Karent Sierra & Rodolfo Jimenez Break-Up…

Real Housewife of Miami Karent Sierra has ended her relationship with her boyfriend, Rodolfo Jimenez. Karent’s cast mates and friends were concerned about Rololfo’s intentions because he was caught sending texts to Ana Quincoces, as we saw in the show. Also, in this week’s episode we are going to see that Alexia has dirt on Rodolfo, and she is going to share it with Karent.

Karent recently explained what made her realize her relationship was over in an interview with VH1. “Men don’t change. If they’re caught lying and they’re caught cheating once, they’re most likely going to be doing it again. And I just can’t live with that insecurity, I need to be secure in my relationship as well as myself,” Karent explained.

“Until you’re ready to make that step, until you’re ready to open your eyes, it doesn’t matter who tells you. My mom was telling me through the roof, it was hard for her to accept him because we had already broken up once,” Karent continued. Housewife and friend of Karent, Lisa Hochstein, added she didn’t think the pair was a good match. “I didn’t think he was the best match for her from the beginning, none of us did,” Lisa added. “We were kind of pushing her to make this day happen and we’re so happy she finally sees the light.”

Watch the preview to see what Alexia knows below…

Watch the women talk about being cheated on below…

Tell Us- Are you surprised the couple has split?

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23 Replies to “Karent Sierra & Rodolfo Jimenez Break-Up…”

  1. Good for her that she realized what a creep Rodolfo was. I could just tell he wasn’t being faithful and with all that travelling he does.

  2. I’m surprised, I ykpught Parents head was firmly cemented up her own behind! People wanted to show her texts and she didnt want to look, she didn’t want to know, she would rather stay in the dark! She let this guy make a total idiot out of her. I hope the summation he put her through taught her a lasting lesson! Half the time he was flirting right in front of her!!!! I actually like Karent, she is aggressive and really good business woman but it was sickening to watch her act like such a clueless idiot with this scumbag who didn’t deserve to shine her shoes! Too bad she thought this was all the better she could do, hopefully she realizes now that he is the worst she could do!

  3. thank GOD!!! he’ll never love another as much as he loves himself & where are his lips? karent is so much better off w/o him & remember, always listen to your mother.

  4. Karent knew all along who was she dating , she is just sad we all know, I think Karent has little self steem and we all can see that everytime she is on… that rodolfo is just a playboy wanna be and this clueless thought he was a genious, i dont think she was surprise at all. I dont feel bad for her.

  5. I said once that she was such a wannabe. That she wanted to copy me all the time and this is what she gets for dating a weasel. That man cannot keep it in his pants. He would hit on me all the time and I actually feel sorry for Karent. Once a douche bag always a douche bag. Let him go so he can continue play the aging douche bag in telenovelas. Karent that guy was not faithful to you not even for a day. He will be a cheater with whomever he hooks up with, men or women. There I said it.

  6. I think she knew he was a cheater and didn’t care the only reason she brake up is because now all her friends and everybody knows.

  7. I feel sad for Karent, she was in love, she just wants to be happy! Who doesn’t? Let me something about Rodolfo, I’am Mexican, I’ve seen him in couple telenovelas, but lets be REAL he is NOT that famous and good actor, he’s the one that gets like “filler apearances” on telenovelas, have you seen him doing a telenovela with Lucero or sime other big Mexican or latin star? NO! So.. There you have it! He’s a wanna be… He’s not that famous!

  8. I’m Cuban and I live in Miami and I know pretty much all celebrities down here. Rodolfo is NOT a famous “actor”…or tv host or anything. I have NEVER seen him in a “novela” (soap) and if he has ever come out on any they must be at least 5-6 years old. He would “fill” for others on a show called Escandalo (cancelled) about 2-3 years ago when someone was out or on vacation. Then he “hosted” La Tijera, a HORRIFIC show where their way of gossiping was VERY trashy. I have to admit he was the best one out of all those trashy people.
    I feel so bad for Karent trying to make him look like a latin star. You can tell she LOVES publicity and the lifestyle of the “rich” and “famous”. She must humble herself a bit and get off that cloud.

  9. Yep he gets minor roles in telenovelas. I seen him in the old ones. Don’t know if he did anything recently. Karent move on. Sometimes we are in love with the idea of being in love but you can’t do that with the wrong guy. You don’t need people rubbing it in what a douche bag he is. You want a man you can be proud of. It doesn’t matter if he’s rich or poor as long as he is committed to you.

  10. She deserves better I can’t believe she wasted all that time and energy with that washed up looser in the first place. Plus Adrianne is a loooooser wannabe she is not your friend loose all the dead weight!!!

  11. I think we all knew it was coming, I mean I don’t think he even really acted like he was into her when they were together!!! For such a smart business woman to be so clueless is just unbelievable to me, and how stupid she looked in tonight’s episode when she would not even look at the article…….. I’m just glad she finally figured it out and hope she will never let a man make her look so stupid again!! Good luck Karent, you can do a lot better.

  12. Oh please Adriana. You had gotten so much joy out of throwing this in her face. You would think that since you have been cheated on by a similar “douchebag” that you would be more sensitive. Its obvious that misery DOES love company.

  13. I understand karent. She wanted to trust this man against all bad rumors and her own intuition. Sometimes when you’re in a situation like that you dont see clearly. Youre diluted by your good times and sweet plans for future. Everyone could see it but you cant. Shes certain age and she needs love and family.

    Alexia and all her followers were vicious. They weren’t concerned about her. They all are miserable and misery loves company. Alexia doesnt appear happy and she attacked karent for her smile. How can someone just want to see someone hurt for nothing? That shows how jealous, vicious she is. Also her blinde hair looks so out of place against her skin tone. Obviously she tries way too hard with her clothes.

    Lea just lost major points by attacking karent. She jumped on the vicious boat in tje name of being honest. There is a difference between honesty and insensitivity.

    Marisol appears confused, love hungry and I bet everyone can determine she will not find love. She appears soo concerned about apperances and what other people think. She is on her own way of being happy. If she was less concerned about other people, she could have better realationships

  14. I truly hope no one honestly thinks that Adriana posted that…………

    Person who responded to “Adriana,” please tell me that was a joke.

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