Kandi’s Manager Don Juan Goes After Phaedra and Porsha


During this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies gathered to support Kandi Burruss and Demetria McKinney’s latest single together. But somehow the drama ensued when they got together at the single launch party.

Although Kandi warned her husband Todd Tucker not to bring up to Phaedra the money she owes him, Kandi herself couldn’t help but throw a little shade at Parks by saying it was nice that she was still able to successfully work with friends. This prompted Phaedra to approach Todd about their business deal gone wrong. Phaedra and Todd set up a meeting to hash out the money owed, but this didn’t stop Parks from venting to Porsha Williams about what had happened.

But things took a turn for the worse when Kandi’s manager Don Juan heard Phaedra and Porsha speaking about the mishap. Phaedra walked away, but Don Juan was not having it. He followed them, and he even yelled at Porsha, “Go get the man that left you!”

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17 Replies to “Kandi’s Manager Don Juan Goes After Phaedra and Porsha”

  1. Don Juan irritates the life out of me!! Apollo was sitting with Todd in the strip club while he was throwing thousands of dollars away on strippers. Maybe Todd should have manned up and asked then! Why wait until your buddy is in jail, leaving his wife a single mother and alone, to ask phaedra for the money? Why now? Cause apollo and kandi have an axe to grind? Should’ve sold that dumb ass motorcycle and got your money back. And Don Juan coming after them like that…I would’ve had security escort him out of my presence. Phaedra is allowed to vent about a situation she’s in quite like Kandi does with him so often.

  2. Kandi and Todd are getting on my nerves, I get the impression Todd is trying to ruin Kandi’s friendships. Kandi is also taking Apollo’s side on things which I think is disgusting, what a great friend…Not. Don’t Juan STFU

    1. I agree!!! Did you see how confused he was when SHE approached him about the situation while he huffed and puffed to everyone behind the scenes. Wasn’t HE just gossiping about her to Peter and Kim’s husband? Kandi is an idiot. I feel like she’s got these leeches on her back sucking the life out of her and hyping her up while she’s already got a high risk pregnancy. If she don’t see what they’re doing around her, that’s on her. And maybe you and phaedra have been right all along when yall said she took apollo side. Luckily his best friend confirmed for us he does tell stories.

  3. #1 If the business deal was make between Phadra and Todd, then nobody else should get involved. Not Kandi, Don, Porsha, not even Apollo if he was not in jail.

    #2. Todd needs to have a one-on-one, behind closed doors, a private meeting with Phadra about the money issue. If the meeting fail to recover his money, then get the legal system involved.

    #3 Hopefully, Todd have a paper contract for proof of their arrangement. Otherwise, he will have to rely in a verbal agreement. Which might help, since she have already issued him a check for 29-30k.

    #4. Phadra knows the law. She knows just how long she can make Todd wait. I think that she is holding a grudge against Todd about Apollo, which should not play any part in the business deal between her and Todd.

    #5. Why Phadra is not paying Todd the remaining balance of the deal is questionable. It sounds like she is reneging on the deal, because it didn’t get finished. But, that does appear to be a Todd issue, but a Phadra issue.

  4. What about how Todd was gossiping with Peter and Kim’s husband about the money?? Todd is and Don are both messy. Now she’s going to get mad because they talked about her husband.. Get mad at your husband for being a little girl.. How are you going to judge whats going on in her marriage and if she wanted Apollo to leave before maybe its was because he was hanging in the clubs with your man and the whole Kenya situation.

  5. I never liked the lazy, angry, dim-witted Don Juan. Really, who names their son that, because he is certainly anything but that. I find him to be pathologically jealous and in general, unstable & disrespectful as well as FAKE. Kandi isn’t too bright to employ him & the lazy, unshiny penny Carmon. They are both just awful & petty and YES why didn’t Todd get the stripper money right out of Apollo’s owing hands instead
    of waiting until Apollo was in jail? Todd is not manly so of course he’d rather harass a woman than deal with an ex-con. Sounds like Phaedra owes the money, but it also sounds like he overcharged and produced an unmarketable product. They all deserve each other IMO.

  6. Why does Kandi keep making bad deals with these dead beat cast mates? First,Wig,now Donkey ass.She should have known better after Kenya had issues with her.And Kandi’s Assistant,little weasel man better be coo.Porsche has got 30 good pounds on him and could pop his forehead like she did Cynthia and slap his ass good.

  7. Don Juan acts like a pure hen, always giving his farthing’s worth, which is not even worth that. Todd irritates me & Kandi just reminds me way too much of her mother lately, not a good way to be. Certainly not my favorite people.

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