Karen Huger Says She’s Not Judging

Karen Hunger

Karen Huger is dishing on the series premiere of RHOP in a new interview with Bravo. Huger explains why etiquette is so important in Potomac and dishes on her blowup with Gizelle Bryant and the crab boil.

Bravotv.com: Why is etiquette so important in Potomac? Do you feel it’s your responsibility to enforce it?
Karen Huger:
I was taught as a child that proper etiquette would serve me well in life and it has. If I care about you and I feel that your conduct is inappropriate, as a friend I will gently point you in the right direction

Bravotv.com: Why were you upset that Gizelle wouldn’t move from the middle the night of your birthday?
Gizelle is a grown woman who knew better. As she says, “she’s got a pedigree”. Really?

Bravotv.com: What do you think about Gizelle saying she feels judged by you?
I don’t believe Gizelle is comfortable with anyone calling her out on her inappropriate shenanigans. I’m not judging, I’m just pointing out the obvious.

Bravotv.com: Tell us about your “etiquette lesson” and confrontation at the crab boil with Gizelle.
: Charisse had done such a wonderful job planning my surprise birthday party! I wasn’t about to ruin it by calling Giz out then. She would have loved The drama that would have ensued. Not on my watch! I chose instead a remedial approach at a later date. Printing out the five rules of etiquette on how to conduct yourself when you’re attending someone-else’s birthday party was extremely effective.

Bravotv.com: What do you think of Gizelle’s reaction and why did you walk away?
Gizelle’s reaction to my gift of etiquette rules was typical. She performed like a peacock on stage. I ended up walking away because school was out, lesson taught!

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Proper etiquette does not include being late while everyone is hungry and waiting then expecting someone to give up their seat. Nor does it include giving someone a sarcastic “gift” or rudely correcting others. This is not high class, it’s clueless low class trying to act high class.

go judge judy! we loove you! well said

This woman was obnoxious in my eyes. My husband is the “black Bill Gates.” Who says that?

Why is it that the witches who are so obsessed with manners are the ones with the worst, get a book on how to have a likeable personality and read it while looking in the mirror that just cracked.


not to mention that horrible comb over that is about 14″ long that starts at the back of her inflated head!
Her grouper eyes don’t help either. She’s really not worth that much anyways…. she has a lot of identity issues underneath that keeps rearing its ugly head .

All this air Miss Karen is putting on! What must her kinfolks back on the farm be thinking – ” We is not good enough for Lulu-Mae (that is her real name before she changed it) anymo?”

Really! Was that her name Lulu-Mae? Where did you find that out?

I already don’t like two of these women.

I agree AB! I don’t like Karen and Charisse

both are ugly — on the outside and inside! And so easily offended by everything…. how weak are they!

That was not proper etiquette at all, that was lack of. Whoever taught her, either did a very poor job or she learnt from her own self. She was offensive and just awful.

This women was awful. Typical new money, thinks they wrote the book on being classy, when they are just desperate.

Her and Gizelle sparring was great though, she didn’t back down from Gizelle when she should have, so she’s clearly up for the fight. She’s gonna be the one that goes crazy, bet you anything.

I’m not convinced that “she” is even a woman.

I was taught as a child that proper etiquette would serve me well in life and it has. If I care about you and I feel that your conduct is inappropriate, as a friend I will gently point you in the right direction

Really, Karen? Gently point one in the right direction. She came off more llke a bulldozer. Granted I just watched this for the first time this week (thanks insomnia). I’m still unsure of this show but I will give it a second chance.

I wouldn’t bother Wowzers. I watched the second show and it got worse. Karen and Cherrese are nothing but bullies – snobbish ones at that.