Was Kathryn Edwards and Faye Resnick’s Truce For Show?


Last week on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, fans saw an epic confrontation between Faye Resnick and newcomer Kathryn Edwards. Faye had written in her brook about BFF Nicole Brown Simpson’s alleged affair with Kathryn’s ex husband Marcus Allen and how Kathryn was the “turn away wife.” This was unsettling for Kathryn, so she confronted Faye at Kyle Richard’s barbecue. While it seemed that the pair made a civil truce, an insider told Radar Online that it was all for show.

The source shared that for tonight’s episode, “Faye and Kathryn once again have another confrontation. But the two do reach a sort of peace agreement since they have mutual friends in common. Katherine didn’t want to be the evil witch on the show.”

They concluded, “Kathryn still despises Faye and thinks it was so hypocritical for her to say she wouldn’t talk about Nicole, yet she wrote a tell-all book about Nicole and the murders.” Ouch.

Do you think the truce was genuine between Kathryn and Faye? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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20 Replies to “Was Kathryn Edwards and Faye Resnick’s Truce For Show?”

    1. ITA Sally. This Kathryn bugged me with her talk about $ and that shopping excursion to that jewelry guy. When you have to talk about $, it means you really don’t have much else going on. Much better to fly under the radar. Especially these days!

      1. I agree. I’m re-watching that episode, right now. It was a little too “Dubrow-esque,” with all the talk of how money is no object.

  1. One thing I’ve learned about this show is genuine is not a word I would use. I’m sure these 2 can’t stand each other even though they don’t know each other. I can’t talk about miss cringe worthy any longer she makes my skin crawl, now I’m nauseas.. uGH

  2. For one thing “epic” isn’t an apt description for the few words that were spoken between them. If anything Kathryn choked if her intention was to confront Faye for the purpose of some drama. Any drama that was caused was from the tense lack of confrontation. If she isn’t aware of her sole purpose in being chosen for housewives then she is purposely blind. If she thinks she was chosen because of her interesting and unique life…..On WWHL I think it was Kyle who stated they had become uneasy friends. I hope they are for both of their sakes.

    1. Kathryn’s credibility flew out the window once she disclosed she never even read what Faye wrote about her. Erika looked rightfully surprised by that. Honestly, I know I am alone here but I don’t understand all the nasty remarks about Faye. Yes, she probably should not have written the book, but it was a long time ago. She had a terrible childhood which I am sure informed her adult self and has led a rather painful life. She seems to be a good friend to Kyle and kudos to Kyle for sticking up for her. That shows integrity and I don’t believe that Kyle is that bad a judge of character and Faye such an awful person or the friendship would never have lasted. That’s just my opinion & I realize it is not a popular one.

      1. You are not alone in wondering. I mean for sure there are a few posters who simply do not care for her on the show. But mainly the commentary comes from the book and Playboy, which was 3 years later BTW. Certainly those who do shameful things, like the book is seen to be, must take account and do their best to right the wrong, if possible, and if not apologize. In the case of Kathryn and Faye when K said she said she would be “reminding herself to think of it every time she looks at her” was a little much IMO. Geeze, if that one line, that was what someone else said is worthy of that kind of disdain, what would happen if someone really did something to her.
        I honestly believe none of it is truly a big deal to her, then realizing she was brought on the show for the singular purpose of interacting negatively with Faye, then choking when the time came, she now has to do something, ANYTHING, to make herself valued for the show. Simple as that.

  3. Here we go again — whatever ‘drama’ (manufactured or not) is going on between the women, make sure it’s drawn out for at least two episodes — like we need a repeat of the Kathryn and Faye conversation? I will go out on a limb and make a startling prediction: Kathryn will say that Faye didn’t really know her well enough to mention her in her book, and Faye will say she doesn’t want to get in a conversation about the past. LOL. And I am totally on Lisa V’s side with her gripe to Kyle, that Kyle should have given Lisa V a heads-up that Faye was going to be there — In the previews Lisa V. says to Kyle, “You should have given me a heads-up that Faye Resnick was going to be here, you could have told me you were going to let that orangatang (sp?) out of its cage,” LOL!!!! Love it, way to call a spade a spade Lisa V!!!!! It’s almost like Bravo started bringing Faye around for the trashy drama they had Brandi on for…yikes! Please no I really hope they don’t make Faye into a “friend of the housewives” oh no…and I agree, Gigicat — the way Kathryn bragged about money was sickening, with the “we don’t have to work for the rest of our lives” — give me a break — then a trip to the jewelry store just to show off and not even make a purchase? Just to say “we don’t have to wait for Christmas or a birthday, we just go get it” well they didn’t get anything that day…how crass…do not see a need for her on this show AT ALL.

  4. And tonight she goes on to say “I hope Faye has had 20 plus years to regret it” Meaning the one line comment that apparently someone else said. If Faye regrets, which even though I don’t know her I am positive she does, I doubt very seriously that is one of the things she prays for forgiveness about. Hopefully she will apologize for any concern or hurt she caused Kathryn, but she owes her nothing more than that. The line in the book was not some grave wrong. It looks to me like Kathryn realizes since she choked at the first meeting, she now needs to make up for it by making a big deal about something that isn’t. I mean being that a lot of things from that time must be a huge deal for Faye I certainly hope she doesn’t let this make her slide backwards. Then Kathryn goes on to remind herself to never look at Faye without seeing those things. her and Lisa V. should be buddies. They can band against Faye and indulge in their grudge fest, that will make them feel so good.

    1. Thank you AGAIN 3D’s for a reasoned and compassionate response. I mean the book is old news. Even murders who do their time catch more of a break than Faye. Time to let it go. LVP’s comments about Faye were beyond cruel and very unnecessary.

  5. Again I will say, as I’ve said it in past blogs, these women are idle with too much money & not enough brain & they are petty minded about the stupidest things. I can describe my thoughts on most of them in 2 words: “No Respect’.

    1. Totally agree! And also more and more each week! So far this year I like Erica and that’s it! But then I liked Brandi and Kim in their first season! Doesn’t say much for my judgement!
      I still like Lisa VP but not quite so much!

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