Kandi Burruss Talks Mama Joyce, Phaedra And Apollo On WWHL


Kandi Burruss and former RHOA star Lisa Wu appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night. Kandi and Lisa chatted with Andy Cohen, dished on the new season, the drama and Kandi answered viewer questions about Mama Joyce.

“She’s funny, she’s quick on her feet but be careful because she will read your ass… She reads like a queen!” Kandi says, when asked what she thinks of the newest addition to the RHOA cast, Claudia Jordan.

Andy Cohen played a clip of what’s going on between Phaedra Parks and her estranged husband Apollo Nida. He asked Burruss to comment about what has been going on between them.

“That cut deep,” Kandi said of Apollo saying he despised Phaedra.

Andy asked Kandi whether she believes Phaedra owes Kenya and apology after Apollo’s confession last week.

“It’s not like Phaedra was the one who actually came up with the lie,” Kandi said. “I think Phaedra’s whole issue with Kenya goes way past that situation. I don’t know if she will ever get an apology but for myself, I felt bad. I’ve had somebody that lied on me before and said that they ‘hooked up’ with me and I know good and well it never happened. Once somebody puts that out there about you it’s hard to take it back. So, I felt bad for Kenya.”

As usual, viewers had a lot of questions for Kandi about her controversial mom, Joyce Jones.

The first caller asked Kandi if the 7-bedroom home she bought her mom was too extravagant for someone that claims Kandi never gives her anything.

“Well, I’m glad you notice that I do even though [she said] I didn’t at the reunion,” Kandi says. “My mother really wanted a ranch-style house. I didn’t know how hard it was to find homes that are ranch. I think it’s like five bedrooms on the main level and in the basement there’s two. The point is… the house was still in the budget, well not really, but at least it was close by and was a ranch-style house.”

Andy explained that a lot of people think it’s disrespectful to Todd to move her mother so close because Joyce has treated Todd the way she has.

Kandi responded, “My mother is older, so the older they are the closer you need to be so you can check on them more often.”

Andy also asks Kandi what her response is to viewers who think Joyce is disrespectful to Kandi even though she still continues to do things like buy her a house.

“My response is that I don’t really have to explain to anybody that I want to treat my mother well,” Kandi said. “I feel like she’s my mother… and even though she does some things that get on my nerves, don’t a lot of parents get on their kid’s nerves?”

Cohen revealed that a lot of viewers noticed that Mama Joyce appeared “slurry” during last week’s episode and asked if she is doing okay.

“My mother was not slurry!” Kandi said. “My mother is not a drinker. She’s like me, I’ve never been drunk in my life. I don’t know if she been drunk ever in her younger years. I’ve never heard of her being tipsy or drunk or anything.”

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9 Replies to “Kandi Burruss Talks Mama Joyce, Phaedra And Apollo On WWHL”

  1. I’m sorry Kandi, I really like you , but your Mom is a ungrateful nasty and horrible piece of work. I also think it was very disrespectful to Todd to have her move so close by as she practically spits venom at him when she sees him. I think she is a vile woman, who I would do my very best to avoid- mother or not!

  2. I agree. Kandi’s mom is awful. She is a greedy old women. WTF does she need a 7 bedroom house????
    Plus, her level of ghetto just expands. She always want to fight someone. She is a fowl women and an embarrassment to her daughter.

  3. I respect your actions, kandi. You’re wise beyond your years to see the big picture. I know it has to rub Todd the wrong way when she is so disrespectful and maybe she should be called out on it at times but a Mother is a Mother and you have only one and she will not be around forever. You have been blessed with the resources to help your Mother and I believe you will be blessed for being generous.

    I lost my Mother almost 15 years ago and I would give anything to have her back here with me. Enjoy your Mother as much as you can. I know she’s a toot at times, aren’t we all? You’ll never regret anything you do for or give your Mother because you only have her for a while longer.

    I can see you are a good Christian Mother yourself. I don’t mean your perfect but I can see the light of Jesus shining through. Keep up the great work. I hope your Mother will soften her heart towards Todd and his family. It sure would make you happy, I’m sure. You are one of my favorite housewives.

    1. I agree with you on most points about Kandi and her mom; however…. She needs to tone down the foul language and some of the topics she discusses in public, ie speaking with Apollo…. it is very unclassy… She needs to learn to demonstrate some discretion.

      1. Yes, I totally agree with you. I wish they’d all tone down the f-bombs, etc…It’s really annoying because they beep them out and it’s hard to understand what they are really saying.

  4. I disagree 100% that just because you are a Mother that it gives you the right to be a rude abusive and negative person in your kids lives. Anyone can bear children, but it takes decent people to actually be a loving parent. Mama Joyce is a greedy, manipulative old biddy who sees Kandi as a cash cow, and any man as a threat to “her” money. She puts puts herself over Kanfi’s happiness over and over again. She is jealous that she is not famous, she wants a house bigger than Kandi’s- even though she Ives alone. And who oats to gill up that house with furniture? And who pays to have it cleaned? And who pays for the upkeep and utilities? Mama Joyce could care less if Kand’s money is burning up- she thinks SHE deserves MORE. She isn’t even grateful for it, she acts like she is entitled. But the upshot is, NO ONE – parents included- have the right to treat you in disrespectful and unloving manners. Period. In fact BECAUSE they are your parents they should have LESS of a right.

  5. Poor Kandi. She is definitely spending out of guilt on her mother. She is never going to see, or admit, that her mother is taking advantage of her kindness and taking her for all she can get. Hopefully Kandi will see it before she loses Todd.

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