Kathy Hilton Defends Kim Richards Against Dr. Drew


Kathy Hilton is defending her sister Kim Richards after Richards was arrested last weekend for allegedly shoplifting over $600 worth of stuff from a Target located in the Valley.

Addiction specialist Dr. Drew commented on the incident, calling it a desperate cry for help from Kim, but Kim’s older sister Kathy was not happy with Dr. Drew’s comments and took to Twitter to defend her sister!

A source tells E! News that Kim is angry with her sisters because she believes they’re not being supportive, but that Kim is taking most of her anger out on Kyle.

“There are people in the family who wish she had stayed in rehab longer,” a source shares. “They weren’t happy she chose to leave early.”

“No one understands what she’s doing,” another insider says. “Her family is so concerned. And they’re fed up.”

Photo Credit: Bravo