Kandi Burruss Wants to Be Pregnant ‘This Year’


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss is opening up about her plans with new husband Todd Tucker to have another baby. In an interview with In Touch Magazine, Burruss confirms the couple’s plans to have a baby… and she’s not wasting any time!

“I want to get pregnant this year!” she told the mag. “Knock it out by 39!”

Already mom to Riley, 12, from a previous relationship, and step-mom to Tucker’s daughter, Kaela, 18, Kandi opened up about what fans can expect in the future, including the possibility of fertility treatments because she is 39 years-old.

“Todd would be down with [fertility treatments], too,” she revealed. “We’re even open to in vitro fertilization. The cool part about that is we could guarantee a boy!”

Kandi shares that she has “always wanted to have a son.”

“With girls, you’re scared somebody’s going to take advantage of them or something. I just feel like boys are easier,” she explains. “You don’t worry as much.”

Kandi also reveals they may not stop at one baby!

“Todd says that as long as we can afford ‘em, let’s keep going!” she said.

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7 Replies to “Kandi Burruss Wants to Be Pregnant ‘This Year’”

  1. I hope Kandi and Todd are rock solid and Kanfi learns to tell her Nast mom to butt out before she brings a life into their relationship. I like Kandi. But her mom is ver negative and nasty. #badkarma

  2. I really like Kandi but I am not into Todd I think he is in it for all the wrong reasons..I saw the way he acted to the prenup.. I am happy for her I hope it works out but maybe if these men from Atlanta founded some of their own success it would be nice to see oh and maybe stayed out of strip clubs spending the wife’s hard earned dollar notes haha

  3. As “long as they can afford it” really Todd? Translated…”As long as Kandi can afford it”. Matter of fact, Kandi always has been able to afford a child or several children will her millions without marrying Todd, she could of just lived with him. Todd is a non-MF factor actually. I don’t like him, ever since he tripped out over the pre-nup, I think his motives are not legit. Liza Minnelli can tell Kandi about posers who marry for money. I believe his name was David Gest. Goggle him, or just read about him, you’ll get my drift…

    1. I’m happy for both Kandi and Todd. I PRAY Kandi embraces Todd’s daughter as she does Riley. May the Dear Lord protect Todd ‘s daughter from “Mama” Joyce! I hope Mama Joyce isn’t really as mean as she appears on Bravo. And hope M Joyce was following SCRIPTS from Bravo! I’ve seen her GOOD SIDE and would love to see that side of Mama Joyce again! Take care all!

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