Kandi Calls Out Block Spencer, Kenya and Sheree Continue to Feud


On Sunday night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, the bickering between Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield continued, along with Kandi Burruss’ baby daddy drama.

In order to give her daughter Noelle a taste of the modeling world, Cynthia Bailey made Noelle the face of Cargo, Cynthia’s new handbag collection. During the event, Noelle acted like a typical teenager and Cynthia had to coax her daughter to act interested in the event. But when the giant ad with Noelle’s face on it was revealed, she seemed very happy.

“This is awesome!” she said as she gave her mom a hug. “Thank you so much!”

Noelle’s father Leon Robinson was also in town for the event, and Cynthia confided in her ex about what was happening in her life. She told Leon she had decided to divorce Peter and shared that she had put a lot into the marriage.

“Personally, I thought it was a little rushed,” her ex told her.

Cynthia became very emotional and shared there had been issues from the start, even on their wedding day, but she had gone through with it because she wanted to prove everyone wrong. Leon admitted he’d actually left their wedding early because he was uncomfortable seeing Cynthia seem so unhappy on what was supposed to be such a happy day. As they finished their meal, Cynthia plucked off her false eyelashes and Leon told her he always thought she was most beautiful when she was fresh-faced anyway.

After much convincing, Sheree Whitfield finally agreed to have dinner with her ex-husband Bob, but there was still one lingering issue. She was angry that Bob never apologized for his infidelity or abandoning his family. Sheree got dolled up and she did get the apology she had been waiting for.

“I’m sorry if I ever made you feel that I put someone else ahead of you,” he began. She said it was “disrespectful” that he’d brought other women into the house, which he didn’t deny. “I’m sorry for the extramarital affairs. I did do some mean stuff and I’m sorry for subjecting you to an immature man, not ready to be a father for the children, but this is just a starting point,” he said. Although Sheree didn’t really respond to his apology, it was clear that she was starting to open up.

Phaedra Parks wanted to bring the women together to discuss working with a charity to help the children of Flint, Michigan, so she organized an outing of laser tag and drinks. All of the women came out, but Sheree and Kenya quickly turned the conversation from the kids in need to each other. Kenya first accused Sheree of holding onto their fight for too long.

“You called me a ho when everyone knows that you’ve been the biggest ho in Hollywood!” Sheree said. “Everyone knows you f*cked half of Hollywood,” she added. Kenya began to argue some other point that didn’t make much sense when Sheree corrected her and said, “What you’re doing is over-talking me, bitch.”

Kenya told Sheree she looked “stupid in that Mama Joyce wig” she was wearing. Kandi told them to leave her mother out of it and nothing got resolved.

Kandi opened up to Mama Joyce about how Block Spencer’s girlfriend showed up to try and reunite Riley with her father. Kandi said she wasn’t going to encourage or discourage the relationship and said she would leave it up to her daughter. But Mama Joyce thought Kandi should get on the radio and expose Block for being the deadbeat dad he was.

Later, while Kandi was driving with Joyce in the car, Block called. “I don’t want no bad blood going on so we can co-parent the right way,” he said. “How do you co-parent a kid that’s almost 14 years old that you’ve never co-parented? No, it don’t work like that!” Kandi said to the camera.

She then encouraged Block to communicate with Riley directly, prompting him to declare, “I’m not chasing nobody.”

“Had you been doing what you supposed to do, you wouldn’t have to chase nobody!” she said as tears welled in her eyes. “You irritate me how every other year you say, ‘Oh, I’m going to do better’ and every time you do the same sh*t. I’m tired of it.” After she hung up, she turned to her mother and cried, “Don’t tell me you ain’t going to chase my child, you should chase her!” Joyce was oddly quiet.

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Photo Credit: Bravo