Kandi’s Mom Joyce Claims Kandi’s Friend Is Having Affair With Todd During Wedding Dress Fitting


During this preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, things get out of hand when Kandi Burruss goes shopping for her wedding dress. Kandi’s mother, Joyce, has voiced her disapproval of Kandi’s fiancé Todd Tucker many times, but this time Joyce gets so upset, things almost turn physical. As Joyce continues to say the wedding is not going to happen, Kandi’s friend who also works for her, defends Todd and says Joyce doesn’t really know him. Mama Joyce goes on to say that “everybody else” is saying Kandi’s friend is too close to her fiancé, implying they are having an affair. Joyce jumps up to confront Kandi’s friend, but Kandi’s aunts pull her back. Watch a preview of this explosive moment below.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo



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  • angelia

    Kandy is a big girl I think her Mama just wants all that belongs to kandy. And is afraid to have to share with not only Todd but anyone other than herself! MInd your own Lady or Kandy just might cut you off so she can just live her life! You’re supposed to support her not knock her down every chance you get! Jealousy is such a ugly thing look at what it’s made of you joyce! I’m surprised Todd will even sit with you at a table to eat at all! And asking why your pictures are not on the wall say’s it all!

  • only1me

    get mom checked by doctor, see of there could be something wrong with her,either mentally or physially,before saying anything

  • DebBrenn

    I feel so sorry for Kandi. I wonder if her mom was always mean and hurtful to her? She tries so hard to be “respectful” of her mom, but she doesn’t realize that her mom’s behavior is poison to her family and that a daughter’s ‘respect’ isn’t what is lacking in this relationship. Mothers, even with adult children, have a responsibility not to hurt their children, too. Kandi’s comment that the two of them (her friend and mom) had gotten into it totally ignores the fact her mother was the one that was looking for a fight and single -handedly spoiled what should have been a very special day for her daughter.

  • Leesa

    Kandis mom is money hungry & lonely. Her daughter is her life & means of support. Of course her mom doesn’t want her to marry anyone. Sad thing is that if Kandi doesn’t lay boundaries she too will end up alone.

  • tara

    kandi needs to put her mom in her place thats it.. and until she does that then her mama isnt going to stop.. kandi needs to stop talking about it and be about it

  • Fahlina_G

    I’m starting to think there may be something deeper going on here….something like the beginnings of dementia or something along those lines. This is not “normal” behavior, even WITH an intense dislike of a person. Kandi may want to bring mama in for a checkup…(from the neck up)

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you. It seems like her behavior is classic dementia/early Alzheimer’s. It seems that she has serious delusions about anyone close to her daughter. This is very normal and can be controlled with medication.

  • yaya

    I was extremely sadden by mama Joyce acting a fool.

    Kandi, unless there’s hard-core proof of an affair, keep yo mama away, period. The girl is a hater of anyone loving you.

  • Jamamama

    There is Something wrong with that lady, as others have been saying. Kandi should kick her out of her house that she lets her live in, unless she starts to act respectful toward others. Period. No exceptions. Kandi needs some stones and stop permitting that nasty person who has obviously lost sense of what real love is, to keep her petty jealous venom to herself. She’s the taker! Kandi deserves a mate and real love.

    • Fahlina_G

      I truly believe that there is something more going on with her. Something like the beginnings of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Something organic. I think she needs medical or psychiatric help.

      • DebBrenn

        I agree. I think the two of them, Candi and her mom, need to go to counseling. Not that I think Joyce will accept anything a therapist says, but maybe it will let Candi know she feeds her mom’s craziness by allowing it. She needs to understand she’s not respecting her mom, but disrespecting everyone else she cares about.

  • Juliette

    Mama Joyce seriously needs anger management courses!! She is totally off her rocker and Kandi needs to stop letting her treat her friends and fiancé so awful. It is appalling that a woman her age, or any age, acts the way she does and yet expects everyone to be respectful towards her! She wanted to fight a woman who just said a few words! Who does that? I hope Todd leaves Kandi…I cannot believe she just sat there while her mother was berating Todd. I feel really sorry for him. Makes me wonder if Joyce was an abusive parent when Kandi was a kid.

  • only1me

    mama stop listening to wendy williams.as for todd, you better run,she is worse than caroline. two mother in laws from hell.

  • notatrehugger

    Kandi needs to find out exactly who is telling Mama Joyce the stories about Todd. Someone maybe lying to Joyce knowing she will do anything to protect her daughter which is causing problems. She maybe an innocent victim that looks like a money hungry crazy woman. The Bravo Producers have been accused more than once of spreading half truths to stir up trouble.

  • nene

    Oh my goodness what in the heck is wrong with Kandi’s mom?? Why in the heck did she even go to Kandi’s dress fitting with the old live crew to make matters even worse for Kandi?..And taking off her shoes? !!!! How old are you? That woman who is half your age would have whopped your butt if it was just you and her in the street and you have to know that Ms Joyce…why dont you and the other two women that you brought along with you to rain on Kandi’s parade get you some guy friends to go out with and have a couple of dinners with and do a little touching..Get a life maam…what are you afraid of? Is Kandi footing all of your bills? Do you make any money from the show at all? Gosh you were acting like an evil witch from the time you walked in the boutique…And dangit if Todd is not the one for her and he lets her down why dont you just shut up and be there for her when she needs you…get a life and quit living through your daughter..or better yet with you being Kandi’s mom I am quite sure that you can get a job somewhere so that you can stop being all in Kandi’s business…sheesh you made yourself look like a complete idiot..I hope when you see that episode that you change your ways,,,mommie dearest had nothing on you..how embarrassing….

    • DebBrenn

      You tell her Nene!!!! You are SO right!

    • Fahlina_G

      CLEARLY Mama Joyce is mentally ill, poor thing. I hope she gets the help she needs.

  • Rosi Voiss

    Joyce acts like a wild animal so she deserve to be treated like one.

    My dog is only 3 and he knows his boundary.