Kandi Burruss Understands Todd’s Frustration with Phaedra


Kandi Burruss is opening up about the last part of the RHOA reunion in a new interview with Bravo. Burruss opens up about her husband Todd’s argument with Phaedra Parks and says she understands Todd’s frustration with Parks.

Bravotv.com: Were you happy to get a break from the reunion for pumping?
Kandi Burruss:
Of course I was happy! Anything to get out of debating with the women all day long.

Bravotv.com: Was it hard watching Todd and Phaedra argue?
You never want your husband to argue with any woman, but I understood his frustration. I’m glad it is over with and we don’t have to talk about it anymore.

Bravotv.com: What did you do after the reunion?
Went home and went to bed!

Photo Credit: Bravo


12 Replies to “Kandi Burruss Understands Todd’s Frustration with Phaedra”

  1. CLF, I’m wondering why you’re not as angry with Kandi AND Todd who not only defended said felon, Apollo, when Phaedra distanced herself and their kids from his lose-lose situation (Apollo going to jail), which any responsible parent would do until the kids were able to process the situation in a healthy manner; but THEN Kandi and Todd hid assets for Apollo while he is in jail for fraud and has a financial judgement! I say “hid” because once a judge sentenced him to a financial restitution they should have made every effort to get his stuff out of their house and to the feds.

  2. Of course Kandi will be on her slimy husband’s side, she’s just like him. Two of a kind with mama Joyce in the middle. Good luck to the threesome, they need it.

  3. Kandi’s husband should be ashamed of the way he handled himself and the way he spoke to Phaedra. Kandi should be immensely embarrassed by her husbands poor behaviour…I know I would have been mortified.

  4. It’s over – Todd got his money so let it go. Kandi wasn’t even that invested when Kim Z took her for much more money than Phaedra owed Todd. I don’t think it was all about the money. Todd and Peter are angry about the way Phaedra treated Apollo. This wimp couldn’t even defend his own mother but has a nerve to be championing Apollo’s cause.

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