Kandi and Phaedra Come Face to Face at the RHOA Reunion


Part one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion airs tonight and Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks will hash out their differences over Phaedra’s payment to Todd Tucker for her workout video.

A viewer asked Phaedra why she expected Todd to complete her workout video without full payment when in a past season she wouldn’t lift a finger for Sheree Whitfield until she was fully retained.

Parks responded, “First of all, as you know, anybody that does a video gets paid in segments. So, how the payment was set up is obviously I paid him a chunk, then Apollo would go to jail. It was like the project had been abandoned. If Todd had a problem with it, the deal was always, you’ll get your money when you turn in the final video. That’s normal in this type of business and at this point I’ve tried to make amends. He has been paid all his money…”

Andy pointed out that Todd said during the finale he hasn’t been paid in full by Parks.

“Well, I have copies of that,” Parks said.

“They just finished their business last week,” Kandi said.

“That’s convenient,” Kenya Moore added.

Phaedra continued, “He has been paid all of his money. All the checks have gone through and I still don’t have a video that I can commercially release.”

Kandi was asked by a viewer if her team overstepped their boundaries this season.

“No,” Burruss replied. “My team, they go hard for me and I go hard for them.”

“Here’s the thing with DonJuan,” Phaedra said. “I would never let my employees talk about any of my friends. That’s just unprofessional.”

Kandi explained that DonJuan and Carmen have been her friends for a long time and that they aren’t just her employees. Kandi defended DonJuan to Porsha Williams who suggested DonJuan just wanted camera time instead of Burruss’ explanation saying he was just defending her.

“I felt like it went into a Kandi Koated Gang,” Williams said, adding that DonJuan brought her failed marriage was brought into the argument she had with him.

Watch what happens when the ladies get heated…

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8 Replies to “Kandi and Phaedra Come Face to Face at the RHOA Reunion”

  1. I think Kandi’s business model is crazy. It is never a good idea to hire your friends…and Don Juan and Carmen are a good example of why. But it’s her money and she is very rich…so no harm… no foul.
    I also never believe Phaedra…if her lips are moving.

  2. I thought all of the ladies looked great. Except for Kenya. She’s so nasty on the inside its impossible for her to be pretty on the outside

  3. There is just something real greasy about the way Kandi and Todd do business. Phaedra is shady but CORRECT! There is no final payment until the final product (video) is delivered but the Kandi Koate-d Gh-Shenanigans-Gang, I can’t!

  4. Kandi has changed since marrying Todd, he is on Apollo’s side and so is she!! As for the restaurant business Todd wants to be Peter, he’ll be wasting Kandi’s money on failed endeavors, although I can’t stand Mama Joyce, I think she was right about Todd, I stupidly was a Todd supporter but now all I see is that asswipe Peter when I look at Todd, GROSS

  5. I think Phaedra knew and she knew he was going to get caught that’s why she starting distancing herself from him, however I can’t help but like her she can throw shade like no other, I find her very entertaining, I can’t help it!!

  6. My thoughts on the two above comments are that not every husband who’s doing shady deals will involve their wives about their underhanded endeavours as most wives will not be in acceptance. Having said that, I buy that Phaedra was kept in the dark. Being that Apollo, Peter & Todd are such good friends & are all as underhanded & slimy as he is, I would quicker believe that Cynthia & Kandi was in the know.

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