Kandi Burruss Suggests Marriage Counseling To Todd Tucker


The Real Housewives of Atlanta returns to Bravo on March 1st after a week hiatus and in this special preview, Kandi Burruss and husband Todd Tucker attempt to discuss their martial problems. Todd is completely caught off guard when Kandi suggests marriage counseling.

“My main thing is not enough sex,” Kandi tells her husband. “Can we have sex more than once a week?”

And Todd isn’t happy with Burruss’ criticism.

“I can’t believe Kandi wants me to go to marriage counseling!” Todd says in his interview. “I know things have been tough in the bedroom, but is it that extreme?”

Watch the preview below.

Photo Credit: Bravo


8 Replies to “Kandi Burruss Suggests Marriage Counseling To Todd Tucker”

  1. Poor Brandi, after a year marriage counseling… sorry, not a fan of Todd, he seems like he is always hiding something. I give them 5 year tops

  2. I think that Kandi ought to be careful for what she asks for because any marriage counselor worth his/her salt would tell HER she is deeply unsupportive and disrespectful of her husband when it comes to both her Mother and her staff. So it is no wonder Todd spend most of his time AWAY from home- where is treated with dignity and respect. Actually I think marriage counseling may be the only thing that will save their marriage. But not in the way Kandi thinks.

  3. See, I’d buy their fake produced storyline if it wasen’t for social media, because as of this day Kandi and Todd are fine becasue they just spent valentine’s day on vacation together. Given the fact that Kandi has been on the chopping block on the show before, she needed to spice her storyline up so that she’d stay on, and Todd is a producer so he knows how to fabricate a storyline for realty tv. Brqvo needs to fire them and half of the cast and get Real Housewives.

    1. Maybe they have sought therapy & the therapist advised trying to revive romance on a romantic day—who knows!!!! I agree totally with Karen’s views, if Kandi shows Todd he’s #1 then maybe it might revive. Before even the marriage, red flags were flying. I wish them both only the best.

      1. Its Sad for Khandi and Todd Mainly losing his Mother and. trying to have a new marriage. I’m sure he’s resentful. His Mother never got peace from Khandi s Mom. I hope they’ll make it ..but he doesn’t have his Mother anymore and Joyce was NEVER ACCEPTING OF TODD. Get a different marriage counselor, you don’t pay her for you both to do Homework! God’s blessings!

  4. they should deal with GRIEF THERAPY! OR she will lose him. Or they can say goodbye to each other. The kids drug in this mess.

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