Kandi Burruss Shows Off Post-Baby Body


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss just had a baby five weeks ago and her post-baby body is looking incredible! Ace Wells Tucker was born on January 6th and in photos posted on February 11th, Kandi is happy to announce she’s smaller than she was before she got pregnant.

“I’m smaller now than I was before getting preggers! That’s what #breastfeeding can do for ya. Thanks @acewellstucker!”

Check out the photos of Kandi below.

I’m feeling myself in my @tagsboutique dress! 😁 TagsATL.com

A photo posted by Kandi Burruss (@kandiburruss) on

You can also watch the video below where Kandi talks about Ace’s birth.

Photo Credit: Bravo


14 Replies to “Kandi Burruss Shows Off Post-Baby Body”

  1. Oh, man. She looks great. Congrats on the new baby boy Kandi. Yeah babies take about 2000 calories a day out of your body. It does more then help with baby weight and give the baby a super healthy start. Wow, I almost forgot this isn’t a medical site.

  2. She looks great but having listened to the clip I think waffling is the right term! She is like me pear shaped so needs to watch what she eats as every pound goes onto her thighs!
    Congrats Kandi and Todd on the baby!

    1. … and it doesn’t help that traditional southern comfort food in the US is notoriously rich: it’s all very yummy but is essentially oodles and oodles of butter, fat, salt, and sugar..oh, and white-flour based desserts that taste like they fell from heaven itself. I made an extended vacation stay in ATL last year and gained 5 lbs like (snap!) THAT! Very dangerous region of the country to live in if you don’t want to pack on the pounds/stones, indeed!

      1. It sounds similar to Scottish food! Just look at it and you put weight on! Luckily these days I can’t eat dairy and am trying to cut my sugar to minimal so a wee bit easier. I can guarantee in Italy every year I put on around 5lbs! I try to lose extra before I go so I can still get into my clothes at the end of the holiday!
        One year I had to buy new things for the last few days I couldn’t get into anything!

  3. Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle: Kandi has almost gotten back down to the weight she was as a teen star! I’ve been to her shop and I’ve seen her there: she’s just a wee thing (not unlike Kyle on RHoBH): this post baby weight suits her well.

  4. Wow she looks great, this is best she’s looked since she started the show, she was janked up when she started the show, looks way better now.

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