Kathy Hilton To Replace Sisters Kim And Kyle Richards On RHOBH?


Kim Richards has been reportedly fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her sister Kyle is also allegedly on the chopping block. Now, a new report claims that Bravo wants to bring Kim and Kyle’s older sister Kathy on to the show!

“They’ve wanted to switch things up by trading the sisters for their much more famous sister,” a source claims.

Kathy, who is the mother of Paris and Nicky Hilton, lives in a gorgeous mansion in Bel Air with her husband Rick Hilton, a real estate mogul and heir to the hotel family fortune. Her jet-set lifestyle would fit in perfectly with the other ladies on the show.

But the insider claims Kathy has kept the deal with Bravo a secret from her sisters.

“The one rub is they told Kathy not to say anything to them. So her sisters, like the rest of the cast, are in the dark about the new casting,” the insider tells RadarOnline. “Execs initially wanted Kathy for the show years ago, but she passed. And she ended up recommending her sisters who were clamoring to do it.”

How do you feel about this possible casting change? Do you think it would be good for the show? Sound off in our comment section below.

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  • JZ

    Kathy would be a great addition to the show! They would have to keep Kyle to make it interesting

    • Mars

      Yes keep Kyle! I sense interesting tension between Kyle and Kathy that I’d like to know more about.

  • I hope Kyle doesn’t leave and I wish no more family members would come on the show at all. Kathy is fine and maybe could do a few guest shots so the Richard sister’s drama can die down for a season. Please don’t leave, Kyle. We love you.

    • CassyJ

      I agree…I don’t like family drama and don’t think its place is on reality TV. Now I would like Kyle to go but that is just because I see a different side of Kyle then you do.

  • funkypink2014

    No Kim.
    Keep Kyle and perhaps Kathy may join BH BUT NO FAMILY DRAMA. NO FAMILY DRAMA! None!

    • Karen’

      ITA- We’ve had enough of the Richard sisters!

  • Michelle

    I want Kyle to stay. I love the Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle interaction. I think that remedy with the added ingredient of Kathy, makes good tv watching, for me.

  • Janice

    First… I don’t think Kathy Hilton would keep something like this from her sisters because Bravo asked her to. From what I’ve seen in the press she is a strong intelligent woman who cares about her family and is protective of them and her privacy. Saying that…. I’d love for her to be on the show!! She lives the fabulous lifestyle I love to see on BH! Kim and Kyle are toxic. They just don’t like each other! And because they are sisters they think they have to say they love each other. But they don’t! Every family has differences… Conflicts. I don’t think there is any love between them…. They can’t admit it because that’s not how sisters are. But I can see they don’t like (can’t strand) each other…. Right?

  • imaroyce

    wth???? why on earth do they not get rid of that skanky ho brandi?? oh well time to find a new show 🙂

    • Anonymous


  • Ugggg, that would be worse (we are talking about the trashy paris hilton’s mom), NO, no more richard/hilton family drama—-kathy is not even remotely interesting—good riddance, drunk kimbo and vyle….

  • sidewinderVX

    I doubt they’d fire Kim and Kyle and bring in Kathy, if anything they’d keep Kyle cuz they are bringing on Kathy.

    Kyle has no story unless she has family to fight with, and she mentioned months ago on WWHL her relationship with Kathy wasn’t great.

    I kinda wish they’d just drop this family all together, if they keep Kyle or bring in Kathy next season is still gonna be all about Kim. Kyle will be going on about how hard it is for her, or Kathy will take up kims fight since she’s already called out members of the cast.
    On the other hand if they keep the rest of the cast it would be nice to see someone competent on Brandis side, and someone who could competently call kyle out on her bull.

  • Anonymous

    Keep kyle even though a bit boring lately but I guess good for the show don’t add her older sis way to high profile you know. All fake and shake they all have enough money . In all reality they should donate there earnings to kids who need help in the U S. Focus on what is reality. BRAVO!!!!

  • NO, get rid of boring Kyle, Kim and don’t hire Kathy, I’m tired if their family drama. It’s difficult to watch sisters fighting like they’re mortal enemies

  • Cricri1963

    No Kathy Hilton. First, enough with the family drama. Watching families get torn apart over fame is hard to watch. Second, Kathy doesn’t seem warm at all and seems like a s–t starter.

  • Lisa

    Sounds like a great way to ruin Kathy and Kyle’s relationship.

  • caily

    That’s pure baloney.

  • Kim needs the Betty Fotd centet. Kyle, sister kathy and Brandy needs to be on the new searon.without Brandi G.who’s gonna brimg the drama or you’ll have a boring show. And please do not bring Lele Neeks never

  • Anonymous

    No more family drama! Find someone new!

  • Joyce

    I Like Kyle Richards so keep her in x

  • Jo

    Probably not happening, but that would be AWESOME!

  • Giovanna

    Season 1 should have been Hilton, Maloof, Grammer, LVP and one more with huge BH bucks. I don’t think Yo was with David then but Yo Hadid would have been good too.

  • If this is true I’ll watch something else, spend time with family and friends or read a good book. I don’t want to see Kathy, Paris, Nikki or vile Kyle. Don’t care for actors in reality shows Lisa R and Eileen D are both just plain nosey, mean and obnoxiously rude

  • Team Kyle. No more family members period. Just rid the show of the bff’s Kim and BG, keep everyone else and get a new pretty woman. The show will be great.

  • starr sabga

    As long as there’s no Crazy Kim, I really don’t care.