Kandi’s Mama Joyce Regrets Fight With Todd’s Mom Sharon, Wants A Better Relationship With Kandi’s Husband


RHOA star Kandi Burruss’ mother Joyce Jones is known for her harsh opinions of Kandi’s husband Todd Tucker. But now that Todd’s mother Sharon suffered a stroke and suddenly passed away this week, Joyce is telling TMZ that she regrets her toxic relationship with her in-law.

Joyce famously attacked her son-in-law and his mother on Kandi’s spin-off show, Kandi’s Wedding. Joyce attacked Todd by saying he was after her daughter’s money and calling Miss Sharon a prostitute.

But Joyce tells the site that she is “sorry for attacking Sharon by repeating gossip (which turned out to be false) and wishes they’d patched things up before Miss Sharon died on Tuesday.”

Now, Joyce would like to have a better relationship with Todd.

Joyce also revealed that she won’t attend the funeral out of respect for Sharon’s friends and family. Jones knows a lot of people would be pissed if she showed her face, so instead she’s going to send flowers.



Do you believe Mama Joyce regrets the fight and will try harder to have a relationship with Todd? Sound off in our comments section!

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32 Replies to “Kandi’s Mama Joyce Regrets Fight With Todd’s Mom Sharon, Wants A Better Relationship With Kandi’s Husband”

  1. finally–Joyce has enough common sense to admit she was wrong and stay away from the funeral out of respect for Ms. Sharon’s family and friends. Joyce is gonna have to live with her behavior.

  2. This is the kindest and most decent things I have heard Joyce ever say- maybe Miss Haron’s sudden death jolted her and made her realize that SHE could die with a lot of sin and negativity on her plate, and maybe, just maybe she ought to change her tune. I think it is wise to stay away from the funeral, but kind to send flowers.

      Now…with fear and trembling…she can work out her own salvation.
      Todd…if you don’ t get a written apology from Joyce (not fit to be anyone’s. “Mama”)….AND PUBLIC FROM KANDI AND HER…ID RECOMMEND

    2. I agree with you and I’m very proud of Mama Joyce. I’m not sure she will ever love Todd but I believe she is sincere and regretting her feud with Sharon and wanting to move forward.

  3. I would never even try to understand this woman. She cares only about herself and if these things are true it is probably because it will make her look better. How Kandi turned out so well is surprising. I think Kandi’s aunts had a lot to do with her upbringing more so than her mother.

  4. Love the wedding photo at the top. mamma Joyce could not even crack a smile for the photo. Her motherly love is very odd and she does have a personal agenda. Mamma Joyce has some major issues it always stems around money. Mamma Joyce loves the life her daughter has afforded her and doesnt want Todd to affect that.

    1. I agree with P! I too was “admiring” the wedding photo of Kandi, Todd and the Mom’s. Todd’s mother looks so beautiful, happy & proud….as any NORMAL mother/person would. On the other hand, there is Mama Joyce in her scowling, misery….documented for time & all eternity on this happiest of days. Years from now (hopefully on their 10, 25 & 50 anniversaries) the happy couple will look back on this day and look thru their wedding album. Among all the lovely, happy photos will be the looooong deceased, miserable Mama Joyce caught in permanent scowl for all to subsequently discuss. I can hear it now….(the children of Todd & Kandi)”Who is that mean, ugly woman? That was YOUR MOMMA? How sad that she couldn’t even smile on YOUR big day. She was a selfish woman right Mom & Dad.” Yup, Mama Joyce. Your damage has been done. You are the lowest of the low. Lower than the belly on a snake. I’m glad that your ugliness (inside AND out) has been captured for time and all posterity to see.

        1. Yup, it does hurt. It also can teach lessons. None of us are perfect. I would personally rather eat DIRT than not get along with my children’s choice of spouse/partner. We raise the. With all the love, morality and kindness we know yet it is ultimately their choice….their decision as to whom they pick to hopefully spend their lives with. Mama Joyce clearly has never learned this. Why wouldn’t she “pull herself together” for the sake of her daughter on this day of celebration(wedding )? It always came down to one thing =money. How simplistic, how greedy, how tacky, how Mama Joyce. Well, the ship to make amends has sailed. Bravo has captured Mama in her true self. No wat to clean up this mess since it’s the real Mama Joyce fully visible in print and video.

          1. I hope Mamma Joyce is done trying to be a right fighter and will just love her daughter as a good Mother should. Mamma Joyce should realize money does not bring happiness and realize greed is evil. Mamma Joyce is so tranparent, when it comes to her agenda and her hunger for the all mighty dollar bill we all can see her true colors. She isnt protecting her daughters assets as she attempts to relay to the audience. She is protecting her lavish lifestyle afforded her by Kandi. Todd is a threat to Mamma Joyces continued luxuries given to her by Kandi. I havent even touched on her disgusting treatment of Sharon, Todds mother. Mamma Joyce was an embarrasment to the entire family not once or twice but many times. Mamma Joyce just doesnt get “it” . Mamma Joyce is all about her own survival, she cant put Kandi first before her own selfish needs and desires.

            1. Exactly. P – you are right on point with your description of Mama Joyce. I was cringing each & every time she was on screen. Recall when she was wedding dress shopping with her daughter and her friend. She literally attacked this woman in a dress shop. Joyce behaves like a rapid animal. She is embarrassing time and time again. If Kandi does not limit and/or reign this woman in….her marriage is bound to be in trouble. I personally wouldn’t stand for that sort of behavior from my own mother-in-law and doubt many people would. After all, it’s based on GREED….period. She isn’t worried about Kandi’s money per se just Todd’s access to it. She is afraid that he’ll limit her ability to get her own grubby mitts onto it. She is just the most ugly woman. Wow, it teaches a lesson….what greed does to ones appearance. I’m going to work on smiling and being positive. Happiness flows and smooths out wrinkles, I swear it does -lol. Joyce looks as miserable as she is = evil, unattractive, rabid animal. It’s too late for her to make amends with Sharon but not too late for her to destroy her daughters marriage. The viewers have all witnessed what this woman cares about = herself.

  5. She still isn’t claiming responsibility for her actions and words. She is still blaming gossip. I will never believe she didn’t make it up herself and use it to cause harm to Todd and his mother. Shame on you Joyce. Get down on your knees and ask Todd and Kandi and Todd’s daughter and Kandi’s daughter for forgiveness. They will forgive you. You can’t move forward until you do.

    1. What also kind of shocks me is that Joyce is ignorant enough to behave this way on TV. It’s not like Kandi isn’t a self-made artist who is fully aware of how the media works! Why would Kandi even want her Mom participating in this show? Time after time, Joyce makes a complete and utter fool of herself. She rants & raves, she physically attacks, she uses any & all types of language…..she truly behaves like a rabid animal that needs to be put down. She makes Kandi appear as a fool….supporting this greedy, vindictive, spoiled woman. I see NOTHInG in her nature that shows her LOVE of her daughter….just the LOVE of her MONEY. If Joyce were my Mother (and praise the lord she isn’t!)I’d forbid her to participate. In no way would I allow her to be filmed and shown in such a vile, animalistic way.
      It’s almost as if Kandi were “throwing her to the wolves” so to speak. Maybe she has dealt with this selfish creature her entire life and has finally had enough? Maybe she thinks “let her go on and make an azz out of herself for the world to see. People will finally see what I’ve been dealing with.” I just don’t understand why Kandi would allow her Mother (who she obviously KNoWS is mean, irrational, selfish, rude, ignorant and so on and on and on and on…)to appear on television. Maybe someone else can explain why cause I’m stumped?!?

      1. @Twinkle. You make many excellent points. People say money is the root of all evil. Not true. LOVE OF MONEY (as you said) is the root. Kandi has what I imagine is an obscene amount of money, yet, she is a kind and decent person. God only knows how she turned out that way! I believe in respecting your parents, but I do not agree with allowing yourself to be used and abused. I love Kandi, but she does look like a complete fool when it comes to her “mother”. She needs to stand up to Mama Joyce….harshly. And when you get married, God says the order of importance is: God, then your spouse. You leave your mother and cleave to your spouse. Todd should be Kandi’s #1 priority. Period. May Ms Sharon rest in peace. It’s a shame she left this world with this turmoil going on. Mama Joyce….you reap what you sow. God have mercy on you. I hope this does shake her awake. I believe people can change. If they WANT to. Mama Joyce needs to be on her knees often. Only God can fix that mess.

  6. When Mamma Joyce came to the reunion she looked great. Beautiful dress lovely smile she had lost some weight but, then she spoke. The words that flowed out of her mouth were all about the all mighty dollar. Self made woman my ass. She said to Andy Cohen, she owned her home and paid her bills and had all this fancy stuff. When it came down to it Kandi bought Mamma Joyce her house and when Mamma Joyce over spent each month Kandi paid the bills off keeping Mamma Joyce out of debt. Momma Joyce had a tone in her voice that she was better and above others. Its a very ugly appearance to see someone acting like they are better then someone else. As she continued to speak on that reunion I wanted her just to stop talking. She just got uglier and uglier the more she spoke. Her hands in the air and flashing her diamond ring it was pretentious. It is a continued pattern that she exudes each time we see her on the screen. She has no bounderies and she doesn’t care about others feelings. She snaps and goes wild and crazy in such an ugly way.

  7. Mamma Joyce has no class, threatening to fight people. What’s really said is she’s more worried about her luxurious lifestyle than her daughter’s happiness.

  8. She is one bitter old hag! I couldn’t even bare to watch Kandi’s show b/c it would feature that miserable old woman. Bravo – kick her to the curb! Nasty fossil. Shame on you Joyce. You disgust me.

  9. Mamma Joyce is just an angry old women. She is only apologizing cause if Todd’s Mothers Moms death Sharon R.I.P. SHARON.. So sad that Joyce called her a prostitute. Grow the hell Miss Joyce. Stop bulling people you are angry about something and it takes over your life. You are a grown women act like it. You are fake by saying you are sorry about being mean to Sharon and Todd. You are just trying to look good for all the mean things you have done and said. I am sick if your bitching. Joyce you are a mean women very mean not nice at all. Not smiling at your daughters wedding nor any of Kand’s pictures either. Move n Joyce.

  10. I feel sorry for Kandi that she can’t see that it is in fact her trifling momma who wants Kandi’s money. Joyce is willing to ruin her daughter’s relationships in order to isolate and manipulate her. She doesn’t need to be on the show anymore, it’s embarassing to mothers who actually care about their childrens’ happiness. No one wants to see a greedy old woman acting a damn donkey all the time.

  11. I said it before and I will say it again. Mama Joyce and Kandi have an opportunity right now. I am sad that Mama Sharon passed, but I hope that this JERK’S A KNOT INTO JOYCE AND KANDI BOTH, and let them know how short life can be and all parties are too old to treat people like this. Joyce needs to make a HUGE STEP TOWARD GETTING TO KNOW HER SON-N-LAW BE MORE CLOSER TO HIM AND STOP WITH THE JUDGEMENT! I understand a mom having their childs back but Kandi is a grown A—S WOMAN! Kandi might not act like it around her mom but there lies the problem, stop hanging around your mom. I love my mom and my mom loves me but when you are grown you don’t need to be THAT MUCH INTO YOUR PARENTS LIVES AND YOUR MOTHER INTO YOURS. Joyce needs to get it together and get a d—–n life and leave Kandi to her own marriage! Just found out by looking at the show that Joyce has a boyfriend, WHO KNEW! Does Kandi judge her man like she judges Todd? If Kandi did Joyce will tell her to stay out of it. I feel bad for Todd that he lost the one person now that was in his corner and I hope Kandi understands that no matter what Todd says or acts like, he is gonna needs SOMEONE AND THAT SOMEONE IS KANDI. What if God forbid Joyce passed instead of Sharon? That could very well have happened, so I hope for the sake of the family that’s left, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, I hope they FIND A WAY TO BECOME CLOSER AND BE THERE FOR TODD. You never know who will be next. Joyce should be the bigger person now and don’t wait for Kandi to make it happen and take it upon herself to be there for Todd since Sharon cannot be. Kandi needs to be there for her husband more and protect him from ANY DISRESPECT NO MATTER WHERE IT COMES FROM. RIP Sharon.

  12. Now Kandi is telling her Aunties in the latest RHOA that she needs to fix the house up that Mamma Joyce is in because Mamma Joyce’s boyfriend has torn it up. Kandi, your Mamma has a temper maybe Mamma Joyce tore up the house and is pointing blame at the boyfriend to save her own ass. It just never ends with the violence , the damage and distruction and the lies. There should be an intervention. Mamma Joyce needs some help and guidance so she can live appropriatelly in society. She is like a loose canon on the set so I can imagine its even worse behind closed doors.

  13. To Todd and kandi, I know you both suffered hard times just to be together especially while your mom was alive. Nevertheless I’m so sorry for your loss, I’m sure your heart is broken, I pray that you’ll be strong and always keep your mom Ms Sharon legacy alive. I wish you both much success on your marriage. From a person who has been blessed to be with the same man for 25 blessed years! !! And I’m in my early 40s lol

  14. I think Andy Cohen better Do the right thing and call Kani Burris Tucker out regarding the way she thinks it’s okay for her mother to say such evil slandered lies about her husband’s mother and not say anything to her mother. Instead she defends her and has the freaked nerve to get mad at Todd’s mom for saying shit she wants to do to her mom,Kandi may pit up with her mother treating her like shit and quilting her into feeling Kandi owes her. However Todd and his mother did nothing to Mama Joyce to deserve to be treated and talked about when we all know the person who is to blame for all the shit she said is mama Joyce. She made it up and Kandi not defending Todd or her mother in law just shows how pathetic of a per as on Kandi is to not say anything to her mother. She just acts lime a stupid fool saying she’s my mama and I lover her. I can’t do anything about what she says and laughs like a stupid fool. As if these people deserve to be treated like shit and punish because Kandis stupid mother can’t stand anyone coming into Kandis life becasuse she is just plain greedy.I’m. Sorry but Kandi is just being a coward and punishing anyone who gets involved in her life because her stupid ugly gorilla looking excuse of a mother is greedy and thinks about her keeping her daughter’s money over her daughter being happy. Kandi is basically allowing her mother punish and degrate an tell lies about people Kandi claims she loves but doesn’t care about them enough to stop her from telling lies that Joyce is the one making up these stories. Kandi needs to know the stress and humiliation her mother caused could be what led to Todd’s mother having a stroke. Everyone knows that stress can cause a stroke or heart attack. So basically Kandi didn’t care about the consequences her mother making up these thinsg she said about them could possibly affect them. But of course Kandi is so stupid to allow her mother to lie and make her out seem as if what her mom’s says is okay. Its not and Kandi this tragic ending to your MOTHER in laws life is probably not only your ugly sad excuse of a mother you allow to say things to people just because they come into your life is just as much as if you feel the way your mom lies about people and you feel it’s okay because you won’t say anything g cuz she is your mom. Instead of being selfish and accepting that she is okay to hurt people just because you allow them into. Your life is not okay. You need to let her and the world know you don’t condone this. Because this should be the way you set your mom straight and either stop her from hating or stay away from people because you don’t have the balls to set your mom straight. Telling her it’s not right and unacceptable because you allowing her to make up lies but then get mad for saying something negative about your mom. Is pretty jacked up. Just because you stand up to your mother doesn’t mean you don’t love her. If this Your way of proving you love your mom your even sicker then. Her.
    Andy you better call her out and let her know how wrong She was for saying this shit. Doesn’t mean you don’t love your mom. It is the humane thing to do and if you feel it’s okay to act this way maybe you shouldn’t be married because no one deserves this treatment.You allowing it is just the same as her making up these lies. People should except this if they fallin love with you you think that’s okay. I’m sorry Kandi you were my favorite and I liked you but after the way your ugly evil mother treated Mrs. Buriss who had Class your mother will never have. You should say alone and miserable so your mother doesn’t treat people like shit for loving or liking you. You aren’t worth there love or friendship. Todd is a good looking man who could do way better then you. He doesn’t love you for your money all though I wish he did because that would explain why he is with you. But he really loves you and you don’t deserve him. Stay single and let your mom move in So she can have what she wants and it’s not her daughter who she loves and Cates for. Its her daughter’s money. Give it to her so she doesn’t hurt anyone else. You should feel guilty for Mrs.Sharon’s death be cause you allowing Your Mother to make up lies about her could be what killed her and her death is I BBC your hands. How do you live with that. Its stupid of you to say she’s my mom what can I say. Your nothing but a fucking manipulated allowing her to hate on decent people. If I were Todd I would dump you because even with the money you have your not worth it. He should dump your ads and let you live and be miserable with that ugly looking mother her looks like an ape and she is really a disgrace to apes your just as ugly as she is not putting a stop to her. If these people hated on mama Joyce I could understand you defending her but that’s not the case.
    Andy we will see if you have the balls to call Kani out for causing Sharon’s stroke. Or are ratings more imp ok Bryant then ones life. How would you like it if someone told these lies about your mother on television.you doing nothing is showing a whole diffrent side to the way your parents come across as decent people. I would think your mother would yell you not to allow any one on your shows hate on people who do nothing to them or are good people. Keep your show free of bullying or demoralizing good people. Are you that desperate for ratings that you have people sign contracts so you could humiliate them. This death is in your hands to Andy Cohen if you don’t call Kandi and her ugly mother out on the bullying they put Sharon through. You better be a better person then that Andy. Call them out.

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