Karen Huger Reveals She Was Raped, Juan Dixon Caught Saying He Stays In His Marriage For His Kids

Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac was very dramatic and we have the recap just in case you missed anything. There’s an extra dose of humility as Karen reveals a deep, dark secret about her past in hopes of a brighter future, though not all of the women seem to be looking towards the light, as Ashley violently butts head with Robyn and Gizelle when they ambush her at her restaurant.

Karen reveals one of the darkest secrets in Housewives history. She shares that she had been raped in her past. Karen was set to speak at a foundation benefiting rape victims, which gives her the voice that she did not have for all those years. She also wants to help other women who have been through the similar circumstances.

All of the women came out to support Karen and the cause, even though it created an awkward environment between Robyn, Gizelle and Ashley. But it didn’t stop the night from being about something bigger as the ladies had tears in their eyes, watching Karen deliver an empowering speech about no longer suffering in silence and finding strength in their truth.

Robyn is still peeved that everyone was talking about her marriage. Especially, Charrisse and Gizelle, but she gives them a pass because they handled the situation one-on-one. Ashley is going to get the brunt of Robyn’s anger, so Gizelle and Robyn decide to confront her in her restaurant.

Ready to go in and attack Robyn going straight for her neck, with Gizelle egging her on. Ashley doesn’t back down, she took on both women, before telling them to leave.

After a brief argument about basketball camp, Juan’s mic picks up a hushed conversation between Juan and a Bravo producer where he admits to being fed-up with Robyn, so much so that he confesses that if it wasn’t for their children, he would have already left Robyn, looking for something more with someone new.

Unbeknownst to Robyn, she continues on with her life, which eventually brings her to a lunch with Charisse, who has also had the intentions of it being a mini therapy session. Shortly after the therapist just probes the situation, honing in on Robyn’s issue with Juan’s past indiscretions, Robyn breaks down.

Next, Charisse finally breaks the news to her daughter about her pending divorce from Eddie. Karen contributes to the mess by once again reigniting the war of the words between Monique and Gizelle, passing along the news that, supposedly, Monique has been calling Gizelle a trick.

At the end of Karen’s event, Ashley, fighting with everyone except Monique, makes a weak attempt at rebuilding a bridge with Charisse, who pays her no mind. Taking an immediate cue from Ashley, Monique reaches out to Gizelle, hoping to pave their own rough roads a bit. While she doesn’t shut down, Gizelle meets her with an icy hrug.

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17 Replies to “Karen Huger Reveals She Was Raped, Juan Dixon Caught Saying He Stays In His Marriage For His Kids”

  1. So now EVERYbody knows Juan doesnt want to be with her. When wll she get it through her head? She is just making herself look more pathetic.

    Ladies should not have caused a scene in Ashley’s restaurant, but then again, anything to bring people into that money pit. Really–are people ready to eat baby Roo in the US? (lol)


      1. So who would eat at that restaurant? I can go into business and be a wholesale dealer….let me clean off my tires, and throw in other road kill for the “special of the day”

          1. Yes, there are some Americans (not many) who eat possums and squirrels. History has shown during the Great Depression of the early 1930’s many Americans ate these creatures to survive.

            However, some still do, but they are far and few between–ever hear of a show called, “Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo”? That backwoods family loved to eat road kill (AND CHEESEBALLS)–GROSS.

  2. Marriage…isn’t she divorced ?….being married is like being pregnant, you are married or not

    Heavens !

  3. Ashley tried to point out the obvious to Robin advice in a kind way to her face, Robin shut her down. Then, Ashley got herself in the middle of a bitchfest.She is younger but makes a great deal of sense.
    I have been in similar situations. There is never a good solution. It depends upon the Friend. I have seen known a few Friends who were being cheating. I have learned early on not to get involved. Just to be there when a Friend found out and the Lawyers were already called.
    Now, Robin & Gizelle going to Ashley’s business was vindictive and immature..
    I think Karen is courageous for sharing her
    Rape experience. I, like Karen.I also like the new cast Member, Monique.
    Juan talking on the phone with another Woman.. Come on.. Robin is Dellusional.

      1. I really like Monique as well. Gizelle is looking really stupid with her jealousy of her. I might be in the minority but I like Ashley as well. She did poke a few bears recently, but she doesn’t back down and owns what she has said. I am just starting to like Karen this season. I’m not a fan of the Grande lady act, but really like that she has been staying out of the mess lately and showed vulnerability with this charity speech. I admire her for coming forward and empowering rape victims.

        1. I like Ashely too ! She’s obviously young and and had a lot to learn about how to tackle issues with a bit more gentleness 🙂
          I do like Karen but not the ‘black bill gates ‘ nonsense … I enjoy her with her children and husband etc.
          Gizelle’s jealousy is just sad 🙂

          Monique rocks !!!

          1. Yes Monique does rock, and I fall in love with her hubby every show. He’s adorable and they are such a cute couple. It was funny when Karen had lunch with her son and he was giving it right back to her. Karen does seem to treat her husband with respect and really loves her kids, so I like that side of her. Gizelle is nothing but messy. lol.

  4. I completely understand Juan’s feelings. Anyone who has split up with their spouse and had to live together for a while until the finances and custody are figured out, knows that empty shell feeling. Who knows if her and Juan were romantic at all, but she herself said that she can’t commit to him again because she was reluctant, and he might have felt like he wanted all or nothing when he was talking to the producer. I might be naïve, but I didn’t think he was truly saying he didn’t want Robin, he just didn’t want the farce of a relationship anymore. No one should have that, and maybe for Robin, this will help her move on. It’s clear that they are both only doing this for the sake of the kids. It’s sad because they probably do love each other, but his betrayal was something she could not get passed, and then the betrayal of their friend that scammed them probably forced them to stay together financially.

  5. Karen is an elegant and classy lady. Gizelle is an obnoxious bitter dummy. When you’re ex husband is Mr Chocolate, I’d STFU about other people’s marriage:)

    Why is Charisse even in this show?????


    1. Charisse is in the show to laugh over champagne….other than that she contributes with nothing to the show

    2. Seems Karen pushes the fact that she is classy and elegant. However, one should not have to do that. Should speak for itself, through demeanor, character, speech and so on. Her remarks and insistence that she is the “Grand Dame” of Potomac are neither classy, nor elegant. Rather, a wish I was, or classic “wanna be.” At her age and stage, she could represent herself more appropriately.

  6. I always laugh when a housewife is upset that someone is talking about them. You are being paid to be on national television for exactly that purpose. If you don’t want to be talked about – get off.

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