Karen Huger Confronts Gizelle Bryant Over Etiquette


The season premiere of the Real Housewives of Potomac was Sunday night and the ladies made sure to let everyone know that etiquette is key and if you don’t abide by those rules there are serious consequences.

Karen Huger celebrated her birthday party, hosted by Charrisse Jackson Jordan, and Gizelle Bryant put the ladies patience to test when she took the center seat at the table, leaving Karen, the grande dame of Potomac high society, peeved by her ill manners.

Meanwhile, former model Katie Rost wants her boyfriend Andrew to marry her and help her support her and her three children.

Robyn Dixon lets viewers in to her complex life after divorce. Robyn still lives with her ex-husband, former NBA star Juan Dixon, and they must decide if they want to rekindle their romantic relationship.

If it wasn’t bad enough that Gizelle was already in the bad graces of Karen, she was about to get on Charrisse Jackson Jordan’s bad side as well. Gizelle goes to Charrisse’s home to help her cook for the crab boil but Jordan isn’t happy when Bryant shows up with her hair dresser.

When Gizelle doesn’t know where anything is to prepare the crabs, she asks the maid Lorna for help, which makes Charrisse even angrier.

When people start arriving for the dinner, Charrisse is still getting ready upstairs when Karen confronts Gizelle about her manners and tells her that she was wrong to bring her stylist along. She also tells her that she was wrong to sit in the center of her birthday party table.

Karen gives Gizelle a book on etiquette rules which instantly offends Gizelle. The confrontation continued between the two ladies. Karen accuses Gizelle of being ignorant.

Watch the clip below.

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15 Replies to “Karen Huger Confronts Gizelle Bryant Over Etiquette”

  1. Charisse leaves Gizelle to cook the meal and greet the guests while she sits upstairs getting her makeup and nails done like The Queen, then has the nerve to correct Gizelle’s “etiquette” for daring to disturb her beauty regimen.

    And Karen leaves her guests waiting at the restaurant while she’s a half hour late, then has the nerve to hand Gizelle a mirror with etiquette rules on it for not giving up her seat at the table.

    Charisse and Karen are the rudest, most ignorant heifers around and know nothing about etiquette.

    Overall, I liked it okay so far, though. I’ll watch more and see how it goes.

    I did find it a bit strange that all the women were very light-skinned Blacks. What’s up with that?

    1. I think we are going to address “color” soon, Judge Judy, if the clips are any indication…. looks like the fact that Katie is bi-racial and only dates white guys becomes an issue for some….which should be interesting.

    2. they all have identity issues…. they keep mentioning “POTAMIC” a billion times…. who identifies constantly by their city? Only people who don’t have their own identity and trying to fit in with their surroundings….feel the need to mention their city over and over.
      the real bitches in Potomac who have real money over 50 million net worth would never accept those trash bags Charisse and Karen! Low life trash that will really never be accepted. Serious identity issues.

  2. I really like Gizelle based on the first episode. The two older ladies seem too pompous for me and too into etiquette which comes off more classless than who they are calling out.

  3. At least Giselle has a personality, I didn’t see what was so wrong that Giselle was doing. Giselle was helping cook and greeting that idiots guests, talk about bad manners.

  4. Horrible start. A bunch of nouveau riche women trying to play high society & they’re anything but. Lots of cat fights coming & for the stupidest reasons too, I imagine.

  5. I disagree with the popular opinion that Karen & Chareese are snobs. I do think Karen should have told Giselle that she wanted to sit in the center instead of waiting and complaining about it later but it’s not a big deal. Giselle was very rude at Chareese’s house so I understand where Chareeese is comin from. Chareese is my favorite so far. Very excited to get to know these ladies.

  6. Like Gizelle,& Robyn. Karen is too pompous for words, the ” Ms. Black Bill Gates,” my a$$!
    Katie, I’m on the he fence with her.

    None of their homes looked ,”High End,”; the decor is as dated as their personalities.

    Have a feeling this may be a one hit wonder, at best.

  7. I mean, I keep looking at Karen’s face and I don’t see it. I just don’t think she is a she. And that’s okay but that is one very unattractive woman for all that swagger.

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