Kathy Hilton To Host Party At Hotel Where Kim Richards Was Arrested


It appears that Kathy Hilton is now snubbing her other sister Kim Richards. According to a new report, she is holding her Holiday party at the hotel that Kim was banned from after her arrest there earlier this year.

“The Hilton & Hyland Christmas party is at the Beverly Hills Hotel this year,” a source revealed, adding that the family had recently boycotted the place due to the owner’s stance on gay rights. “For the last two years Kathy had the party somewhere else, but now she’s moved it back to the Beverly Hills Hotel, which seems a little rude considering Kim’s recent history there.”

“Kathy cares about her sister, but there is nothing anyone can do about the situation,” the source explained to RadarOnline. “She has been wanting Kim to clean up her act for 30 years. It is exasperating.”

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54 Replies to “Kathy Hilton To Host Party At Hotel Where Kim Richards Was Arrested”

  1. Or that hotel just fit her party needs best and she’s not silly enough to blame the hotel staff for a problem that was obviously Kim’s fault and not theirs.

    What I don’t understand is why a Hilton wouldn’t just use one of the hotels they own.

  2. I don’t know. I’d feel awkward in a place where a family member had just been arrested, a couple of months ago. Especially after the spectacle Kim made of herself. Didn’t the cops have to pull her out of the bathroom stall?

  3. That’s true too, Queenie. But who knows, I imagine people in BH, especially those also in the hotel industry, all know each other. Maybe Kathy was embarrassed at her sister’s behavior and even attempting to show the owners of the BH hotel that she *didn’t* hold it against them. All just guessing, of course, because I really don’t know. But the article presented it as a slap to Kim and I’m just saying maybe the intent was something a bit different.

    1. It had to be a slap at Kim, I believe at her court case, at least one of them, the judge said she couldn’t go in the hotel again. So much for the one or two here who think Kathy is a nice person! Maybe because a Rothschild will probably be there Kathy doesn’t want to be embarrassed again by her sister. Who knows!! Stupid family!

  4. The Beverly Hills Hotel is a lovely place. The food is great and the pool is so pretty. The famed Polo Lounge serves the usual unusual $16 cocktail, but it is worth the price. I think it is kind of funny actually.

    1. I would also never go near the hotel however nice it is! You don’t need to answer this but are you British? Just by the name you are using, I am. ❤️

        1. Thanks Binky, I hope you didn’t mind me asking? it’s such a Chelsea name! Very posh!!!!! My favourite person in Made In Chelsea is Binky Felstead! I’m Scottish but lived in the South of England for many years, The scots seems to be everywhere apart from Scotland, lots in Canada! ❤️

          1. Haud yer wheesht! my Nan’s favourite saying … I’m Scottish as welll and also love Binky Felstead! Maybe we were separated at birth! Nan “Now run along and don’t be a wee scunner”

  5. Well this doesn’t sound true, was her holiday party not just held in her house a few days ago at her home? I saw pictures from other celebrities on twitter?

    Is this separate holiday party for the business ? If it is then I don’t see the problem she held her personal one in her home, this one is business.
    Do the hiltons own the Beverly Hills Hotel? Wouldn’t it be at one of their hotels?

  6. This family is twisted. There’s no way in hell I would be caught dead there after the huge spectacle that happened there last year. That’s basically ground zero on where everything pretty much unraveled for Kim. Maybe I’m a different kind of person, but it just doesn’t seem right at all.

  7. Kathy already had her Christmas party, this has to be a company party. Kim, kathy,and Brandi were just all out together there’s no problem between kim and kathy♥

    1. Why would they hold the company party at this hotel when a lot of their workers are gay? I don’t get it! It’s not as if it’s a family business! Or are their agents not invited is it just clients? I’m confused! Not difficult I know!

    1. The more I think about this the more your point makes sense!! Not just a pretty face Kt!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Looks like a rich folks power move to buy future leniency for Kim, or at least to one day have the ban revoked. When I was a kid in prep school, there would be the occasional scandal with a student from a wealthy family calling for expulsion. In lieu of expulsion the families would suddenly make very generous contributions to the school’s endowment fund, or suddenly create fellowships bearing the family name entrusted to the school for gifted students who actually knew how to behave. Their parents would suddenly be physically present volunteering for every department under the sun, particularly the Parent Association and Alumnae Association.They were the biggest facilitators in the annual endowment drive. Somewhere in the midst of all this, the student would be shuffled off for a period until they got themselves sorted out (COUGH, rehab/babybirth/away from whatever bespectacled, tweed jacketed instructor that led them astray/forced “internship” at a nonprofit org, COUGH, COUGH) and would later be allowed to return for commencement activities. They could also be invited for future alumnae events as a graduate ‘without incident’.It basically amounted to palm greasing of the privileged and powerful. When you have that kind of influence behind you as a kid, imagine what happens when you’re related to the right people as an adult. I’m speculating wildly in Kim’s case, obviously- but this sort of scenario looks familiar to me. Throw money or business transactions at a crisis to smooth it over.

        1. Not that I know, of course, but I’m guessing if this is the case here it won’t be the first time the Hiltons have had to do this and probably won’t be the last! Yes you are so right about sudden donations to schools, friends of mine had to do just that for their darling son! (Who I wouldn’t have in my house with or without parents)!! ❤️❤️❤️

  8. I am not sure what is relevant here and I highly doubt anything right now- I think Kyle is putting this Crap out for PUBLICITY – cause she loves it- the show is airing now- Needs Viewers this is all BullS*** to give Kyle relevance JMO

    1. This really for once has absolutely nothing to do with Kyle, it’s all about Kathy and the fact she has chosen the hotel Kim was arrested in for her party! Which in itself is bizarre as you would think they would be embarrassed, Kim was told by the Judge she wasn’t allowed anywhere near the hotel in the future. I know this as a fact as I know someone who went to all of the trials and hearings. But Kt could well have hit on the reason, The charges from the hotel originally were dropped! It would seem this could well have been the deal. I’m just peeved I didn’t think of it first!!!! Lol ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Don’t think just because Kim made an Azz outta herself that Kathy has to feel anything and I also don’t believe the story- I think a lot of this Sh** gets dropped to a press persons ear and I think that person is Kyle JMO I also think business people usually support fellow business’s . Its PR that’s it , if its even True- I think its more made up stuff , because the season is running right now and any Sh** they can come up with to bring viewers they will..JMO

  9. To all wondering why they’re not using a Hilton — the Beverly Hilton is a dump (albeit has HUGE rooms for Oscars etc) and the only other hotels they own are in the valley & LAX. As much as I abore Sharia Law, I do feel for the employees at BHH & The Bel-Air; celebs just don’t stay there anymore. Great article in Vanity Fair last year …

    1. I don’t know about the state of the hotels but yes I had read that no celebs stay there anymore. It’s not really surprising when you think of the owner!

    2. You know maybe I just saw what I wanted to see. The food was absolutely fabulous, the company was interesting, the staff was funny and professional, and the pool was lit and reminded me of a fantasy pool. There were well dressed, expensively perfumed ladies, beautifully dressed men with class and I had a GREAT time there. I must mention too, that not being much of a drinker, I had a cocktail that was soooooo good, yuummmmmy.

      1. I am wondering if the Sultan owned the BHH when I was there. It was almost 4 years ago now. It is a land mark and I do hope that whoever owns it puts some money and work into it and brings it back to it’s former glory.

  10. Don’t understand yet I do understand. Let me just put it this way, don’t care enough. They are a very messed up group of sisters & to try & even get into their heads seems not only tiresome, but quite boring.

  11. And you can be sure that kimbo/drunk will be drunk and stupid as usual. Hope the next time she kicks a police officer, she gets jail time. She needs to go away already, sick of that loser and her vyle sisters. that family is sooo twisted and ignorant— as with the kartrasians, they have no shame, no couth, nothing holds them back in their quest for fame even if it’s faux fame for loser’s……..

    1. Why would Kim be invited to a Hilton/Hyland employee Christmas party? She doesn’t work there! My siblings & I have never attended each other’s Employer Christmas party. I think much is being made of very little.

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