Are Kathy Hilton and Kim Richards Involved In Kyle Richards’ Show American Woman?

When Kyle Richards’ new TV show, American Woman, premieres fans will get a first hand look at what her childhood was really like. Kyle is the creator and co-executive producer on the show, but are her sisters Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton participating in the show that is about their lives?

“It’s my own project,” Kyle told The Daily Dish podcast, adding, “I don’t think my sisters really understood what it was in the beginning. I was like, ‘It’s not a reality show, it’s a scripted show inspired by [our childhood].’ It’s a fun show. The first announcement said it was a dark comedy, which kind of implied it could be sketchy or something. There’s moments, obviously… I didn’t have a traditional upbringing, which is very obvious in the show. But you know, it’s just going to be a fun show. I’m not here to torture anybody.”

“Now all of a sudden I’m behind the camera, and I really, really love it. I’m really particular, and I didn’t realize I was going to be so neurotic about every little thing. It was really important to me in doing American Woman that it was really authentic and that you really felt like you were in the ‘70s. I didn’t want to be flashing back to the ‘70s. I wanted you to really be in that moment.”

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  1. I’m interested in checking out her show. Kyle has really come into her own and taking on a big project like this is pretty ambitious. I think she has the muscle & creative vision to pull it off. Personally I’m looking forward to avocado orange and brown decor with macrame hanging plants and all the groovy things of my era, it was the best of the best.

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