Kathryn Edwards Confronts Faye Resnick


New Housewife Kathryn Edwards came face-to-face with her longtime enemy Faye Resnick on this week’s episode of RHOBH. Kyle Richards threw a BBQ for the women, and it ended in a confrontation between the two women who have a long history over the O.J. Simpson murder trial that ended with Faye Resnick writing about Edwards in her infamous memoir.

When Faye briefly left the table, Kathryn opened up to Lisa Rinna about their issues. “She capitalized on a tragedy! Horrible… She wrote a book,” Edwards explains. “She wrote a book, back in the day, 21 years ago, and spoke about me.”

In her book, Faye Resnick spoke about the private life of the late Nicole Brown, claiming that shortly after her separation from O.J. Simpson, Brown engaged in a sexual relationship with former NFL running back Marcus Allen, who was engaged, and then married, to Edwards. Both Edwards and Allen have denied these allegations.

“She put herself in the situation right after Nicole was murdered, and she wrote a book about it, she posed for Playboy. I’m sure she liked the limelight. I mean, come on. She was having her 15 minutes. Ugh!” Edwards said during her interview.

“There’s very few people in my life that I’ve carried a dagger for, like if I ever get the chance to say what I feel. She is one of them, and right now, I’m like, ‘Come on with it!’”

Although Edwards wants to hash things out with Faye, Resnick previously told Kyle while they were shopping for Kyle’s new dressing room that she had no interest in talking about Nicole or what happened in the past.

When Faye arrived back at the table, Kathryn decided it was time to say something and address the “elephant” in the room. Edwards asked Resnick why she wrote about her being a certain type of wife when she had never met her and didn’t even personally know her.

Faye just stared at Kathryn for awhile, before saying, “I have nothing to say to anyone about what happened 20-something years ago. That was a very hard time. Not really much to discuss is there?”

Faye brings the group into it and says that was a really uncomfortable time in her life. “If I’ve done anything to offend anyone, I’m sorry. I really am,” she says.

Even though it seems everything ended well, Kathryn says, “I will never be Faye Resnick’s friend…”

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21 Replies to “Kathryn Edwards Confronts Faye Resnick”

  1. Okay, that was painful to watch. You don’t talk to trash. Talking out a problem is for someone who you care about and who you can work something out with. Ghoulish climbers like Faye Resnick are to be dismissed. What did Kathryn expect her to say? Yes, I am trash who used my best friend’s murder to graspingly get a name for myself and didn’t give a damn who I crapped on to do it? No, as usual, Creepy Faye puts her nose in the air and says something ignorant. If Kathryn couldn’t back up her boasting of how she’d go off on anyone who crossed her then she should have kept her mouth shut or at the very least, thrown her drink in Faye’s face for dismissing her. As is, Faye won.

    Better still, any time the morally corrupt Faye shows up for an event, all of the decent women should leave immediately. If Kyle likes Faye so much, let her eat that.

    Lisa R., as usual, sold someone out at first opportunity, to get any attention at all. Lisa V. should have slapped Lisa R’s fat lips and pop them for her!

    Better yet, Kathryn, Lisa V., and anyone else who hates Faye, just get up and leave. Let Kyle sit there alone with her creepy friend.

    1. You said it. Kyle does seem to use Faye as her mouthpiece. I am certain Kyle had a pretty good idea of what would transpire with evil personified being there…I mean Faye, an admitted cokehead, as she is said to have written about herself in that same book during the OJ times.
      I wish the women would have all left with Faye there. Did you check out the seating arrangement. Kyle purposely sat Kathryn face to face with Faye…That said it all for me.

      1. Of course Kyle knows what she’s doing lol, she wants to be the host of the drama, when she’s not creating fake shit. Kyle is so lame and transparent. Glad Kathryn spoke her mind, when you hold on a 20 year old grudge you have to let it out when it comes up. Of course it wasn’t satisfying but still it’s closure. Hope we can get closure with Faye as well and not see her face ever again.

        1. I never want to see FR’s face again. Even saying or writing her name sickens me. I have never been a fan of Kyle either. Seeing her with Faye, knowing she did this to stir up trouble as she has in the past, puts Kyle in a very bad light yet again.

  2. You’re so right, Judge Judy. Ghoulish is an apt description. It was disgusting watching that morally corrupt rag. And I now place Kyle in the same cesspool. Kyle and Faye deserve each other.

  3. I just now watched this episode and I have to say as soon as Faye showed up I turned it off. Why in the hell does she keep appearing ??? such a turn off. I have no interest in her. I might be stretching but I’m betting most people would rather clean their bathrooms instead of watching this woman.

  4. Todays show was funny in a few thing…kyle is beyond annoying. .she hates being put on the spot or being asked about her sister, but yet she has to ask every question about someone’s kids and husband and so on..and let’s not forget that she knew about how everyone’s feelings towards her fake friend faye and yet she told no one…

    I love the two new gals…they bring freshness to the show. Lisa R is starting to become a bit mutch and putting herself into places that she had no business being in..like tonight with faye and Lisa v…and her always questioning yolandas health. ..getting old…she’s noisy as hell…

  5. I have no clue why it takes more than 20 years for some folks to get over something. I mean it was 3 years after the murder that Faye did the Playboy spread. Many , many women have done Playboy, including Bette White. So, no big deal there. It isn’t hustler. When someone is murdered the feelings that come to the surface are nothing at all like anything else. Any crime committed against a loved one brings on something uncontrollable inside. I would think if she is going to accuse Faye of what she wrote, maybe she should read it. See the context and speak to her in private. That’s all Faye asked. She didn’t make a scene and it seemed to me she was just very close to tears. And, before anyone asks, I do care, even tho it seems no one else does. There have been hundreds of stories, rumors and lies about the murder and everything associated with it. For me it is O.J. Simpson who should be despised. If anyone needs to show some remorse it would be that guy. She is on the show because Bravo wants her on the show and she has been a close friend of Kyle and the Hiltons for almost 30 years. So, naturally Bravo wanted to flesh that out. Why not? Every person that thought the show was boring, and I am not one of them, might not think so now.
    I still don’t understand what she did that was so bad. And, even as bad as it might have been, what would she have to do to be forgiven? She wrote a book about her very close friend whom she had watched be beaten, BEATEN, by a maniac for years. I mean maybe she had to get it off of her chest and that was how she managed it. I believe a large percentage of the money went to help abuse victims. Maybe Nicole asked her to document it. Who knows. She had her reasons. Jesus might have very well bathed her feet, as he did many sinners, so I think I can find the time to say what I believe. And I believe she was correct about Brandy and Lisa V. BG herself said she was manipulated to say and do things. She was aggressively standing up for her friend, Adrienne. What Brandy did by telling that secret was despicable. It was a private family matter. And I bet Lisa V. is not happy about Kyle standing up for Faye either. Did anyone else hear the gasp of disbelief? It makes me realize again just why Kyle is my favorite housewife.

  6. Fay Reznick is low life bottom feeder. How blind is Kyle Richards? Play with pig’s and you get pig excrement on you…

  7. Everyone deserves a second chance. So what, she wrote a book 21 YEARS ago people. Get over it. Even she doesn’t want to revisit that time in her life. You cannot discount a person’s ENTIRE life based on what they did in their past. Clearly, she is a very good friend as she has been close to Kyle and Kathy etc. for a very long time. I thought she showed class by diffusing a potentially volatile situation at her friend’s party. Kathryn was all bark and no bite in my opinion. Lisa VP has been called out yet again for lying and Lisa R needs to mind her own business.

  8. Forgetting about Faye writing that book so she could have her 15 minutes is like forgetting that Kato was OJ’s houseguest. It’s NEVER going to happen. That’s when she appeared on the scene, used to scene for her own “look at me” 15 minutes and people aren’t going to forget it.

    Lisa Rinna needs to be on the People’s Couch and not on RHOBH. All she does is comment on everyone else, opening up scabs. I liked her last season until she flipped out at the table breaking that glass, but she crossed my line last night.

    Kathryn bugs me. Not sure why yet. Brags too much I think. People with $ don’t need to talk about it. Period.

  9. I am amazed at viewers defending Faye…and defending Kyle for being friends with her – you know what they say birds of a feather…

    1. I’ve only seen 2 people stick up for that skank, overwhelming majority of people think she’s a piece of sh*t which she is.

      1. Well, when I am alone with my thoughts and myself, usually before sleep, I want to know I have used kindness and tolerance as my watch words. My youngest daughter taught me that in life. Do I fail sometimes, certainly. But I do my best every day and talking about someone as she has been spoken about for something 20 years ago, during a horrible time, I won’t do, I choose to give her a break. As I would hope someone would do for me. That way I can live with myself and sleep.

  10. Kyle brought Faye with her to stir up trouble, for no other reason. Why? because that’s what Kyle does & then says it’s complicated when she dosent want to answer. She’s a two-faced, back stabber–look at who she associates with. Of course Faye does not wish to discuss anything with Kathryn, it’s a cop out for her. I’m glad though that Kathryn wanted to broach it with that evil vixon, Kyle’s CLOSE friend. That should speak volumes of Kyle’s character.

  11. I find it very convenient for Faye to pop up in recent episodes when there is a movie coming out about her “best friend” murder and the subject talked about in the last few episodes have been her book. Very convenient for Resnick.

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