Karen Huger: Katie Rost Should Speak To Me Moving Forward


During this season of the Real Housewives of Potomac, city matriarch Karen Huger has been teaching the ladies how its done and in this episode she continued to try so. From taking her daughter to a self-defense class to teaching Ashley Darby how to throw a Potomac-approved event, she had no shame in her game. Not only did she show her etiquette ways, but she also had a lunch with Katie Rost in talks of helping out with the Rost Foundation event. While Karen declined, Katie seemed to be upset and share her thoughts with Ashley. In an interview with the Daily Dish, Karen expresses her wishes for Katie to speak to her directly on her feelings and not others.

Bravotv.com: Why did you feel it was so important to give your daughter self-defense lessons?

Karen Huger: As a survivor of a mugging I understand the importance of knowing what to do if ever you find yourself in this very dangerous situation. Unfortunately, the world in which we live is not always safe. My daughter is heading to college and I won’t be with her every day. As a mother, I’ve always provided a shield of protection for my children. My prayer is that my child never experiences this. However, knowledge is power. The best gift I can give Rayvin is the ability to protect herself.

Bravotv.com: Why did you have a BYOM rule for your cruise?

KH: Initially I put my BYOM (bring your own man) rule in place because I invited some of my close girlfriends who love to come stag to my parties because I’m married to a great dancer. They love to dance with Ray and I wasn’t in the mood to share him on this cruise. I later lifted that rule because of my friendship with Charrisse; she had recently shared with all of us the challenges she was facing in her marriage. I very much wanted her to be comfortable coming to my event and I wanted her to have a fantastic time! That’s what true friends do.

Bravotv.com: What was going through your mind when you saw Michael undressing himself?

KH: I knew Michael was enjoying himself on the cruise; I just didn’t how much. I’m all in for having a great time. I love a good party! However, Michael undressing in front of my guests seemed very attention seeking and inappropriate. Note to self…

Bravotv.com: Why didn’t you want to be on Katie’s host committee and what do you think about her comments in her convo with Ashley about feeling hurt?

KH: I was honored that Katie would ask me to be on the host committee of her foundation. The truth of the matter was that for the past few months I had been planning my own O’Gala charity event, which was the same date as her event. I simply was not available to participate and Katie understood and accepted that. We actually had a fantastic time at lunch, which is why I was shocked and disappointed to hear of Katie’s conversation with Ashley where she expressed that she was hurt by my honest response. Frankly, I don’t believe that she was hurt at all, disappointed maybe, but not hurt. Why Katie didn’t express this “hurt” during our lunch troubles me. I am not a fan of name calling and poking fun behind each other’s back. I consider Katie a friend and I would encourage her to speak to me directly moving forward.

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5 Replies to “Karen Huger: Katie Rost Should Speak To Me Moving Forward”

  1. I want to ask Karen – what the hell are you wearing in your interviews? Your dress has a neck line down to your bellybutton! You aren’t 20 honey. Even at 20 that outfit would be preserved for the red carpet, not sitting down in your house, in fact, not sitting down at all. I mean, if you want to continue to be a laughingstock, certainly continue wearing those outfits in your talking head girl.

    1. Preface: I love Karen and her cleavage to kingdom come! She is in her 50’s and bringing it! But I do think Karen would benefit from some stylist intervention because what works off-camera does not always translate. Other than that I love Karen, shade and all.

      1. Karen’s ego is incredulous! It’s hard to like a phony, judgmental narcissist. Her husband is not “The Black Bill Gates”. His net worth, at best, is 10 million. She needs to read an etiquette book before teaching etiquette. A lady with proper etiquette would never point out others lack of etiquette anywhere or time in front of others….that’s etiquette lesson #1!
        Charrisse’s statement “If I don’t know you, you are not worth knowimg” speaks volumes about her character. Charrisse: 99.999999% of the U.S. doesn’t have a clue or care who you are!
        Katie Fost has no real clue about philanthropy and that will show itself soon. She needs to get a real job while her nanny is watching her children.
        Karen and Charrisse need to take a chill pill and realize that they just aren’t that important (or attractive) outside of their own heads! The only way RHOP will keep the viewers is to get more ladies like Giselle and Ashley. Viewers want to escape their day and laugh!

  2. After checking out the latest episode, it appears to me that something is very off with Katie. She is seriously giving me “Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt” tease (anyone who has read the Gloria Vanderbilt biography or has seen the TV mini-series “Little Gloria Happy at Last” will know what I’m talking about…right now I think Katie would benefit from Karen’s mentoring a lot more than Ashley, and even though Karen has her role on the show as Mother Maleficent – there is the long standing tradition in these circles that when one runs amuck, an elder is supposed to help reign them in…the next episodes, I’m interested to see if and when Karen’s going to step up to the plate and try to get to the root of why Katie is acting so crazy. Ashley interests me less as she reminds me too much of everything I’ve ever disliked about Pageant Girls. Boo and Bye.

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