the crime,you do the time – that’s a true statement. Doesn’t mean they weren’t supportive of her or judging her. It may of been viewed as just as bad if they had said publicly but not on the show that they were angry with Teresa’s reaction to them. Not to me though. It’s the phoney set up part with a camera crew that seems twisted to me.

  3. Yet another two waste of spaces ( three if you count Richie) After everything they have said and done, which was shown on TV I wouldn’t want anything to do with them either. They are just desperate to get back on full time. I liked Rosie at first then she turned into another screaming banshee! Also having a fake girlfriend was a bit desperate for a storyline.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Now that crazy band of miscreants (Catfish,Bucky & Rosie) are desperate to use Tre again since she is back from “camp.” This trio of folks stabbed her in the back and literally rejoiced over her troubles so I totally understand Tre’s revulsion over spending any time with them. Just as an aside, I happened to stumble across Katfish on an episode of Chopped on the Food Network. She was the first one chopped. Heheheh

  4. Kathy, Rosie and especially Rich is desperate to be back on the show. It is very uncomfortable watching these three beg for air time.

  5. Kathy & Rosie are totally irrelevant to this show. Richie is just a big buffoon who thinks he is just about the smartest person in the world & could manage Kathy’s business better than anyone! What a joke……….it is sad tho’ that these cousins can’t get along. As for Kathy & Rosie not “reaching out” to Teresa while she was away, what a crock of sh*t. How were they supposed to do that when she was sooo selective about who could come & visit????? She wouldn’t even let Melissa on her list, so what were Kathy & Rosie supposed to do? I am sooo over all of this BS, I can’t stand it!I personally don’t think Rosie wants a girlfriend. I think she just likes saying that she is gay, which I am sure she is, but it doesn’t add a thing to the show!

  6. I am all for Rosie and Kathy. I don’t watch this show anymore. Rosie always seemed like she was quite real. Kathy may have changed a bit but seemed fine. She has a daughter who has had recurrent brain tumor recently too, so she deals with a lot. I always loved their mother too…a sweet woman.

  7. Hi Sandy thanks for the info the other day . I hope your hubby is doing better . You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers . God bless

  8. Rosie
    …….. You need to get over this. It seems that you’re obsessed with this. True, family is family. But when are ya gonna get the hint???????

    1. Amen and right on Pat!!!!! I wouldn’t lose one night’s sleep over the fact that Teresa is out of your lives. Where has she been in contacting Kathy to see how Victoria is???? Just enjoy your true friends and screw Teresa and Joe Guidice. They don’t do anything for you anyway, so how could they possibly be missed???????

  9. Rosie and Karhy, even though Teresa is family, why would you want to hang out with a felon who doesn’t take responsibility for her role in the deceit? She just went to camp to write a book. Denial? Not sorry for her. She is still living in a mansion after fraud.

  10. I really,really think Teresa should forgive and forget.that’s family .slot us go through cousin’s drama.but that’s family.Teresa doesn’t have to invite them to every gathering,but at least let them know that she loves them.and deal with them from a distance.did(camp) prison teach her anything? Stop being so stubborn will you.you are only making fans dislike you more..

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