Kandi Vows To Take Porsha Down After RHOA Sex Rumors

There is more than one feud going on during this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and that started when Porsha Williams told friends that Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker had a secret sex dungeon in their basement. Williams claimed Burruss even attempted to seduce her for a threesome! Of course, Kandi has adamantly denied this rumor, and shared that Porsha was the initiator of a late night kiss.

Now, Kandi is furious this topic is going to be talked about on the upcoming season of the show. “Kandi can’t stand Porsha,” a source close to Burruss shared. “She has no clue what motivates her, and doesn’t know who she is anymore.”

“Instead of growing, Porsha is just moving backwards,” the insider added.

“Kandi just wants to take her down and show people what a liar she is,” the source tells RadarOnline.

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9 Replies to “Kandi Vows To Take Porsha Down After RHOA Sex Rumors”

  1. I think porsha is a ditz but I kind of believe her Kandi has that sex toy company and talk show or whatever it was and she seems kind of freaky. She’s probably mad that Porsha put it out there.

  2. Kandi has never had the professional nor social reputation in her entire LIFE of being in the public eye since she was 16 YEARS OLD speaking or behaving in such a manner, and she has a always been totally honest about any public feud she has had for the last 20+ years- . FFS, she’s even forgiven Kim Zolziak after Kim ripped her off on national television (though she is clear they will NEVER do business again). I call BS. I see an icing out and not much more taking place. Porsha is on the bottom tier of Housewives from nearly all the franchises, and will claw her way up the proverbial Peach Tree to grab a fruit and stay on this show by any means necessary. She’s really playing dirty this season, and to do it to a woman who gave you your first job (outside of Housewives) when your husband dumped you. Nice way to say thank you, smh.

    1. I see it this way also. Kandi has always seemed straight up, real as the earth, and unaffected by bs until it hits her where it hurts most real people; her integrity. Steal her money, eat her food, poke a little fun at her mama, but don’t weave false stories and hit her reputation. I like Kandi a lot and I trust her judgement. The loud mouth dodo bird with no clue what’s shakin, no.

  3. I don´t understand what´s the big whoop about having a dungeon … what´s wrong with a bit of S/M now and then among consenting adults ? Americans are so puritanical, which is so paradoxical when they also have the porno capital of the world…

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