Kara Keough Is Engaged!

Former Real Housewives of Orange County’s Jeana Keough is about to start planning a wedding, for her daughter Kara! I always thought Kara was a funny addition to the show, and you’ll remember she made an appearance on the finale of Season 7! She came to the final party to confront Tamra Barney about how she treated Mama Jeana!

Kara is engaged to her boyfriend and football player, Kyle Bosworth! Kyle plays in the NFL for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Kara’s older brother Shane shared the announcement on Twitter, writing, “What an amazing day with loved ones. So happy for my little sister @karakeough and her permanent arm candy @KyleBosworth. Cheers guys!”  Kara and Jeana have both confirmed the engagement.

Congratulations Kara!

Photo Credit: Twitter


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  1. I LOVE Kara. She was cute and sassy and funny. And I felt bad that she feels badly about how she talked to her mom. I always felt it was in jest, and it was every other kid on that show (except Brianna and Kara’s younger brother) that spoke terribly to their parents and behaved horribly.

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