Karen Huger Says Ashley Darby Purposely Misunderstood What She Said


Karen Huger is explaining her feud with Ashley Darby in a new interview with Bravo. Huger claims Darby purposely misunderstood what she said when it comes to her daughter and responds to Katie Rost’s mean girl comments.

Bravotv.com: Tell us about your confrontation with Ashley at Gizelle’s event. Why did you suggest the men weigh in?
Karen Huger:
I had little hope that this conversation with Ashley would resolve any ill feelings between the two of us. However, in good faith, I did attempt to bury the hatchet. At the end of this conversation, I realized that I was beating a dead horse, hence this is why I suggested we had the guys weigh in on the matter. I was ready to move ON, and move on we did.

Bravotv.com: How do you think the talk between the men went and the putt-off?
The men had a more robust conversation prior to the putt-off. Ray clearly conveyed that Michael’s showing up to the girl’s weekend that included his wife. It is was highly inappropriate and not appreciated especially since Ashley made it clear clear that no men would be allowed to participate or be a part of the girl’s weekend. The putt-off was anti-climatic since Michael had already apologized.

Bravotv.com: What do you think of Katie’s comments about your gala?
Katie’s comments were a MEAN GIRL’S retribution since I was not able to accommodate her desires to to support her in her ill-conceived casino night. Which by the way turned out to be nonexistent and she was forced to cancel. Katie clearly knew my event was a cocktail party announcing my desire to launch the O Gala in the near future. Katie knew it was not the gala. NO IS NO. I had other things to do. I already had a full plate!

Bravotv.com: Tell us about finding out what Ashley said about Rayvin to the other ladies – why did it make you upset? Why don’t you want Ashley specifically around Rayvin?
The fact that Ashley said that I didn’t want any of the ladies around my daughter was a bold face lie! I believe she purposely misunderstood what I said to her. Everyone hates being incorrectly quoted. Unfortunately, Ashley has exhibited behavior unbecoming to a young woman. Ashley’s publicly humping of another woman, her inappropriate discussion of her husband’s genitals, the announcement of her lack of panties which resulted in booty crack sweat on her clothing and last but not least the fact that she does not care about her house guest discomfort, is contrary to the values that I have instilled in my child; which is to show compassion for others feelings. I don’t know what she might say or do.

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5 Replies to “Karen Huger Says Ashley Darby Purposely Misunderstood What She Said”

  1. Ashley doesn’t fit in and needs to go. Like Meghan on Orange County, she’s just annoying. Who wants to put up with a smart mouth from some girl their kids’ ages? Why not put some of their real grown kids on the show rather than make them deal with this kid as if she’s their peer when she’s not? Also, I like the glamour of the shows and opportunistic gold diggers who marry gross old Grandpas for money just ain’t it.

    1. I agree. She is grating on my nerves! Also, she is desperately trying to manufacture herself a storyline on this show by creating unnecessary conflict. She seems like the type to associate with ratchet people she would bring around to start ratchet fights and I’m not interested in seeing LAHH on the housewives franchise. Nix Ashley.

    1. I totally disagree that Karen was disrespectful to Ashley’s husband. She told Ashley she was uncomfortable, that’s not disrespectful. Especially since Ashley specifically told their husbands they can’t come so she should have expected someone would take issue with when her husband showed, even though it is HIS house. He shouldn’t have agreed to let Ashley host a GIRLS weekend if he was not okay with the expectation that no MEN were allowed in HIS house that weekend.

      1. And I take issue with Ashley referring to it as HIS house. Unless Ashley is one of those mail-order brides, when she married him it became THEIR house. A house they both agreed would be used to host only women for that weekend.

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