Kandi Burruss: I Really Never Had Confidence In Marriage


As viewers are watching Kandi Burruss’ journey to the altar with Todd Tucker on Kandi’s Wedding, Burruss is opening up to Ebony, revealing that she didn’t know if she would ever get married.

“I’ll be honest: both of my parents have been married multiple times. With that being said, I never really had confidence in marriage,” she says. “I felt like, if you can get married and divorced so easily, ain’t that just like going together? I used to grow up and say that I couldn’t wait to grow up and have kids, but not that I couldn’t wait to grow up and get married. I knew other girls who knew exactly when they wanted to get married and what their dress would look like. That wasn’t me.”

So what changed her mind?

“I think love changes things. And as I got older, I wanted a teammate to spend the rest of my life with,” Kandi says. “Todd and I are a force. We’re able to do things together that I probably wouldn’t have even thought about. He pushes me. He motivates me. I just love us, us. And at a certain point in your life, you don’t just want someone who you go with. You really want to be in it together. It’s a different type of commitment. You can’t just walk away from it.”

Kandi reveals that she is working in Atlanta while Todd is currently producing a show in Los Angeles, making their new marriage a long-distance one.

“There was a time when we both got really busy and went a while without seeing each other,” Kandi reveals. “I actually was getting really upset, almost crying. I called him fussing one day and, as I was fussing, he came through the door and surprised me. To me, you have to do things like that and make your relationship a priority. Our new rule is to not let two weeks go by without spending time together. That’s the limit.”

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