Karen Huger Reveals She Was Raped, Juan Dixon Caught Saying He Stays In His Marriage For His Kids

Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac was very dramatic and we have the recap just in case you missed anything. There’s an extra dose of humility as Karen reveals a deep, dark secret about her past in hopes of a brighter future, though not all of the women seem to be looking towards the light, as Ashley violently butts head with Robyn and Gizelle when they ambush her at her restaurant.

Karen reveals one of the darkest secrets in Housewives history. She shares that she had been raped in her past. Karen was set to speak at a foundation benefiting rape victims, which gives her the voice that she did not have for all those years. She also wants to help other women who have been through the similar circumstances.

All of the women came out to support Karen and the cause, even though it created an awkward environment between Robyn, Gizelle and Ashley. But it didn’t stop the night from being about something bigger as the ladies had tears in their eyes, watching Karen deliver an empowering speech about no longer suffering in silence and finding strength in their truth.

Robyn is still peeved that everyone was talking about her marriage. Especially, Charrisse and Gizelle, but she gives them a pass because they handled the situation one-on-one. Ashley is going to get the brunt of Robyn’s anger, so Gizelle and Robyn decide to confront her in her restaurant.

Ready to go in and attack Robyn going straight for her neck, with Gizelle egging her on. Ashley doesn’t back down, she took on both women, before telling them to leave.

After a brief argument about basketball camp, Juan’s mic picks up a hushed conversation between Juan and a Bravo producer where he admits to being fed-up with Robyn, so much so that he confesses that if it wasn’t for their children, he would have already left Robyn, looking for something more with someone new.

Unbeknownst to Robyn, she continues on with her life, which eventually brings her to a lunch with Charisse, who has also had the intentions of it being a mini therapy session. Shortly after the therapist just probes the situation, honing in on Robyn’s issue with Juan’s past indiscretions, Robyn breaks down.

Next, Charisse finally breaks the news to her daughter about her pending divorce from Eddie. Karen contributes to the mess by once again reigniting the war of the words between Monique and Gizelle, passing along the news that, supposedly, Monique has been calling Gizelle a trick.

At the end of Karen’s event, Ashley, fighting with everyone except Monique, makes a weak attempt at rebuilding a bridge with Charisse, who pays her no mind. Taking an immediate cue from Ashley, Monique reaches out to Gizelle, hoping to pave their own rough roads a bit. While she doesn’t shut down, Gizelle meets her with an icy hrug.

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Photo Credit: Bravo