Kathy Hilton Calls Out Lisa Rinna and Eden Sassoon For Talking About Her Family

Kathy Hilton had some strong opinions to express after watching this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and seeing Lisa Rinna and Eden Sassoon talk about her sister Kim Richards’ sobriety. So she took to Twitter to speak about the subject.

After one follower tweeted that Kim might want to stay away from Eden, Kathy wrote, “Some of these women would steal the gold out of their [sic] Grandmothers teeth.”

Kathy also didn’t appreciate the two women talking about their mother, who has passed away either. “No one should talk about the dead. [They’re] not here to defend themselves,” she tweeted.

Do you agree with Kathy?

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17 Replies to “Kathy Hilton Calls Out Lisa Rinna and Eden Sassoon For Talking About Her Family”

    1. She’s been standing up for her BIG SISTER since she knew what alcoholism was. Kim sure as hell stood up for Brandy instead of “her family” at poker night. Then in Amsterdam, Kim sided with anyone but Kyle. Then same thing at the reunion, hate toward the sister everyone expects to fix Kim. Why the hell should Kyle be doing the heavy lifting where Kim is concerned? Maybe in private, Kim told Kyle to allow her to speak for herself. She is over a half of a century old FGSakes, about time she took care of her own effing screwed up life. I’ve had a lot of really shitty things happen to me in my life too, as many of the posters here have, and I don’t expect my siblings, my husband or anyone else to continuously “stand up” for me as they have their own lives. THEIR OWN LIVES being the watch word. Actually from what it sounds like, Kyle is expected to HOLD HER UP. Kyle has her own family, business and life to live. She has been taking shit from Kimmy since the 1st damn show, and from what they both say, for long before that. Jeeze, why does anyone expect her to be a mother to her older sister? She has forgiven her for some of the most hateful, cruel lies and demeaning screaming I have ever heard. Not only forgiven, but allowed her back in to her life and heart. A lot of what Kimmy says is unforgivable, IMO. I have forgiven my own sister, I pray for her daily, but I do not allow her to F up my life anymore after decades of that shit.

      1. Bravo, 3D’s….Bravo!!

        This is Kim’s recovery. Her sister will and is supporting her, which you can most definitely see, but doing the hard work has to come from Kim and if Kim says or feels differently, then Kim’s road to recovery will be bumpy and hard.

        No one is disputing the vile conversation between Eden and LR and you can’t blame sister Kathy for reacting. But none of us is privy to what the family is doing behind closed doors. We all need to butt out.

  1. Eden really disappointed me with her conversation. As a sober woman, she should be supportive of everyone making the journey as everyones experience with sobriety is different. Kim has every right to harbor the feelings she does for Lisa Rinna and no matter how Kim approached her, it would’ve been a fight. Eden shouldn’t be so nosey and rude and Rinna needs to stop for Christ sake!!!! Kim is barely even on the show anymore, WHY TF ARE WE STILL TALKING ABOUT HER!!?!

  2. Listen Kathy has the right to defend her nasty sister but if awful, pitiful Kim just stayed off the freakin’ show no one would have any reason to yak about her. Stay home bitch, take care of your dog.

  3. Kim needs to let it go and not talk to Lisa! If Kim would of kept her mouth shut that stuff between her and Lisa wouldn’t of happened at game night! Kim is really mad Lisa for bringing out her drinking problems! I know a lot about it because I have grown up around several drinkers!!

  4. In agreement that Kim should stay off the show. However, Kyle was having a social event and invited her sister and that is her right, it is her house, it is her sister. Lisa Rinna was a guest and it would do her good to behave like a guest. Going back to the glass-breaking food fight in Amsterdam, Kim did not say anything of any consequence. Had Rinna just ignored Kim, there would not have been an issue. But Rinna being the crazy she is, she screamed, threw glass and went nuts. That incident is rearing its ugly head, yet again, and Rinna is super-sensitive about something. She’s hiding something. But to go so low to bring up Kim’s arrest ….. that’s really muddy in a social situation at Kyle’s house. Kathy has every right to say what she has about Rinna. Eden is an intrusive, insecure person who is, perhaps, struggling with her own sobriety. Rinna is struggling with demons she won’t disclose. Eileen is just stuck on stupid. Erika Jane is getting old real quick with her supposed showgirl career which is rank versus the real showgirls. IMO, Kim needs to stay home, Rinna needs to get off whatever she is using, Eileen needs her shrink and Erika Jane needs to go to her chapel.

  5. Who cares what Kathy Hilton says? Her own sisters are the ones who are exploiting their family on the show. How can she blame the other women?

  6. Go Kathy!! I agree with her and Eden is just a meddling mess of a human being and Rinna, wanting so badly to have a “friend” sucking up to her and feeding her what she wants to hear (lies or not) is disgusting – isn’t Dorito going to be whizzed off when Rinna gets in Edens pants instead of her

  7. Rain and 3D’s you are a good laugh. I too want to see more of that Greek trip. I traveled through Greece about 40 years ago and have always wanted to go back. Beautiful place. Just don’t get into a situation where you need medical help……..Lordy!! My experience 40 years ago hopefully wouldn’t be the same today, but I dunno……………..

      1. Hello my hippie souls sister. I hardly recognize anyone here anymore. I don’t know if you saw my one post mentioning you, I just now looked at “recent comments” to find you. Gosh, the faster I try to type, the more typo’s I make. That’s 5 now I have fixed! It is so different without RealSandy, ( maybe my own fault ) GIGI, Suze ad I haven’t seen Starr for a few days, maybe I am not looking in the right places. One thing I was glad to see was the article on the Laurita’s. That was a long time coming, Karma knocking. oxoxox

    1. I haven’t had the chance to go to Greece. It does look so heavenly. I’ve been overseas a few times, but not exactly a world traveler. I would go to Scotland first if I had a choice right now. I would like to go everywhere, and just once I would like to go first class all the way. I am a little ambivalent about that part though. We stayed in some pensione’s that were blocks from places like the Pantheon, and we rented a flat in London just a few blocks from the train station. Riding the trains and going on the underground in Paris might not have happened if we had gone first class. Barcelona is a walking city, and most of the spectacular architecture is seen from walking. Maybe just flying first class, oh yes, that would be the answer‼️There are so, so many things in the world to see, and one thing I wish a lot is that I could take my family to some of them.
      We did take the kids to London, my sister too. We went in on the cost and that was wonderful. Anyway, so far no injuries in foreign countries, TG.
      I hope they make a whole segment about Greece with Kyle and Erika having fun, showing the beautiful country too. Instead of this garbage between the others.

      1. I haven’t been to Spain or Portugal but they are on my bucket list. I always love the places they send the housewives until they start arguing and spoiling it. Did you see that Danielle is coming back to NJ? Lordy Lordy Lordy……that might be the shove out the door for me.

  8. I know what you both mean……if I don’t see a name I recognize, I’m reluctant to comment. Even though I haven’t been here long, I’ve “gotten to know” a few of you and quite frankly……you’re a pretty knowledgeable, opinionated, funny group of women that I’m so loving hanging out with.

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