Kandi Burruss Says RHOA Is Just As Good Without NeNe Leakes


Some fans were shocked when veteran RHOA star NeNe Leakes left the show for good, but Kandi Burruss says the series is just as exciting and drama-filled without Leakes.

“You know, it’s not much different. Before, it was a lot of drama, and now, it’s a lot of drama. And the show is still going to be awesome,” she told E! News. “Don’t get me wrong, I love NeNe and I love her personality. Well, I mean, you know we bump heads, but I think she was good with the crew. But this year, the crew is still just as crazy, and there’s still just as much story going on.”

As we previously reported, Porsha Williams makes wild allegations this year about Kandi’s sex life including that she’s a lesbian, proposed a threesome with her and her husband Todd Tucker and has sex dungeons in her home. But Kandi says these accusations are simply not true.

“I’m sure people will watch that and be like, ‘Oh my god, Kandi did this. Oh my god.’ Whatever,” she said. “And so it becomes about that she’s just a straight liar, and that’s what I can’t get past with her. It’s like, if you make stuff up for people to feel a certain way about somebody…It’s how I always say that certain girls on the show do things for the sake of the fans to get you to think they’re a certain way, but behind camera, they’re a totally different way. This is a perfect example of that.”

Burruss also tells fans not to hold their breaths for a reconciliation between her and Phaedra Parks. “We’re shaky. For moments, we try to be cool, but I always say we’re just cordial. We’re cool enough to be able to be adult enough to be around—because we have mutual friends—to be around everybody without going crazy. And that’s it,” she admitted. “We’ve had some negative moments in this season, as well, and we try to be cordial. And that’s it.”

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  • Shaw

    Probably because Kandi is getting a better pay cheque now

  • Kandi is a freak (kandi koated knights), I believe that Porsha is telling the truth!

    • Anonymous

      So do i

    • Porsha is telling the truth kandi n todd r freaks n she’ll do anything to keep todd, mama joyce backed off todd because kandi said she wasn’t gonna help her anymore, the only one that tells it like it is, is BERTHA, MONEY R NOT

  • Crystal

    I say remove Kandi and her ghetto mother, boring husband and staff and bring NeNe back…

    • Anonymous

      Yes, Crystal I agree!

    • Anonymous

      I Agree!

    • Anonymous

      Agree, kandi is weak

    • Pbee

      I don’t want Nene to come back but I too would rather watch her than repulsive Joyce, boring Kandi, money-whupped Todd, and nasty acting Riley.

    • Lori

      I agree, Kandi is so fake and she is a down load shit starter. Bring nene bak, Kandi begone and take your mama with u.

    • Anonymous

      Kandi’s mom is rude, ignorant and should be off the show. If it wasn’t for Kandi, she would have nothing. She’s a bloodsucker.

  • nene thought she was too good for the cast.even though she down to earth

  • It would really be better without her. No story line.crazy momma ,bum husband,thirsty queen. She need to have several seats. Not interested in child support and toilet training.

    • Anonymous

      I enjoy the show Nene don’t take away from great cast they already have.Sheree is back & phae off the chain.I sit back & laugh even harder.

  • Shelly

    Wow Kandy really if she had something really interesting to add to the show than I probably would like her more but she’s like having a porn star on the show. Always pushing her toys and them in the bed having sex. Her threesome with Porsche, kiss Portia. trying to potty training her son at 2 months old, REALLY. An get rid of her trash talking mouth mother. bring Ne Ne and Kim back.

  • M Trump

    Both are classless women, but NeNe is, at least, entertaining

  • Truth

    Crystal i agree

  • Truth

    I dont watch that shit no more NENE gone im gone

  • Truth

    Kandi think she running shit girl by

  • Sarcasitron

    I know I’m in the minority, but I’ve always liked Kandi and don’t find her or her storyline boring. I also believe Kandi over Porsche ’cause I feel if it were true, Kandi is a freak enough to admit, “yeah, we got a little tipsy and took things too far”…not to say nothing happened, but my gut tells me Porsha initiated it and then twisted it to make herself look more interesting because let’s be honest, as boring as you guys say Kandi may be, without this stupid storyline, what does Porsha have aside from her faux anger management sessions that she just goes to on camera.

    All of this also isn’t to diminish NeNe either, because I adore her and would always love to see her back, especially with Sheree. Not that it’d be drama between those two, just to see two of the greatest shade masters on the same season would have been cool but I think this cast can carry a season just fine and there won’t be a shortage of excitement.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. I dont miss Nene at all. Actually started to dislike Nene mlre and more with each passing season. I like Kandi, but not into her family or husband. Her daughter seems very self entitled and rude at times too. Porsche needs to go. He has her side job thanks to the HW franchise. Its time for Porsche to go! Also, not a fan of Porches’ violent episodes!