Kandi Burruss SUING Kim Zolciak Over ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Royalties & Fees!

Kim Zolciak, Kandi Burruss

Several years after its release, Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kandi Burruss is suing Kim Zolciak for non-payment over the song, ‘Don’t Be Tardy.’ Kandi is finally taking action against her former friend who has used the song to reap financial rewards and fuel her spin-off shows on Bravo. RHOA captured Kandi writing and producing the song before Kim came in to record “her part.” Several times Kandi tried to collect money Kim owed her for royalties and production/writing fees, and Kim always seemed to have an excuse as to why Kandi never got her cut.

Courthouse News reports that Kandi filed a lawsuit in the federal court claiming Kim “illegally licensed and distributed a song” Kandi wrote with co-plaintiff Rodney Richard. ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ was also removed from iTunes because of legal issues; but has been reinstated with new album artwork!

The money Kim owes Kandi for ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ has been an ongoing feud between the former friends for awhile. It has been a topic of conversation on Watch What Happens Live and RHOA Reunions, where Kandi has been visibly upset about Kim not paying her royalties and a producer fee. I’m thinking the RHOA Reunion is going to be VERY interesting, because Kim will be attending!

Are YOU surprised Kandi is suing Kim?

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14 Replies to “Kandi Burruss SUING Kim Zolciak Over ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Royalties & Fees!”

  1. kandi is not the original songwriter of, don’t be tardy for party, rodney richard,brielle’s music teacher,and brielle wrote that song.kandi sampled that song.

  2. only surprised it took this long. But hey, if Kandi did write the song, and Kim has had 2 seasons of a show with the same name, then Kandi should be raking in some money on this venture.

  3. Good for Kandi! We watched her creative contributions to the song and she deserves to be compensated. Her “friendship” with Kim was the only thing stopping her and I’m glad she went ahead. She will prevail.

  4. I thought Kandi did write the song, and produced it no? The orginal song was country wasn’t it? And whatever Kandi did obviously is the reason why it did so good so she should be paid! How is she going to charge other artists when she let Kim get away with this one for free? And Kim is talking crap about her? About time she’s sticking up for herself.

  5. It’s outrageous that Kandi wasn’t paid! Without her Kim would still be baying at the moon off key, and with a country song no country fan would have ever bought.

  6. Honestly, I think Kandi should let this go. The song was a vehicle for her (The Kandi Factory), and has brought her back into the limelight. If anything, sue Bravo. They are the ones using it for the opening credits of the show.

    And Brielle did write the original lyrics.

    1. DJ – Kandi had Grammys before this! She wasn’t the one that benefited from the association, Kim was. You pay a producer. You pay for the fact that her reputation and skills and auto tune got you a single that didn’t make the paint peel off the walls – which is what Kim was able to add to the mix.

  7. It seems obvious to me that Kandi deserves a much larger piece of the pie; Kandi is the one with the talent, drive, experience, facilities, and connections, and this song would not have happened without her. She had obviously invested a lot of time and energy into it, as well. Let’s face it, Kim has no musical talent. Period. She can’t carry a tune and doesn’t seem to appreciate direction, nor is she motivated. She has the attention span of a dalmation. She is completely disrespectful.

    It has been disgusting to watch Kim take advantage of Kandi. I really felt for Kandi on Watch What Happens Live, you could see how hurt she was. Now, it looks like she’s just PISSED! GO KANDI!

  8. Good for Kandi. She contributed creatively to this project. Doesn’t matter if others did too, she should be compensated for her part in creating that song, just like the others were surely compensated, I’m sure.

  9. Will Kim Z finally have to pay for her way of life? Will she actually have to pay the piper? Will she have enough money to finish her dream home? We will see, tune in same bat time same bat station…..

  10. Its about time she steps up and sue’s that phony Kim. It’s obviously clear that Kandi helped Kim get her foot in the door with the horriable singing career Kim so desperately wanted. Kandi helped Kim financially. If Kim was a good friend she would of paid Kandi back. I am not saying she should of giving her everything, but just something minimal would of shown Kandi that Kim appreciates her. Kim is a stuck up phony coward.

  11. oh get over it already Kandi, u have plenty of money and talent. Kim does not. you will have a long career and Kim may not so let her get whatever she can, how much could it possible be? Is it going to break the bank of what. Let it go!!

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