Karen Huger Doesn’t Want Her Daughter Around Ashley Darby


On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac, Karen Huger and Ashley Darby’s feud continued as Huger was still angry at Darby for her husband Michael’s surprise visit in Bethany Beach. Huger’s husband Raymond faced off with Michael about how he made his wife feel uncomfortable.

Michael says, “If Ray can explain to me what the problem was, then I’ll apologize.”

“The problem was, when my wife goes to a girl’s weekend, I expect her to be with girls. I don’t expect guys to show up unexpectedly and make her feel uncomfortably. That’s the problem,” Ray said.

“I didn’t understand the uncomfortable,” Michael continued. “It’s my beach house. I’m coming to see my wife. Everyone had their own private bedroom.”

“The girls are together. I assume their walking around in skimpy outfits, because their girls,” Ray explains. “I don’t need you seeing my wife in skimpy outfits! I would not show up at the beach if there was a girl’s weekend.”

Karen explains to the cameras that her husband is very “old school” and that he was not pleased Michael showed up to the ladies weekend in Bethany.

At her charity event, Karen couldn’t seem to let her problems with Ashley go, especially when Ashley brought up Huger’s daughter Rayvin. Darby tells the women that Karen is keeping her daughter away from the group because they are corrupted and she doesn’t want her to be around them. The other ladies are offended by Ashley’s news so they decide to confront Karen.

Robyn asks Karen if it’s true Karen doesn’t want the women around her daughter. “What are you talking about?” Karen asks.

“Didn’t you say that you don’t want Rayvin to meet us?” Ashley asks Karen.

“Ashley? What are you drinking?” Karen says. “First off, I’m going to tell you, this is my event and I said no such thing. I said, I don’t want Rayvin hanging out with you… specifically. On this note, I’m going to tell you how I’m going to button this up. I’m done with you.”

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10 Replies to “Karen Huger Doesn’t Want Her Daughter Around Ashley Darby”

  1. Meow. What a witch. Don’t understand why any of them think they are so dam wonderful that they can have the attitudes they have. Met homeless people with more class than these women.

  2. Karen called that one right. Who would want their teenage daughter being influenced by someone who makes her living by sitting on creepy Grandpa’s lap?

  3. I saw the previous episode in question and while Ashley gets major Brownie points for keeping her composure during the beach trip on which she was practically Sorority Hazed, she is out of line for purposely misconstruing Karen’s words here in order to gain group support, and it is also foul to involve the children as focal points for contention amongst the women. Ashley told Karen she couldn’t wait to meet and hang out with her daughter, and Karen informed Ashley that it wasn’t going to happen, it’s not appropriate, and I agree. They are not in the same peer group nor is Ashley yet well known to this group. Karen’s daughter is a prep school teen with blue book exams to worry about ( as well as her own age appropriate social circle), she doesn’t need to be up under some flighty married woman whose career is based on nightlife. This doesn’t go to say that high school teens absolutely cannot have adult friends: I did as a teen (via summer jobs and performing arts activities) and they were incredible mentors that helped shape who I am even today. But given the fact that adults do indeed leave impressions on the lives on young people under them, all the more reason for parents to have them vetted and proven thoroughly before allowing them around their kids. Karen, in parental wisdom, has already seen enough of Ashley to determine she is not an appropriate acquaintance for her daughter in neither peer nor mentor capacity, and that’s fine. Ashley will have to simply get over it and find another mark.

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