Kathy Hilton “Fuming” After Family Drama Airs On RHOBH


On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards’ family drama was brought up on-camera as she discussed why she wouldn’t be going to her niece Nicky Hilton’s wedding with Lisa Vanderpump. According to a new report, Kathy Hilton is fuming at her sister for bringing up the family’s drama on TV.

“Nothing was going to keep Kyle away from Nicky’s wedding. It was the social event of the season and the reception was at Kensington Palace. Kyle would have crashed the wedding to be there,” a Hilton family insider revealed, adding that Kim didn’t attend the wedding because she was being treated for drug and alcohol addiction.

But when those details aired on Bravo, Kathy was “was absolutely fuming!” the insider told RadarOnline. “This was her daughter’s wedding, and should only have been about Nicky. Kyle wants to constantly make everything about her, and it was a total disruption during the festivities to have her attend.”

“The fact that this showed up on RHOBH is just another betrayal according to Kathy,” the insider continued. “Kathy’s husband, Rick, gave Mauricio a job at his real estate firm, and really helped him out. Of course, Mauricio left, only to start a competing real estate company. There are a lot of lingering issues obviously between the sisters.”

In addition, Kyle had financially supported Kim for years, “and that has now become Kathy’s responsibility,” the source said. “Kim is living in a condo in Westwood, and Kathy pays all the bills. Kyle has said her checkbook is closed for Kim.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images