Kathryn Edwards Believes Yolanda’s Health Never Should Have Been Discussed


Kathryn Edwards is taking to her blog to discuss part one of the RHOBH reunion. Edwards talks about her feelings towards Faye Resnick and her history with the O.J. Simpson case along with her feelings towards the drama surrounding Lisa Rinna and Yolanda Hadid this season.

“It’s reunion time! There’s so much talk about it, and I’ve heard the horror stories of how bad it can be, so needless to say I was a little nervous.

We covered a lot, and I think we all did a fair job in listening to each other’s grievances and airing it out.

I’m only going to talk about the things that resonate with me or I think need more clarity on my behalf.

First being the talk of Yolanda and David splitting. I just want to say I’m very supportive and quite empathetic to Yolanda with regard to this. She has had more than her fair share of things to deal with, and divorce is very difficult. I have no doubt that she will come out of it stronger, but it takes time.

Not all divorces end bitterly. Some marriages end because you lost each other and/or the connection to each other while going through tough times… The love for each other doesn’t end, you just can’t find your way back, and you know that it’s better for you both to move on.
I heard Yolanda speak of David with respect, and more importantly, with respect of their relationship…let’s let it go with that. In my humble opinion, that’s the most important thing to maintain in a divorce…it’s important to remember that once upon a time it was the most important thing, and even though you’re not there anymore, you can be grateful for what it once was. I wish both Yolanda and David those feelings.

With regard to Faye R…(sigh)…I’m really so over and done with this topic, just about as much, if not more, than I am with the Munchausen topic.

I spoke my peace to Faye, and I felt like I did the right thing when we met at Kyle’s back in August.

I didn’t know what to expect from Faye. I had heard that she could be tough and unpleasant, so I was prepared for that.

When Faye basically said that she didn’t want to go there, I respected her feelings. She made a blanket apology and I felt, watching the show, that it was a bit dismissive after the fact.

The comment that I chickened out or didn’t let her have it isn’t accurate in my opinion.
I saw it more as if I was damned if I did or damned if I didn’t. I was in Kyle’s home, sitting across the table from her best friend, who I clearly had ill feelings towards. But Faye doesn’t want to engage, and truthfully, I was happy that she felt that way. I knew Faye was aware of what I was talking about. Even though it had been a long time ago, the memories of it all haven’t faded enough to forget.

I think the timing of the FX show and the way she was portrayed on that show has more to do with all the negativity Faye is/was feeling, rather than it being the Housewives show that’s so upsetting.

I didn’t have any further conversations with Faye all season other than surface pleasantries when we would see each other.

I have no agenda in trying to make Faye feel bad. I didn’t bring up the OJ stuff. Kyle asked me if I knew Faye at District the first time I met her. All the ladies talked about my previous marriage and gossiped about it…what did they think was going to happen? Please.

There was much that could have been said, and as I stated on the reunion, I took the high road, and I don’t regret it. My marriage and divorce were both emotional times for me…I respect what it was, and I won’t ever give that power to anyone else to define it.

I lived that tragic time, too. It was painful for everyone. I choose not to categorize how hard it was on anyone who went through that event. It was horrible for everyone.

With regard to me being a bully…LOL! I’m no bully, I am the anti-bully, and my husband knows this more than anyone. I’m the person who will stand up for someone who can’t or won’t defend themselves, because I really dislike unfairness.

Don’t get me wrong…I love to joke with people, and I like to think I have a good sense of humor. I can dish it out, and I can take it. I run with a lot of thick-skinned people and we tease each other but as soon as I sense someone feels hurt or doesn’t see the humor in something, I feel terrible.

That being said, as I have stated before…I don’t think for one second that Lisa R. has an eating disorder. Lord knows if she did, it sure wouldn’t be something that I would ever kid about.
I didn’t know the history of the topic at the time, but I do now.

Lisa R. is in amazing shape and looks as great as she does because she takes such good care of herself. Lisa knows how I feel about her and knows my heart, so that’s all I have to say about that.

The topic of my father’s death and losing my nephew were and are most difficult for me. My nephew died this past January and my family, as you can imagine, is still grieving. It will take a long time before we can find the peace in something so senseless. I want to be an advocate for addiction–and not just alcohol and drugs–but all types of addiction.

I would love to bring awareness to the illness and take the stigma off of it. I know it’s a heady topic and not fun to discuss, but if I could help some people by talking about it and take the shame away, then if nothing else, I’ve done good. I want to hug everyone who thinks they can’t do it and tell them that there are people cheering on their efforts every day.

Through the pain of loss, there are blessings. My family is filled with love. We are there for each other and know that there is nothing that we can’t get each other through. Faith, love and trust…it’s everything, and I’m grateful for the family I have been blessed with.

Finally, on to the Munchausen-gate. I feel as though Yolanda’s illness should have never been the subject of conversations. I didn’t like it from the moment I heard the word Munchausen, nor the discussions about Yolanda’s Instagram posts. I didn’t like the subject of her appearance being judged as to a motivation. All of it felt below the belt, and I didn’t want to be a part of it.

As far as everything else goes, I was shocked. I thought it was a cruel joke for a second.
Whenever I get nervous and don’t know what to say or do, I cover my face and try to hide. Thankfully I had the pillow.

The accusation that Lisa R. made about the “storyline” was something I was hearing for the first time. It was shocking, and I couldn’t begin to make heads nor tails of it. Yolanda is clearly sick and this subject can’t be fodder for a story. I really don’t want to believe this.
I don’t blame Yolanda for being upset. How could she not feel hurt? To make light of something that she just stated is the biggest contributing factor in her divorce…as a storyline? Not good.

The Munchausen comment, no matter who said it, should have never been repeated.
Bottom line is this: Lisa R. shouldn’t have spoke of it to anyone. I don’t care if the Pope asked her to repeat it, she shouldn’t have…I know she regrets it, she has said so several times.

I will also say this…at this stage of the game, for me, as I have stated all along, I believe that the onus lies with Rinna. She can’t, in the 24th hour, try to pin this one on anyone else, regardless of what happened…and I have no clue as to what went down.

I feel like a broken record, but I have to say it again…Rinna, you made the choice to talk about it. You’re a strong, smart woman. I know you’ve owned it and apologized…I just don’t know if it was smart to implicate others to take the pressure off yourself. And I have to say that Kyle seemed just as shocked as I was when hearing all of this.

It’s a big accusation to make, and my question is: to what end?
I understand Lisa R’s. quest to be heard and get it out, but I wonder if her need to get it out is worth the cost of the friendships…and at this point, sharing the information is hurtful to Yolanda.

The relationship is damaged and possibly over, but I’ve never understood the person who wants to clear their conscience and tell you more bad news after the fact. Where were you when it happened? Why didn’t you step forward then?

I think the whole thing is so unfortunate and there is a moral to the story…there’s always a moral to the story. This one being that if no one got involved in talking about Yolanda’s illness in the first place, none of this would have happened. Think about how much has derived from Munchausen-gate. Sad.”

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  • Real Sandy⛱

    Munchausen-gate. Okay. Yes, it is sad. It is sad that Yolanda put us all through this for the entire season too. Yo is Debbie Downer to the nth degree, and still I wish her well, but wish she would leave the show too.
    Kathryn had every right to be upset with Faye, but she did not argue so mich with her at Kyle’s. She said her peace and stopped. Of course she did not forget what Faye did. Faye wrote a book with her name in it and spoke of her fiance/husband’s male body part as well. Really.
    Kathryn started out very shallow and materialistic, but she also showd us a more normal and vulnerable side too. She seems more level headed that most. I hope she returns.

  • PJ

    My only comment about Kathryn’s blog is this: Please don’t make your need to work with people with addictions a story line. I watch the show to get away from serious crap, not wallow in more of it. That’s why I’d like to see Kim gone, permanently.

    I thought Kathryn comported herself well last night.

  • Michelle

    As per Kathryn’s blog……………….Finally, on to the Munchausen-gate. I feel as though Yolanda’s illness should have never been the subject of conversations. I didn’t like it from the moment I heard the word Munchausen, nor the discussions about Yolanda’s Instagram posts. I didn’t like the subject of her appearance being judged as to a motivation. All of it felt below the belt, and I didn’t want to be a part of it…………………
    I whole heartedly agree with this statement. Her illness was/is being judged on Instagram photos of whether Yolanda is really ill or not. I don’t understand what a happy photo taken at a moment of happiness belittles or causes questions about an ongoing illness. Is it better to just keep feeling crappy and posting about how crappy you feel? I think she was trying to balance it all.

    • PJ

      I think she was entitled to post whatever the hell she wanted. Too happy? They bitched. Too sick? They bitched. I couldn’t get over Rinna being “enraged” by the lunch photo with Kim and Brandi. If I had to choose those two or Rinna, it would be a no-brainer.

      People with chronic illness aren’t always in bed. Ever see those folks in handicapped parking and they look fine? You have no idea what’s going on with them. You can’t see heart disease, you can’t see cancer or degenerative discs. People, and by that I mean other housewives, need to lay off the is she or isn’t she? schtick. MYOB.

      • @ PJ, like Brandi said,” the love to prey on the weak.”. The ” Guilty gossipers/naysayers,” better hope Karma doesn’t come knocking on their door.

      • Bon Vivant

        At this point, the people who say she isn’t ill simply because she has good days where she can be active are simply refusing to accept the nature of chronic illness and the fact that how you are physically swings back and forth, period. You’ve already had a nationally recognized doctor, his medical team, and a network legally responsible for his show shedding light on the disease by featuring her story. She offered to show her cast mates her full medical records with all tests and blood work and diagnosis. She is legitimately aligned with the world’s leading charitable org devoted to research and a cure for the disease she has. My husband is a musician and therapist with a chronic illness that can render him bedridden at the drop of a dime with complete inability to play or compose, but when he’s in good form, he uses his bike as his primary mode of transportation around the city, and in his spare time can swing the mast of a sailboat with the best of them- he is in much better “shape” than me, for SURE. But when it changes, and the down moments are NOT good. Having intimate experience with this lifestyle I find the jabs at chronic illness of any kind insulting. At this point, I look at people who deny, discount, and ridicule chronic illness as less than intelligent; they remind me of those odd ducks who haven’t quite accepted the Heliocentric Theory, or that the earth is indeed round.

        • PJ

          Agreed. Well stated.

        • kt

          I can hear the compassion in your words and 100% agree with everything. I hope your husband’s good days multiply!!!

        • Rain

          Bon , ITA due to my own experience with my chronic illness. That’s why I’ve consistently been a Yolanda supporter. I wish the best for your husband and for you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      • I myself never saw the instagram posts. Only the photos of them on the show and blogs. I could give a fig what she posted. My problem with Yolanda, and what has always been my problem with her is her self righteous attitude. Her judgmental comments. Her way of telling others how to live, what to wear, when to wear it, when to wear make-up, when to party, when to go to bed, what town they are allowed to do it in…………….. God Almighty, she never stopped her entire time on the show. When she admitted she had been ill, again, it is how everyone else should feel about her illness, how they should treat her, what they should or shouldn’t say about her illness & on & on & on &…………………. Then when she goes to Rinna’s BD party. Really? She sure as hell didn’t go to celebrate the birthday. If she would have wanted to celebrate, she would have either sent a gift to Rinna’s home or gone in her normal state of dress. Not shown up to catch out everyone in their shock and dismay over the fact she looked as though she hadn’t even bathed. She just couldn’t WAIT to find out what they said about the no make up. There is no way in hell that someone who has been a model and a clothes horse since she was a girl, would think it was just another eccentric move for her to show up looking like hell. Give me a huge, huge break. It takes exactly NO ENERGY to sit in a chair and do what she has done thousands of times and allow someone to apply some make-up on her. And to grab out of her million dollars worth of clothing something befitting a party at a really swanky restaurant. Then!!!! She expects everyone to say “Oh, look at Yolanda, so brave, trying so hard, she’s so ill. Poor baby” NO, brave would have been keeping the pity party to a minimum. Brave would have been that when she was able to attend events, looking her best. THAT is what bugs me about Yolanda. Never the fact that she was ill. God no. I have been pretty damn ill in my life. I have lain in the hallway of a hospital watching my blood spread out around me in a weird kind of trance. I have slipped on the blood on the floor when I delivered my youngest daughter, because when I laid back her heartbeat slowed, so I had to stand to deliver her. And all that was before I was 26.
        So, I refuse to be reputed as having ever said I was unhappy with her BECAUSE she was ill.

    • Bon Vivant

      The crazy thing is, people are moaning about Hadid shoving her illness down own throats, but the fact is that she barely filmed last season, and the production company that creates the content simply showed what little they did film. It was the OTHERS who chose to talk about her ad infinitum, meanwhile she barely spent any time with them. As for her social media pictures, guess what? Choosing to view or comment on them requires that the VIEWER makes a decision to go to that person’s page, follow them legitimately or stalk their activities so that THEY have something to talk about. These people don’t ask you to follow them or lift pictures from their accounts to create a narrative for yourself, you CHOOSE to take part and engage and that’s not their problem. If you’re legitimately not interested or caring about what someone else is doing, um, AVOID them. Don’t go to their pages. Don’t click on posts about them. Don’t get into any online feeding frenzy that has anything to do with them, it really is that simple. If you’re not a fan then don’t click, then you never have to hear about them.

      I couldn’t, for example, be able to tell you what the Kardashians or Beyonce is doing because I am so completely uninvested I don’t follow ANYTHING that they do or read ANYTHING about them, and those are girls that REALLY everywhere. In my view the BH women actively chose to feed into a frenzy to create much ado about nothing- regarding someone who wasn’t even there & basically paid these broads dust all season…as in she never even mentioned ANY of these chicks’ names (unless it was a direct rebuttal), while they spent ALL SEASON.BEING.PRESSED. about HER.

      With far too much evidence pointing to that being what they intended all along for a central storyline in the first place.


      p.s. for some of my older, non- Ami friends here, “PRESSED” is a very 1980-ish urban slang term (adj.)
      from the U.S.east coast = obsessed or attuned with a particular person, thing, or idea to an unseemly degree

      • PJ

        Great comment. You said it well.

  • DebBrenn

    I agree with you both, as well as Kathyrn.


    I liked Kathryn last night. She held her own. As for Kyle FREAKING out over Kathryn’s feelings about Faye? Why is Kyle so defensive of Faye? Is she getting paid? Does Faye having something on Kyle? Kathryn is allowed to NOT LIKE Faye if she doesn’t want to and she has every right to voice her opinion over what Faye wrote 5 years ago, 20 years ago or whenever Faye decides to fabricate another fiction story to stay relevant. I had people in my life who were so horrible 20 years ago that if I were to see them now, it would be a test of my patience not to tell them what I thought. What’s wrong with getting things off your chest? Just so the mean, hurtful liar doesn’t feel bad? Eff that.

    • PJ

      Standing ovation. I agree with every word. Kyle looked terrified and desperate. I couldn’t believe how she jumped into Kathryn’s space like that.

  • patricia

    I love Kathryn & I hope she is back next season. Finally a woman (like LVP) that can make up her own mind & isn’t in to playing games with words & the truth!

  • Seriously, lymes munchausen’s herself should have STOPPED with those hideous sick selfies and her constant lies/ tirade about how she’s been sick in bed for 3 years, everyone owes me, my friends owe it to me to come and see me be sick? The woman is delusional and mentally unstable as is rinna & whileen.
    And with ericunty—I just can’t —she’s on par with tampon string- they lower RHOBH…..ericunty/and grandpa money bags are just too pathetic and sad…..
    “Look gramps, I can slither around in a cat suit half naked in front of my gays?)—-WTHeck/ bizarre…Sick people with lots of $$$$ but no common sense….

  • Starr.

    I agree & disagree with Kathryn. I agree full heartedly that Rinna should never have brought up the manchausen subject. If she has an ounce of intelligence, she would have known that it would only create much trouble & problems. She seems to thrive on creating drama & dragging others down with her to somehow salvage her wrong doing. Too little too late to do that or to get out of the hot water she boiled .
    On the other hand, I disagree full heartedly that Yolanda’s illness & the manchausen should not have been discussed. How could it not be discussed when the Queen of pity & deceit was doing a fantabulous job of portraying her made up illness to get worldwide attention & sadness over her self inflicted so called invisible disease. We have discussed this throughout the entire season. She was mainly attention seeking mainly from David who was slowly back-tracking as he saw it for what it truly was, & it worked against her–he finally left. She went about it all wrongly. The bottom line of this whole sickness thing is that it was created, displayed, over displayed, lied about, insisted ALL must feel sorry for her & it boomeranged. Even at the reunion, she’s still focused on pity & the fact that she walked off twice & kept tissue dabbing her dry eyes, spoke volumes. Crocodile tears & Manchausen’s are her ailments, nothing more, nothing less. Try as I might, I cannot even muster up the slightest bit of pity for her–not then, not now, not ever.

  • caily

    She’s absolutely correct … Yolanda’s illness should never have been discussed … tell Yolanda. The viewing audience wished is never had been, that’s for sure.

  • Suze☕️

    I’m too tired to read the comments right now but we should all tweet Bravo, NO MORE SICK STORY LINES FFS!!!!!!

  • Nut job YoYo has been the 1 to bring up her own health she would have a Live Web cam show on her 24/7 every day of the year so we would be able to see her journey if she could make $$$$ Big Time at it

  • Simone

    Yup, I agree that Yolanda opened the door to discussion. Unfortunately for her, she did not like some of the discussions and opinions. Welcome to real life.

    As for Kathryn saying it never should have been discussed…I find that statement rich coming for the woman that immediately discussed what Erika told Kathryn in confidence about LVP. Rich indeed. Hypocrite. I’ve said this before but I sooooo hope Kathryn is not invited back next season!

  • I didn’t read this ridiculously long blog page or any comments. What I was just noticing, was Yolanda jumping in making rude remarks during reunion when Kyle and Kathryn were talking about Faye. Yo is always saying for others to stay in their own lane, and then jumping in when Kyle is making her point about HER FRIEND to Kathryn. FGsakes, it was 22 years ago! WTF cares anymore besides the vapid Kathryn since that was why she was brought on the show and she couldn’t even get that right. She choked at the BBQ and now wants to tell the whole sordid story by making it seem as though she doesn’t understand the difference between then and now. I can’t stand Kathryn, and Yo interrupting every time she believes Kyle is making her point just pisses me off. Shut the fuck up, Yolanda. I am sure Kathryn and Kyle can handle their own conflict without you proving whose side you are on.

    • Rain

      3D you and I are the only ones here who think this silly 22 year old shit should be buried , it’s done !! Whatever ‘feelings’ she has about it sit should’ve gotten over them by now for heavens sake ! And ditto about Kathryn , can’t stand her !

      • You & me, baby. It really BUGGED me when Yo kept butting in like “let Kathryn tell her story.’ Her and K aren’t even friends! That was pure spite. Pure and simple small minded spite. All because in Yo’s simple 67 and 2/3 brain function that day she was angry that Kyle and Lisa didn’t shut Rinna up. Yeah, they should have, but that has nothing to do with butting into something Yo was never involved in and still isn’t involved in. And she claims to have integrity, her words “I am all about integrity.” What a joke. I hope someone with some real talent makes a satire of the seasons with her words vs. her actions. As if what happened to Faye happened BECAUSE of the book. God, could she be any less informed? And the entire shit about Faye being in Playboy. That was 3 years, YEARS, later. What the hell does that have to do with OJ, the killer and abuser of Nicole Simpson? What, Faye didn’t have the right to live her life? What a hypocrite. I guess, then, Kathryn doesn’t have the right, even today, to marry a football player and brag about “when we want something, we go get it?” What she means is when SHE WANTS something, her rich HUSBAND buys it for her, bitch.

        • Rain

          Even though this is the RHOBH, I find Kathryn’s materialism just to a whole new level. It’s ok Kathryn if YOU want to buy a 5K bag but don’t make it a mandate for every other woman. The whole OJ/Faye thing is such a desperate attempt at a storyline. EVERYone has moved on, including Karhryn , who has gotten remarried and apparently owns a fleet of expensive bags! And if this is such a dark chapter for her , why is she reminding the audience 22 years later, that she was in Faye’s book? Makes no sense
          So yes, SHUT IT! I’m personally pro loyalty so the fact that Kyle supports her friend Faye openly ( and not just in private ) is admirable . Why doesn’t anybody believe in forgiveness? Maybe Faye was the biggest coke snorting slut decades ago, doesn’t mean she hasn’t changed and isn’t a new, Bette woman now. And that’s what Kyle is saying, that she doesn’t know the OLD Faye, she knows this new Faye who is a dear friend to her and her family . Kudos to Kyle for sticking to her friend, regardless of what anybody thinks . And we may disagree on this 3D, but equally kudos to Erika for supporting her friend Yolanda , regardless of Yolanda’s imperfections .